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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Terror attack in London by Wheelrim on 22 May 2013 7:27pm
Shocking. Just Shocking. A man, most probably at this stage a serving Soldier has been run over outside the Barracks at Woolich by three `men` who have then dragged him into the middle of the street and attacked him with a machete and knives. Allegedly trying to behead him. This has happened in Broad Daylight and the `Men` have not tried to run away. Far from it it would appear they have wanted it documented as they await Police arrival. This is an extremely violent and bad moment in this country and I feel it is going to have a huge knock-on effect. Madness.
My thoughts are with this innocent victims family.
Re: Terror attack in London by TERRY S on 22 May 2013 7:51pm
Yeah, I saw it on ITV News. Just horrible!!
Re: Terror attack in London by suzulu on 22 May 2013 11:24pm
It is absolutely sickening!!!
Re: Terror attack in London by tucsonmike on 23 May 2013 2:07am
I just read about it, I am stunned. I am with you.
Re: Terror attack in London by Wheelrim on 23 May 2013 2:30pm
Just heard on the news that the two cowards who Murdered this soldier were known to the security services already. The reporter went on to say that they spouted and preached openly of their views and their anger towards our government and their policies in Islamist countries. Well, live and let live. They cannot be arrested for that, but the law MUST be changed in that ANYONE preaching hate in our country can, and will be arrested and dealt with. The Cowardly murderers say it was an `eye for an eye`, well, there will be a lot of blind people soon for if others follow their reasoning then it will never end.
Re: Terror attack in London by kazzzz on 26 May 2013 8:20am
Just beyond belief. I don't know what to think anymore.
Re: Terror attack in London by tucsonmike on 26 May 2013 7:49pm
I wrote this on my blog. A more insidious form of terrorism.
Re: Terror attack in London by Loretto on 27 May 2013 1:28pm
I watched the footage for the first time yesterday. I knew what had happened but shied away from watching the video of the man who did it. I am trying to understand why young people are turning to the Muslim religion, as was also the case in Boston, to commit such horrific crimes. My friend who is Indian married a man, also Indian, with a Muslim last name. She is Catholic, but gets a tough treatment at airports. This is what happens, all the Irish were branded as killers by certain people during the troubles, and now the Muslim population will go through the same treatment.
Re: Terror attack in London by Spursfan2 on 27 May 2013 3:29pm
Loretto, I too have a Muslim surname, as Zak's father was Muslim (Zak was brought up as a Christian).

I can honestly say it has never caused any probs at airports, even though we travelled to the US during the first gulf war. of course on that occasion we were each searched - but then so were most people going through, it wasn't because of our name.

In fact it can sometimes be quite funny having a name like 'Ali' because you can see people double take if they have spoken to me on the phone, for example, and then I turn up - white, and obviously non-Muslim !!

And the way people spell it !!! Only yesterday Zak took the car into Kwik Fit for a new tyre and on the receipt he is called 'Mr Alley' !! At least Zak looks a little bit as if he COULD be a Muslim and therefore have 'Ali' as his name - what hope for me?


Joking aside I am incensed by the way 'everyday Muslims' are attacked because of the few. I can only speak personally but we have many wonderful Islamic friends, and not one of them would consider murdering anyone.

Islam IS a peaceful religion. There is a saying I often quote concerning Staffies and Pit bulls - "Punish the DEED not the BREED". Perhaps we ought also to say "Punish the DEED not the RELIGION"?

Re: Terror attack in London by TERRY S on 28 May 2013 1:28am
Where I worked in UGC cinema in sheffield there was a strong Islamic community. Alot of the people I worked with were Muslim and I can honestly they were some of the nicest, kindest people you could possibly meet. A lot of the time better than some of the non-Muslims I worked with. Muslim people are really great and I know that most of them would be as appalled as everyone else at what happened to Lee Rigby.
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