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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE THREAD by Dr. Piglet on 11 April 2005 7:12pm
Re: MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE THREAD by Ahren on 11 April 2005 7:39pm
Erm... Right!

Happy Birthday Michael!!
I hope you have a great day and dont eat too much cake, which i am told affects the elderly quite badly. You dont want to get sick now do you?! *wags finger*
I think the best thing for you to do would be to give it all to me! It would save you a lot of trouble and you will be able to go and make some more amazing travel programs much quicker!!!

Have a lovely day!

Re: MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE THREAD by Dr. Piglet on 11 April 2005 7:45pm
Re: MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE THREAD by Stern on 11 April 2005 8:18pm
...and here comes my message:

Hi Michael,
well, first of all: Happy Birthday! What a lovely day, isn't it?
I don't know what the wheather in London is like, probably raining, but I hope you'll have a nice day anyway. I also hope you don't cut cut cut your finger when you're cut cut cutting your birthday cake. ;-)
By the way, will you have all the 62 candles on your cake? Well, if you do, enjoy to blow them out. ;-)

All the best wishes, from
Silke, Rhode Island, USA
but actually I'm from Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

(I just try to stay in America for a year and look after kids who watch Monty Python and made me addicted. lol)
Re: MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE THREAD by KateC on 11 April 2005 8:36pm
heres mine:

Happy Birthday Michael!
Hope you have fun and don't spend too long hanging round in bars!
Thank you for hours of laughter in the form of Monty Python, making spam that little bit more appealing *cough*, and hours of excitement watching you travel the globe, exploring places I will probably not get to see.
I hope you have an excellent day, and feel free to pop around here for tea and biccies anytime you like :)

With best wishes and many happy returns,

Kate C from Oxford, UK
Re: MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE THREAD by Spursfan on 11 April 2005 9:17pm
Here we go with mine:

Michael, have a wonderful birthday. Thank you for making our lives richer for having you in them. Thank you for making us laugh out loud at silly things, and encouraging us to explore the world about us. Thank you for being as normal as possible and talking to as many people as you could. Thank you for the sketches, songs, series and films, and thank you for signing our 'Ripping Yarns' DVD with 'Ripping Best'!

Thank you for being Michael Palin!


Love Mike and Anne A.
Stafford, Staffs. UK
Re: MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE THREAD by Ken Dunn on 11 April 2005 11:10pm
I'm not very good at remembering birthday dates so this thread is ideal (over a month late?) for me to add my best wishes too and thanks again for signing our Himalaya book in Dundee last October. For a birthday treat try doing the New (Travel) competition.....
Oops, on rereading this note I discovered I put May before April! I do have my off days sometimes! The message will be on time after all.
Re: MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE THREAD by julwis on 12 April 2005 9:18pm
Happy Birthday Michael!
Where does one begin? Hope you have a great day being subjected to that ultimate torture! Yes, opening your pwesents in the comfy chair!
Thanks for all the shows, books and signings. Thanks also, in anticipation, for your further adventures still to come!
Best wishes
Julian (of Norwich) well not the original one, but Dr Julian, yes another PhD! Well, *behind hand* from the other place where that Cleese chap went, so sorry! Did I learn nothing? I even subjected myself to a second helping of that place! Alright, I know what I must do! (exits room, muffled gunshot!)
Re: MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE THREAD by perfectbitch on 13 April 2005 2:56am
A very Happy Birthday and may all that you wish for yourself become reality.

(My daughter has just caught me typing this and has called me a sad old codger. I think I've managed not to blush.) Linz
Re: MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE THREAD by canaveralgumby on 13 April 2005 7:56am
“Happy Birthday Michael!”

August 1978:

Carter, Sadat and Begin were hashing out the Camp David Accords

King Hussein of Jordan and his new bride, 26-year-old American Lisa Halaby, were enjoying their honeymoon

The “Double Eagle II” became the first hot air balloon to cross the Atlantic

Louise Brown, the first “test-tube baby” was born

Pope John Paul I was elected; alas he would pass away 34 days later

(He would be joined up there by Keith Moon)

And little 12-year-old Cori snuck downstairs around 1:30 am to see what was on TV, and was hit over the head with the Frying Pan of the Gods. Well, actually, with MPFC, with “Spot the Looney,” and then a man using a stolen microphone to present a documentary about Britain’s lumber industry. A man in a heather blue suit to match his dazzling eyes, silken brunette locks blowing in the breeze, a heavenly speaking voice… Within six weeks, little Cori would develop insomnia on Sunday nights, but more importantly, would begin to experience the bodily tremors which define one as a woman.

Little Cori turns 40 this year. And that man, still with the microphone, still presenting, still causing bodily tremors, turns 62.

But gosh, Michael, in these 28 years, have you proven to be A LOT MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE!

Peace, good health, happiness and bodily tremors to YOU on your birthday! Love, Cori Elliott, Cape Canaveral, FL
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