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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Facebook by Spursfan2 on 23 May 2013 2:34pm
This morning I commented on what I erroneously called 'racist' (anti-Muslim)photo and comments on FB. I also reported it and the comments to FB.

A couple of hours later, I read this.

"(My name) Hate to tell you this you Brain Dead Moron you Cannot be Racist against a Religion especially one as Evil as the Terrorist Paedophile death Cult you seem to belong to Your evil Death Cult murdered one of My brothers and all of you will pay the price for that there will be vengeance Islam is not welcome here you are not welcome here this is our place this is our land these are our people I have lived amongst Muslims I have lived in Muslim Countries you are one of the worst types of Brits you are a Blood Traitor I suggest you truly research Islam, Islam is Evil in all forms you buy into their lies wake up you stupid little girl Muslims only say what they think you want to hear they never tell you the truth How can you be so stupid !!!!!!"


Needless to say I have also reported this.
Re: Facebook by Wheelrim on 23 May 2013 6:13pm
That person has used quite a lot of big words for a 6 year-old.
Re: Facebook by tucsonmike on 25 May 2013 2:24pm
some folks should never be off their meds.
Re: Facebook by Spursfan2 on 25 May 2013 3:45pm
I also reported (twice!) a page on FB called Ban Islam but FB seem to think that the page s fine as they have not removed it (doesn't breach their conditions apparently!!).

This page has added anti-Islamic photos, also suggesting its followers purchase pigs heads (someone suggested pigs blood was even better), wait outside mosques and throw it at Muslims as they come out.

And FB thinks this is ok???

Re: Facebook by Loretto on 26 May 2013 3:37am
My guess is that allowing free speech allows authorities to hone in on potential trouble makers. It is like having your telephone bugged, except the only difference is people forget Big Brother is watching, listening and reading ... Everything.
Re: Facebook by kazzzz on 26 May 2013 8:17am
Facebook is just out of control. It's a complete free for all :(
Re: Facebook by Loretto on 26 May 2013 2:59pm
Agreed Kazzz, I am seriously considering getting away from it. Just using it as a page linked from my website.

Anyway, I wanted share a bit of good news with you guys,
Re: Facebook by tucsonmike on 26 May 2013 7:47pm
Although now, you have to be careful when sending friend requests, that Facebook does not decided you sent on inappropriately. Pain in the neck.
Re: Facebook by Ken Dunn on 16 June 2013 10:31pm
Hi, pb, if this is the sort of stuff they put on Facebook I'm not surprised some of it gets deleted. I can think of a few other websites that should do the same.

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