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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Wome is your fwend! by Miss-M on 13 January 2003 11:55am
I watched LIFE OF BRIAN again last night and I just wanted to say how much I love Michael's performance as Pontius Pilate! Everytime I see the movie I notice something that I hadn't seen earlier, some new facial expression or gesture. (Michael has some marvellous expressions, doesn't he?) This probably sounds a bit silly but I find Pilate to be a rather sympathetic character - when you think about it, it must be pretty awful to be the constant butt of everyone's jokes just because you have a speech impediment. Oh, and I also feel sorry for Terry Jones as the Holy Man. I mean here's this poor old guy minding his own business, suddenly invaded by a swarm of shoe-waving looneys who steal his juniper berries and carry him off to certain doom for being a heretic! Does anyone else feel sad in this scene or is it just me? *Hehe*

But Michael definitely has the best array of characters in the movie, I think. The centurion organizing the crucifixions seems like such a lovely man, doesn't he? You can't quite understand what he's doing working in a place like that!

Anyhow, this is getting silly (quite true, quite true, silly, silly, silly!) so I'll stop now. But I figured that if anyone would understand, you guys would, because you're Palin fans too!

Michelle :)
Re: Wome is your fwend! by ellenpc on 13 January 2003 1:08pm
Hiya Michelle :-}}

I know what you mean...Michael's Pontius Pilate is a work of genius. You sit there watching thinking "how the hell did he do that!!" and "how many takes did they have to do before they could all get through the scenes before completely cracking up laughing???"

No matter how many times I see LOB, it always amazes me the versatility of all the Pythons and especially how incredibly talented Michael is. He slips from one character to the next, almost before you realise it's him (Ex-leper not withstanding, of course. :-} ).
As you say, he definately gets the best characters.

One of my favourite, non Michael, bits is Brian trying to graffiti "Roman's go home" and having his Latin grammar corrected by the centurian. Bl***y brilliant!! :-}}}

Ellen x
Re: Wome is your fwend! by SingDino on 13 January 2003 8:12pm
Did you say Ex-Leper?? *drools* ... oh darn... there I go drooling all over the place again.

Candice (The Drooler)
Re: Wome is your fwend! by Helen on 13 January 2003 9:06pm
oh honestly, Candice... It's only Michael in a LOIN CLOTH!!!! *gasp*
(ooops--- seems I am a bit of the drooly type, too...)
Re: Wome is your fwend! by ellenpc on 14 January 2003 1:50am

Now I know what you'd buy for 4 pound 50p! :-}}

For Sale : A loin cloth, used, one owner, with oil stains.
Loin extra.
Re: Wome is your fwend! by Helen on 14 January 2003 2:27am

You can read me like a book....


(wool socks)
Re: Wome is your fwend! by Miss-M on 14 January 2003 2:28am
Oh yes, I know what you mean Ellen! If you watch the 'Biggus Dickus' scene closely, it really looks as though Michael is struggling to contain himself when he goes right up to the centurion's face and says something like 'Do you find it wisible when I say the name Biggus...Dickus?' The scene is shot side on but it looks like Michael's jaw is about to quiver with laughter! Can't blame him though, I don't think I could keep a straight face while filming a scene like that! *LOL*

Michelle :)
Re: Wome is your fwend! by Helen on 14 January 2003 3:17pm
watch him almost lose it during the Spanish Inquisition sketch, too... when Gilliam does his "little dance"...
Re: Wome is your fwend! by SingDino on 14 January 2003 7:18pm
I love all the scenes from the show when any of them started to giggle or something went wrong. Those were always my fave.

I wonder if somewhere in this mixed up world you COULD buy his used lion cloth... I mean... they didnt just throw it away... *drool*... darnit... thought I could control myself this time.

Re: Wome is your fwend! by Rusted on 14 January 2003 11:34pm
Oh ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...guys, the drool and the comptuer just don't mix! Do I need to hose you down? ;O)

Michelle - definitely agree on Michael's wonderful Pontius Pilate character, but also on his centurion during the crucifixion. Through all that loony-ness you really see a guy who seems to care. I'm always touched when he winces as they all start to walk off with their crosses. Interesting how he can mix the two.

Helen, I just watched to Spanish Inquisition again today and I never noticed him almost crack up when Terry does his dance (was that a Palin-Jones idea or a Gilliam addition, do you think?). I'll have to watch it again, darn! :OD

Candice, I also love those little bits when one or the other laughs or smiles on accident. I've always been extremely curious as to what accidentally happens off-screen in the court room scene during Njorl's Saga!

I love how Python always used to goof around during the "Church Police" sketch when they did it live. I love that moment during Live at the Hollywood Bowl when Terry J loses his wig. LOL.

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