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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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ANOTHER weird dream! by Spursfan2 on 6 August 2013 12:29pm
Yeah, I know - other people's dreams can be boring but this one last night was WELL weird!

Firstly, I was on my own (single) and appeared to have just moved into a new apartment. Don't know where this was. Opposite were a number of foreign embassies, well, I say 'embassies' - each embassy actually took up one office space!! I was opposite the American Embassy and could clearly see through the windows and see the desks etc. There were several people, and - now this is WEIRD - they all had lit torches and were sorting of dancing round following the head guy (not sure if this was supposed to be the ambassador, or the manager of the office). I remember thinking how dangerous it was and that there could be a fire.

Then I was in the same apartment but married to Zak but we'd had a row and he was moving out. We had a gay couple as friends (which we do but it wasn't them!!) and one was comforting me and one was siding with Zak. Zak and the other guy left. We'd booked a holiday (Z and I) and I would have to go on my own so the gay guy with me said he would come with me, but he wouldn't do "that stuff" !!!

See what I mean? W E I R D !!!

And there was no question of Zak going off with the bloke 'in that way' !!

Re: ANOTHER weird dream! by suzulu on 6 August 2013 2:06pm
Indeed it is a really weird dream, especially the people with lit torches dancing around the head guy!! Wonder what it all means.

I think you should write a book about all your dreams, Anne! I have some weird ones but then I forget them after a day or two.
Re: ANOTHER weird dream! by Ken Dunn on 7 August 2013 4:28am
Your first one reminds me of Kevin what's-his-name in the advert with the conga that nearly pushes him off the roof. I'm still not sure what they are advertising!

Your second one reminds me of the same sex marriage debate.

Our dreams tend to relate to things we have experienced through that day or recently. Weird or not, they are the brain's way of managing all sorts of stuff.
Re: ANOTHER weird dream! by Lounge Trekker on 7 August 2013 8:04am
Yeah, Anne, you need a book. But change the names, Zak could be Kaz, but with one z to avoid confusion....so being confused you two are going separately with a gay couple. Do you know whate these guys DO and that many of them are evangelistic about it?
Re: ANOTHER weird dream! by Spursfan2 on 7 August 2013 9:23am
Lol Pete.

Re: ANOTHER weird dream! by Lounge Trekker on 7 August 2013 7:21pm
Just say NO, Anne!
Re: ANOTHER weird dream! by Spursfan2 on 8 August 2013 8:26am
Re: ANOTHER weird dream! by ev on 19 September 2013 8:50pm
You know what's even weirder?

I just read it and it didn't seem weird to me at all. It almost could have been the perspective(s) of a few different people around where I live.

The brain is certainly capable of interpreting all kinds of things in a way that helps us to make sense of them.

Like the way we're hard-wired to recognise figures and faces, even in the clouds or rocks. Or the way horoscopes always sound true about your own situation, no matter whose horoscope you might read.

The more you look for meaning, the more you find it in everything.

I also row with my girlfriend a lot, and it breaks my heart asunder, especially since my parents did the same over five decades..

Still, not desperate enough to run off with some gay dude, though! lol
Re: ANOTHER weird dream! by suzulu on 20 September 2013 1:49pm
I had a strange dream last week. For some reason I remember this one. Do you remember Birds of a Feather on TV? They are now showing old ones on the Freeview channel Drama. I dreamt that Lesley Joseph who plays Dorian (she looked white as a sheet in my dream)was working in Costa Coffee in Finchley, it seems because she couldn't get any acting work. I ordered a drink and gave her a £10 note and for some reason a £20 note. She gave me the change for the £10 but kept the £20 note. I complained and she looked so upset, saying she was distracted these days. Meanwhile Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson (who play Sharon and Tracey)were outside the coffee shop making faces and generally making fun of Lesley Joseph because she had resorted to getting a job in a coffee shop. They were being so mean. Then I started having a conversation with Linda Robson who, in real life, is not very tall but in the dream she was towering over me. The dream went on but can't remember anything else except that I travelled on a tube train to Oxford Circus where they were also.

Sorry to bore you.
Re: ANOTHER weird dream! by Spursfan2 on 21 September 2013 8:24am
Ev - Zak and I row very rarely. We've been happily married for nearly 42 years and have learnt to be more forgiving of each other I suppose. That's not to say that we don't 'chunter' at each other at times!! How boring life would be if everyone agreed with everyone else all the time!!

What a strange dream Sue!! And of course you are not boring us!!

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