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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The 2003 Palins? by rick694uk on 9 December 2002 2:35am

What do we think to having our own form of the Oscars? The Gumbys, maybe? As a bit of fun, a means to gauge what other people think, a bit of feedback for Michael, or simply a chance to shout out for ya favourite Michael moment!

We could have it around March time, and so capitalise on the Oscar fever, but we'd need to set the categories now, or soon. I'm going traveling soon, so if nobody else wants to take this on, I'd need to set this up before Christmas. I'd be back mid-Feb to count the votes, etc.

But we'd need categories. Best supporting character; funniest moment; most moving moment; music; photography; etc, etc. These are the sensible ones, but I'm sure we could come up with the ones more befitting our "collective site mentality": best scene in which a cream scone could've appeared; biggest foreign wing tips (whatever they are, I still don't know!), but you get the picture!

Okay, I'll see if this floats before blathering on anymore!

Re: The 2003 Palins? by Rusted on 9 December 2002 5:32pm
Interesting idea, Rick. Could be a lot of fun!

Before thinking of categories, though, I need to know what sources we're considering. Anything Michael related? Just the travel shows?

Re: The 2003 Palins? by Helen on 9 December 2002 8:38pm
--Best eyebrow lift and eye roll (so much harder to do than the steely gaze a la Russell Crowe--- although he's good, but move aside. MP is da man.)
---Best fallen man of the cloth portrayal
---best look of surprise at sexual advance/flirtation (see him with Maggie Smith in the Missionary--- he has this perfected)
these would all go to the master himself, but I suppose others could try.
Still don't know if MP actually has wing tips, but I can assume he does. Cuz he's so cool.
Re: The 2003 Palins? by Rusted on 10 December 2002 7:07am
Helen, if you keep on the way you are, Michael will be the winner of all the awards. LOL!

I would imagine a lot of it could/would be *inside* of Michael's different stuff. Say, our opinion of Michael's 'most dangerous experience', 'most interesting boat ride', 'most humorous misadventure' in the travel shows, and things of the like for Python shows as well as his other projects.

Helen, your last line there had me cracking up. Thanks for the comic relief. ;O)

Re: The 2003 Palins? by Andyroo Day on 10 December 2002 9:02pm
Idea > Best supporting wasteband
Re: The 2003 Palins? by ellenpc on 10 December 2002 10:07pm
"Hee, hee!" :-}

Helen.........like it, like it. :-}}}}}]
especially the "best fallen man of the cloth and eyebrow lift!" :-}

"Best supporting waistband.......... :-}}}}}}}}}}}] )
Good one Andyroo, I'm still laughing at that one. :-}}}}}}}]

Augustina Dungbeetle (Mr)
Re: The 2003 Palins? by piglet on 10 December 2002 11:25pm
and the nominations are?........
Augustina Dungbeetle for the best disguise?

Everyone for their contributions to making us smile

getting the microscope out on my photos and will let you know about wing tips and his shoe size! oh and the colour of his eyes.

Re: The 2003 Palins? by Helen on 10 December 2002 11:38pm
Lyn (Piglet) for most kisses given to MP (at least on this message board).

I know he owns black suede shoes, so COOL-- but it would just do me in if he had wing tips.
Anxiously awaiting a full report,
Re: The 2003 Palins? by Dianne on 14 December 2002 8:35am
Best trousers tucked into his socks?
Re: The 2003 Palins? by little-peep on 14 December 2002 12:31pm
Oh, Dianne, i know i shouldn't.....but i will anyhoot!
have you got the 'hemingway adventure book?' if so, take a look at pages 52 & 53....a good contendor?
says she *still rolling around on the carpet....getting licked by her overexcited dog, and generally having hysterics*.....must be a generation age difference?!
luv little-peep xx
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