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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Yet another new person... by Rusted on 19 November 2002 7:49am
Hello all!

I was quite overjoyed to find out about this website and have finally plucked up the courage to drop a line...

First of all, I'm amazed that there appear to be so many Palin fans as young as myself (and younger; I'm 18)!

It's also good to see I'm not the only female my age who thinks Michael is rather...nice...looking. ;O)

I've been a fan of Michael and Python for about 4 years now, but I must admit I wasn't really obsessed until earlier this year.

Sorry if this question has been covered already, but being stuck up here in the relatively unexciting state of Wisconsin in the good ol' USA...I was just curious as to where other Palin fans hail from...

Anywho. Forgive me for being verbose. It's a bad habit of mine...

Re: Yet another new person... by ellenpc on 19 November 2002 10:46am
Hiya Mary,

Another woman with excellent taste :-}

Nice to meet you...:-}

Don't worry about age, it's only a number!
If you know what you like, you know what you like and you obviously know what you like so enjoy what you like!!! :-}}}}}}

Ellen x ( questionably sane English woman, who's lived in New Zealand 20 yrs but has never yet been to London!!! With size 91/2 - 10 feet.........)
Re: Yet another new person... by Dianne on 19 November 2002 1:21pm
Hello Mary!

We are all different ages here. Yep, age is only a number you are as young as you feel. I'm 25 in spirit, but my driver's license says 36. :-)

Dianne (born and still living in New Zealand and has not been to London either)

Re: Yet another new person... by piglet on 19 November 2002 4:53pm
Welcome young one

you are as young as you feel - and for me that is 82 when the kids are home and sweet 16 when I met michael!

We are all together on the web no matter where we are in the world, so keep on posting, good to hear from you.

Piglet - AKA - Lyn!
Re: Yet another new person... by Helen on 19 November 2002 5:53pm
Welcome Mary!
We do have some fun here... Glad you dropped in!
I am also from the USA-- Connecticut. I heard Wisconsin has excellent cheese. I LOVE cheese, especially a nice, very sharp, slightly warm cheddar. I am fond of feta as well. And nothing beats a good bleu cheese... but I digress.
I can be verbose, too. Don't fret-- we encourage it.
Helen (size 9 1/2-10, not English, also somewhat sane, never lived in NZ and has certainly never been to London and realize i am missing out)
Re: Yet another new person... by Louise on 19 November 2002 6:34pm
A big hello to both Mary and Emily from Louise who lives in London but has never been to New Zealand!
Re: Yet another new person... by little-peep on 19 November 2002 8:54pm
Hello Rusted!
Glad you could join us, the more the merrier! I love the fact that there are at least 2 or 3 other teenagers out there, in the big wide world, who like Micheal.
I am from england, stiil live there, have been to london, would REALLY like to go to NZ, HAVE been to USA, and i ashamidly (is that a word!?) admit to a size 4 shoe!!
PS-Nottlob, i am reading Heminway's adventure now, i love it! i also took "a farewell to arms" by E.Hemingway from the library, and got some strange looks from the librarian, who thourght i was 11! the check!
Re: Yet another new person... by Rusted on 19 November 2002 10:02pm
Thanks for the positive feeback, folks!


Never been to England myself, but it's certainly one of my main goals in life!

Yes, Helen, I do suppose we're known as the Cheese State up here. As to whether ours is any better than that made elsewhere, I can't attest. But I'm a big fan of cheese myself! So long as it's not, uh, "excrementally runny". ;O)

And little-peep, I feel your pain. Although I'm 18, I've had people place me at 13 years before! Most say I look about 16, but being that I just started college, this isn't much consolation!

~Mary (shoe size 8, which seems small in comparison to some of you!)
Re: Yet another new person... by spemspam on 19 November 2002 10:05pm
Howdy there Mary! I'm new meself, it's great fun here. I'm from around Albany, Yew Nork... er, New York... and I wear size 10 - 11 shoes (I know, I've got big feet), and I'm going to live in England (one day...), although probably in Lancashire and not London. Still love London, though!

Love and all the best,

PS: Is it just me, or is Michael STILL good looking even though he's, er, how shall I say this: much older now? *sighs* Perhaps it's just me, but I... love... him! Still! *glee*
Re: Yet another new person... by nottlob on 20 November 2002 1:41am
Hi rusted! glad you could join us :D

Hey little-peep, I know it's a great book! Glad you toke it out!
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