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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Why, why, why, why???? by Miss Lumberjack on 16 December 2002 6:20pm
I would just like to know why other people adore Michael as much as I do? I want to know why you all love him so much, and not coz you think he is good looking I would like real answers! Thank-you Lian xx
Re: Why, why, why, why???? by JenJen on 16 December 2002 7:51pm
Because he has a knack of getting on with everyone, has time for the masses, is generous with his time and not often a cross word unless the person deserves it; intelligent, funny - with a rapier wit that does not need to wound others in order to get the laugh.

Also, he's admired and respected by his peers - in fact he's a jolly NICE chap (oops sorry michael I know you HATE the word), and it appears (from looking at a biography book over the weekend) that his dark side only reveals a desire to win (at all costs - even at conkerse) and he has a weakness for chocolate (don't we all!!) Oh and he ages rather nicely and I wouldn't mind him being my Sugar-daddy anytime. Would that make me his honey-child? :-)

Who wouldn't like to be liked as much as M seems to be admired/adored the world over? * sigh *

Re: Why, why, why, why???? by Helen on 16 December 2002 11:25pm
yeah, what JenJen said, and plus-- he's like, really cute too.
(loosening the belt due to too much Holiday peanut butter chocolate fudge type things)
Re: Why, why, why, why???? by little-peep on 16 December 2002 11:39pm
Helen, don't worry. i say rejoice and be merry!! you can help me do another essay thats due in on wed (done 1 paragraph so far) if you REALLY want to do something!
enough of my grumbles.
I like to think that Michael's appeal comes from his sence of humour. I only saw the first day of 'full circle' and i decided he was a good person. when your 11, and have flu, it must take someone special to amke you think that!
he seems so honest, and down to earth, yet entertaining and funny. unlike most celebs, he does not have an air of self importance and lets others have their moments, too.
can't really explain it, but don't you find that you just KNOW if someone has a good heart or not?
I'll let you guess what i feel michael's is....(for an extra clue, try seeing how you'd react to be slapped into cold water by John Cleese!)
luv little-peep xx
Re: Why, why, why, why???? by emartin on 17 December 2002 5:49am
I like him because in his programs he doesn't try to be anything more than he is as a person. He lets the viewer in on everything he is feeling and experiencing. He is very sincere and doesn't mind making a fool out of himself. All of that besides the fact that he is a very talented actor and can cheer me up any day of the week! He's absolutely magnetic.
Re: Why, why, why, why???? by emartin on 17 December 2002 5:49am
Re: Why, why, why, why???? by Rusted on 17 December 2002 9:12am
JenJen! How dare you use n*ce when referring to Michael! ;O)

I'm not going to comment on this thread because I already gave a response on a similar topic not so long ago and I'm far too lazy (and it's far too late) to type it again. Heh. But basically, what everyone else has said.

He's FUNNY. He's KIND. He's OPEN. He's UNDERSTANDING. He's ADVENTUROUS. He's REAL. And those are great attributes to have! Michael is the 'bomb diggity'!

Re: Why, why, why, why???? by piglet on 17 December 2002 11:34am
Ok explain Bomb Diggity please in [email protected]!

Michael is smiley - if you see someone without a smile give them one of yours - and just himself what you see on TV is Michael no pretence, just Michael! amen to all you say mary couldnt agree more.

Re: Why, why, why, why???? by JenJen on 17 December 2002 4:48pm
Bomb Diggity? Que?

Ooooooh Mary you're so easy to wind up!! ha ha ! sorry! :-P

Alright - I know "nice" = pleasant = bland. And I agree completely that M is anything BUT bland. All those words you said - and more - describes Mr P. Unfortunately there are not enough superlatives (well being a man of great intellect he can probably find a few obscure ones) in my lexicon!

And when those little eyes crinkle in smiley tones, it makes me smile inside too!!!

Ah peeps, we could pontificate for HOURS.
Re: Why, why, why, why???? by Helen on 17 December 2002 7:36pm
Bomb diggity:
Ultra swell, hip, now and WOW.

I think that applies to MP.

I agree with Mary. He is, the BOMB DIGGITY, or in short-- da bomb.
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