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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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JC WWW by sminobe on 27 October 2004 6:00pm
Happy Birthday to the Tall One!
He's finally jumping into Cyberspace:

It looks quite suitably Silly! Unfortunately for me, this will be a membership site which I can't afford right now. 8-\

Thank you, oh N*ce One, for providing this space at no charge for us Loonies!
Re: JC WWW by Helen on 27 October 2004 9:27pm
you really do have to pay to join!!???

the website looks really nice, though. Great job! Kudos! Have fun without me....boo hoo...

John, I still love you even though you are a greedy bastard. :)
Re: JC WWW by Helen on 27 October 2004 9:30pm
oh, and Happy Birthday...

hugs and kissies...thanks for all the laughs over the years....you are a treasure!
Re: JC WWW by sminobe on 27 October 2004 10:04pm
There are many things that are available for free (you can create your own Silly Walk for the Minister), but the really *interesting* features will be at a cost (audio/video updates, even a cell phone club where you can get a Silly Word every day!). I didn't explore how much the cost is, exactly. I just don't have the spare cash these days..
Re: JC WWW by Louise on 28 October 2004 12:25am
Isn`t it just awful that British senior citizens get such a paltry state pension at age 65?
It must be a real pain to have to set up a paid membership website to supplement one`s income.

Lou ;-)

Re: JC WWW by thejohncleese.com on 28 October 2004 4:59am
It is US$49.95 per year to join.
If you have a look at the site map (click on the lemur) you will find that there is an enormous quantity of stuff available. Put it this way, if you had to buy all this stuff at amazon.com, or whatever other shop you would use, the price would be rather higher.

This is not just a matter of paying to download some sketches and pictures - this is also an opportunity to have DAILY personal contact with JC, via diary, message boards, cell phone, chatroom, etc. PLUS seeing some exclusive new video sketches and NEW Fawlty Towers stuff.

Sounds like a good deal to me....

Re: JC WWW by Helen on 28 October 2004 2:08pm
daz-- The site looks awesome. good job! :)

I will enjoy the free features...
Re: JC WWW by sminobe on 28 October 2004 6:37pm
Thanks for the info, Daz! Yes, I'd *love* to have that opportunity to get Up Close & Personal with The JC, but even $50 is not really in my budget picture these days. My car has just chosen this moment to start falling apart, just after I bit the bullet & bought a new couch! Ouch. On top of that, my daughter has a wonderful opportunity to go to Europe next summer -- if she can raise $3000. That's a lot of candy to sell... Actually, I'm hoping she can raise $6000 & take me along (I've never been)!!

So, good luck to you all at thejohncleese.com & I hope to join you someday! In the meantime, I'll just putter around outside on the lawn with the foot...
Re: JC WWW by irishmanufan on 28 October 2004 9:11pm
hey daz . been having a look at the site . i will join in a little while as i just spent 93 euros on my Dads cerdit card buying some marillion merchandise . can;t ask him again so soon for the use of it and there is more marillion merch just come out to buy as well ! too many things to buy and not enough chances to use Dads credit card :0) ( i don;t have one of my own you see , i do pay him back of course !) had a look at the free preview it looks a nice site , i wish you luck with it !
Re: JC WWW by intrepid on 30 October 2004 5:01pm
I'd like to join the site, but I already shelled out my last kidney to buy the Star Wars movies. Besides, I already spend $119 a year to go to this site!

By the way, anybody ever notice how many famous people have the same initials as JC? There's Jackie Chan, Jacques Cousteau, Jackie Collins, Joan Collins, Joan Crawford, Jimmy Connors, Johnny Cochrane, James Calhoun, Jimmy Carter, Johnny Cash, Jose Carerras, Julia Child, Jacques Cartier, Jacques Cousteau, James Cook, Julius Caesar, Joseph Clark, James Callaghan, John Constable, Johnny Carson, James Cameron, John Candy, Joseph Campbell, Jesus H. Christ, Juan Carlos, James Cromwell,James F. Cooper, Jacques Chirac, James Caan, June Carter, Joan Cusak, Juliet Capulet, Joseph Conrad, John Calvin, John Cassavettes, Jim Carrey, John Chancellor, John Cheever, John Crittendon, John Cage, Jose Canseco, Judy Collins, John Cusak, Jennifer Capriati, Julie Christie, Jan Comenius, James Cagney, John S. Copely, John Chrysostom, Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman, John Coleridge, John Creighton, Jane Curtain, James Clavell, Jennifer Connoly, James Coburn, and John Crichton, not to mention June Cleaver, Joe Cool, Jim Crow, Jed Clampett and Jiminy Cricket. And that's an editied list, because I got to go back to dialysis.

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