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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by piglet on 7 December 2002 8:49pm
Well folks

I couldnt go to see Russell in London on my birthday yesterday (6th) as the concert was postponed earlier this week! you are not the only one with a soggy handkerchief ellen! I had front row seats for the concert as well - so my daughter and I went to Bluewater for the day and guess who was there (Iknew he was I deliberately suggested that place!) As I have already been lucky enough to see michael twice in 6 weeks thought I could do something for the rest of you who could not go - (I didnt want to come back gloating would rather touch lives)

So I had the idea of prinitng off the best bits from the chatterbox to take with me - the ones that made me smile, grin and laugh all at once - This I gave to michael when he signed my book, telling him what it was and he said he would read it on the way home on the M25 (Hope he wasnt driving at the time!)
So now Michael will have read all about

1. the twelve days of christmas
2. doing a palin and the palin charter
3 Patricks journey from germany and our support.
4. I cant remeber what it was! help memory overload - old age has set in! no that happened years ago! I knew I should have kept a copy when i printed it - will get back to you on that one - think it must have been about the convention! I hope.

the leter was an invitation from all on the chatterbox for michael to join for a cream tea - so you never know - if nothing happens at least you now know that Michael knows what we get up to!

Michael was so pleasant and had at least 450 books to sign or should I say 450 people turned up (some had two books) - and more got turned away! Michael was there for two hours and so was I! taking pictures for you thats if they turn out OK,

At the very end I said Michael, and without prompting he said Yes lyn what do you want ? - could you sign me a poster for my birthday today says I - cetainly he replied and did so even though the shop didnt want me to have one! Bless him. There are two thoughts to being recognised at a signing one is how nice of him to bother to remember my name and help what have I done that he picked me out from the crowd!

Well everyone has fifteen seconds of fame and you deserve it now Michael has seen your 12 days, ellen and the palinite charter etc so watch this space, I am sure it will bring a smile to his face - you are briliant and deserve all the publicity you can get! and Michael deserves to know the effect he has on us!

hope I didnt break copyright rules but wanted it to be a surprise for you.
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by ellenpc on 7 December 2002 11:04pm
"Oh, Lyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I'm lost for words! See.......................................

well, perhaps the odd one or two, to say..

You're a lovely special lady to think of us all like that...XXXX and a huge hug @ @ @ @ :-}}}}}}}}}

As for being recognised at the booksigning!!!!!!!!!!! Michael must know by now that your fanship knows no bounds!!!!!!! :-} and that we're all certifiable!!!! ( do hope he smiled though. :-} )

Many, many thanks :-}}}}}}}}]

lots of love

Ellen ( still size 9 1/2 - 10 shoe but with wobbly legs from the surprise!! :-} )
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by Dianne on 7 December 2002 11:04pm
Oh Lyn!
Why didn't you give me fair warning and I could have added a couple of witty messages on those threads. Don't know what, but I might have come up with something. :-) As for copyright rules on my messages, anything I write here I know is open to the public, so it does not worry me. I'm always conscious that Michael maybe reading a few of my messages, so I'm careful what I write. Well, careful in the way I don't want him to realise how stark raving loony I really am. :-) If you offered Michael a black pudding sandwich instead of a cream tea I'm sure he would have been sure to join us. :-)
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by ellenpc on 7 December 2002 11:09pm
P.S. another hug @@@@ xxx 'cause you knew how much this would mean to us all.... x x x
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by ellenpc on 8 December 2002 12:12am
P.P.S Very Happy Birthday Lyn.............you don't look older at all!!!!!!!! :-}

In fact from here your typing hasn't noticebly changed since yesterday!! :-}}}}]]]

(I know, I know, "cheeky devil!!" I'll give myself a "clip round the ear" from you for such rudeness!! I should be more respectful to my elders!! "Tee Hee".........."WHACK!!"......cor that 'urt!! :-} )
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by piglet on 8 December 2002 1:23am
Dianne dont panic - I said nothing funny in the posts I gave him - cant even remember exactly what I printed, but when you get to my age - memory loss becomes a regulare feature of day to day existence,

when you get to my age memory loss .....!! .......

but then i gave him poignant ones as well - Im sure you were amongst them as he was given at least 7 pages worth - it wasnt just the funny bits that made me laugh, to put a smile on his face, but the visits to book signings etc were printed as well - just what I thought appropriate and had time to get ready- well if Michael hasnt got the time to read the web the web must go to him! now that his book signings in uk have finished he will hopefully have time to join in!?!? (at least I didnt offer him a banana sandwich that would have frightened him away.)

webmaster wave your magic wand please!

Ellen - very concerned about the mascot - how does he keep his balance if he only has one leg - does he use wing tips to stop him falling over ?
and how does he get to meet a mate or have we to clone him for the future?!

what is he (she) called - suggestions please
hoppity if he can walk or
lonely if he cant? mind boggling!

LOL to you all

Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by Rusted on 8 December 2002 7:22am
Lyn, you're a dear! :O)

Thanks for the surprise - I promise I won't sue! I really do hope Michael gets a chance to read it and that he enjoys it as well.

Good thing I/we didn't copywright the meaning of "doing a Palin". ;O)

The mascot - describe it to me again, I've forgotten already! (And at my age I really shouldn't...)

Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by ellenpc on 8 December 2002 11:02am
Hi there Lyn and Mary,

For a full explanation you'll have to go back to the thread called Re: Big Endo on the 8th of Nov, of Blathering On and all will become clearer. There is a full explanation of the R.S.P.M.P, plus the mascot and oaths etc....... Oh and there are plenty of Helen's wingtips in there too!!!!!!!!!!!

As for copyright???????????!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, there's no ellenpc here, we know no-one of that name!! Try the "missing persons" or the "white pages".

Yours sincerely

Augustina Dungbeetle (Mr)
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by little-peep on 8 December 2002 11:47am
Nice to see Ellen didn't give up the spam.....funny (ha ha and strange!) as ever!
Lyn, that was really thoughtful of you! im amazed anyone could remember such things, and print them of at a time like that! you level headed peep! i see no signs of memeory loss, then again, i can't read them!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! enjoy it!
(ps. hope michael didn't read my bit about life on air....ohhhh! the shame! cringe!!!)
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by Patrick on 8 December 2002 1:13pm
Hey Lyn,

what an absolutely great idea. That's so cool. Thank you very much.
Now I envy you even more for meeting Michael three times!
Thanks for giving him all this stuff!
He is definitely going to read it all, he is proud of every fan!

Many hugs

P.S.: Happy Birthday Lyn! ;)
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