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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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A different subject by Dianne on 26 November 2002 8:53am
I wasnít too sure whether to write about this, but then decided too because everyone here is very nice and the subject is a kitten and Michael is a cat lover.

Okay, a kitten was found in our garden on Sunday and I have put notices all around town hoping to find out whom it belongs too. I also know there is the prospect it was dumped. After having the lovely kitten here for two days, I decided I would keep it if I could not find her owner. Today the poor kitty became very sick and I rushed her to the Vet. There I found out that she is not even 6 weeks old and should still be with her mother drinking her milk. The Vet told me that it looked as if she had been starving for a few days before I found her and because of the ordeal, she went through she is very stressed out, as well as not getting all the goodness from her motherís milk. I had been giving her cows milk in its full creamed form and did now know this was wrong until today. Anyway, because of her young age I was told it was unlikely she would survive the night. I brought her home to put her in a nice warm box with a blanket and a hot water bottle and every two hours I have to give her some special kitten milk. She has had three injections to help her get her energy back, but all this may not be enough.

Iím upset and worried, because I have grown to enjoy the company of this lovely kitten. Iíd be upset anyway, because the poor thing is so young and has so much jumping, scratching, meowing, sleeping, eating and hunting to do. Even my cat Buttons has forgotten about sulking and being jealous and he seems to sense there is something wrong with the kitten.

A very worried Dianne
Re: A different subject by Layla on 26 November 2002 9:06am
Jeez that's terrible. I love cats and I would be upset too. The only thing you can do is try your best. It wont be your fault if she dies, as you are doing everything you can. I really hope she gets better for you - good luck...
Re: A different subject by ellenpc on 26 November 2002 12:50pm
Big Hug Di :-}

Thinking of you both here.... as Layla said you're doing everything you can and giving the poor wee thing all the love and care possible. Very best of luck :-} x :-}

Ellen x
Re: A different subject by Helen on 26 November 2002 2:42pm
Dianne, this breaks my heart! Please keep us updated. She sounds precious; I hope she makes it.
My siamese is singing very loudly over here for the miracle of healing....
Re: A different subject by Louise on 26 November 2002 6:56pm
Dianne - I do so hope your little kitty pulls through ... let us know how she`s getting on.
Re: A different subject by Dianne on 27 November 2002 10:01am
This worried Dianne is now a worn out Dianne.

I'd forgotten how much work they are! As you may have guessed she survived the night and everything is looking very good. Now I'm trying to think of names for her, so far I've come up with, Cuddles, Pepsi, Sassy and Lucky. I like Cuddles especially, because she is very cuddly, but she is also very sassy. Pepsi, I just like the sound of it and as for Lucky, she is definitely very lucky!

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and messages. :-)
Re: A different subject by ellenpc on 27 November 2002 11:04am
Good, Good News Dianne.........Well done to you both :-} X

Love all the names......:-} Which one sounds good when you're calling her in at the back door??..........

"Cuuuudlesssssssss", "PEP-si, PEEEP- sii", "Sassy,sassy,saaaaassy", "Luuuuuky, Luk, Luk, Luuuuuuuuukyyyyyyy?" :-}}}}}}}}}

Love to you both :-} X

Snuggle up together and get some sleep.:-}

One of our cats was badly mistreated before we got him, we saved and adopted him when he was very young too. He used to love sleeping on my neck with his ear close to my heart beating and would stay there all night sometimes quite comforted. Perhaps your wee one might like it??? Especially as she would normally sleep in a bundle with siblings and Mum still??

Hope you get some well earned rest :-}

Ellen x
Re: A different subject by Miss Lumberjack on 27 November 2002 11:16am
That is great news that your kitty is better, I'm not a big cat lover but I would never wish anything like that upon a cat. How about calling it special??? She is special isn't she, also very lucky to still be here.

Good luck for the future with her
Re: A different subject by Jazzbasser on 27 November 2002 12:31pm
Our cat died a few months ago, and we still miss him. In the new year, we'll look at getting a replacement from the local animal shelter.
Re: A different subject by Layla on 27 November 2002 1:43pm
thank God she pulled through - oh kittens are soo adorable. Our cat is called Ziggy - it's ok I suppose. I like Lucy or Cleo - good luck anyway with her. Actually this may sound stupid but are you sure she's a girl cause we thought our cat was a girl and he's actually a boy - oooops!
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