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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Happy Halloween! by Miss-M on 31 October 2004 5:15am
To all those who celebrate this commercially-fueled American tradition (I don't, because I'm Australian and don't buy into that northern hemisphere nonsense!), have a fun-filled evening.

Go easy on the candy (or lollies, as we say Down Under), because it will rot your teeth and nobody wants to visit the evil dentist, do they? (That was a rhetorical question, so please don't inundate this board with protestations of love for your dentist, because I won't believe you!)

Anyhow, I'm off to organise my basket of quinces, should any misguided children happen to knock on my door this evening. I imagine the nutritional value of a quince would be considerably higher than that of a Mars Bar.

It's Melbourne Cup Day next Tuesday. Just like Big Kev, I'm excited!! :o)
Re: Happy Halloween! by Spursfan on 31 October 2004 9:42am
Thank you! The grandkids are going out tonight (in a group so they're safe - how sad that today you have to think of that as well!) dressed as a ghost (13 yr old girl) and vampire (12 yr old boy). I shall be sitting at home wearing a witches outfit - oh but that's just normal everyday wear for me lol. No seriously, hat, nose, etc - what's the betting we get no trick or treaters!! Last year we only had our grandkids (who we're bringing up by the way!)! Got the lollies ready anyway.

I love Halloween - oh by the way I'm in England.

Perhaps you southern hemisphere types should lighten up....

Re: Happy Halloween! by Ello on 31 October 2004 1:44pm
Halloween is ok, but i prefer christmas. We live opposite a graveyard and a church, so we dont get many trick or treaters, lol :)
Too much orange, not my favorite colour! no one had better ring the bell between 9 and 10 this evening, or i shall send my mother to hand out the treats. and she really can talk. The poor kids are more likely to die of bordem(?) rather than fright of the graveyard!! lol
have a great time, whatever you're doing tonight
love eloise xx
Re: Happy Halloween! by Diamond on 31 October 2004 1:50pm
Annne - good for you to go dressed as a witch - way to go !!

as Heartbeat - Himalaya and Foyles War are on tonight i wont leave the tv eithere and Ello i live near to a church and graveyard too

Re: Happy Halloween! by Sophie-Louise on 31 October 2004 2:10pm
i don't like halloween, just an excuse for people to beg for money and sweets, and if there's any sweets in this house, I'LL be eating them, thankyou...

also, we don't live in the best of areas in lincoln, and if you don't answer the door, we can expect the windows and cars to be covered in eggs or some other smelly substance. but if my dad is on call, he can just park his police van on the drive and they won't bother...

i will also be answering the door in my police cadets uniform and telling them it's an offence to trespass... jk!! lol


Re: Happy Halloween! by Spursfan on 31 October 2004 3:05pm
Well - of course I won't be going out ! Miss Himalaya? Don't think so!

Seriously though, we live in a very small village so don't expect many other - if any - trick or treaters.

I once said 'trick!' to some kids dressed up, and nothing happened! Guess I'm lucky in the area I live. The grandkids are going to say 'OK, Happy Halloween' to anyone who doesn't give them anything (this was their decision) - but last year they came back laden with sweets, money, crisps, bikkies etc. They are having fun, but being polite with it.

We now have some travellers in the village, living on a site, (I did refuse to sign a petition stopping them coming here as it was against their Human Rights)and to be honest I think I would be more concerned if they got involved in T & T. Not to be racist or whatever-ist it is but their kids are quite rough - pulling up plants etc - so who knows!

Happy Halloween anyway!

Oh and I agree, Ello - I absolutely adore Christmas - but I wish that religion didn't get in the way ;-)!

Anne xx
Re: Happy Halloween! by Ken Dunn on 31 October 2004 4:32pm
Our trick or treaters in Scotland sometimes do very good skits and jokes.
I think I'll be posting the best of them in Palin's Travels Big Green Joke Book as I haven't been there for a while.
I like Christmas a lot too especially when its original message is not lost among all the wrapping paper and trimmings.
Re: Happy Halloween! by kazzzz on 31 October 2004 4:41pm
Missy I went to sleep during root canal..true story...don't be raggin' dentists girlfriend..talk to the hand!
How many days btw???
I have been invaded by millions of rugrats this evening btw...dressed as witches and pumpkins and the like..I got my revenge tho by sending my daughter and her 4 friends right back at em!
American rubbish it is!

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