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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Paris by Sky on 24 April 2005 3:24pm
I'm off to paris for five days in June (18th - 22nd). Has anyone here been there before? I went to Disneyland when I was 11, but thats it! Any useful hints?

Thanks ;0) Sky x
Re: Paris by julwis on 24 April 2005 6:19pm
There are quite a lot of suggestions in this thread from 9 August 2004 and 6 Febraury 2005.
Re: Paris by missfrog on 25 April 2005 1:17pm
I'm in Paris right now, and though it's not where I live, I have discovered that there is much more to see than disneyland!

I would advise you to visit the center of the town, close to the river Seine: this is where you will find most of the big avenues and monuments. The monuments one should visit in Paris are the Opera Garnier (if you have enough money and time, there are wonderful performances), the Louvre (palace and museum are worth seeing), and others such as Notre-Dame, the Tour Eiffel, les Invalides etc.

There are many gardens and parks like le Parc du Luxembourg, Jardin des Plantes, Jardin des Tuileries. And if you want to buy outragously expensive jewels, clothes, food or anything really fashionable, go to Place Vendome and the surrounding streets.
I learnt today that a jewellery were being robbed when I was there, a few metres away! Paris is a town full of avdentures!!

The student area is on the left side of Seine and it's quite nice. If you wish to see another nice place, go to the Quais de Seine, there you'll find a lot of book markets, flower markets and even animal shops. Walk around the markets on sunday at sunset and you'll probably get the best view ever of the quays when the light changes.

The more you walk far from the river, the less interesting it is and the more (sometimes) dangerous.Like every big town, Paris has its dodgy suburbs...

Nevertheless, Montmartre is far from the river Seine (still in the town, though) but it's pretty enjoyable especially if you don't mind about the tourists attracting restaurants (whose prices are almost robbery). Paris is an expensive town, keep that in mind, but it's worth seeing.

You'll also find that the best way of travelling there is the underground (Metropolitain!) and even if cheating seems to be a national sport, don't do it! I was amazed to see how many people did that but actually, many of them are caught red-handed, so, if you don't want to pay more than a ticket, buy one before!

Hoping to be useful,

ps: my favourite park is Parc du Luxembourg. Walk around, take a seat, enjoy the calm conversations around the central fountain or listen to kids laughing and playing. Close your eyes ...hey, you're on holidays!
Re: Paris by Mr. Anchovy on 26 May 2005 6:11pm
Hi Sky,

living in Paris for six month, I thought I could give you some advice. I have been living here since 3 months now and discovered some nice places.

1) Take a walk along the Canal St. Martin from (from the "Basin de la Villette" down to "République"). It's a very nice place, hardly any traffic and you feel a bit like in Amsterdam

2) Go to the park Buttes Chaumont. It's in the 19th arrondissement. There are hardly any tourists and you have magnificient view up to Montmartre.

3) If you want go out try the quarter La Butte aux Cailles (13th arrondissement, south of Place d'Italie). There are many nice little bars and restaurants. It's a bit of a secret, as even many Paris citizens don't know it as I found out. Prices are really good there compared to other parts of the city. The small houses and streets will make you feel like in the French province.
Another good place to go out for a drink or go clubbing is Rue Oberkampf (11th arrondissement) and the streets around the Place de la Bastille.

Hope I could help
Re: Paris by missfrog on 26 May 2005 6:14pm
Hey! Are you French? ;D
Re: Paris by Mr. Anchovy on 26 May 2005 10:44pm
Hey Missfrog,

no I'm German but I'm currently living in Paris as I'm doing an internship here. How about you?
Re: Paris by kristinekm on 26 May 2005 11:21pm

I have been in Paris twice and could visit the city ten times more and still not get enough of it.

Since I'm an Art History student, I toured a lot of the museums. And I was never disappointed in them.

I bought a Paris Museum Pass (1, 3 or 5 days), which quickly paid back and was worthwhile. With it you can get in front of the queues or use a special cardholder's entrance Ė it literally saved me from hours of waiting.
Check out this link about it: http://www.paris.org/Accueil/

I recommend Lonely Planet's book on Paris its quite good. (I also owe a very good Danish one but I guess that wont help you (lol) )

Here are some of the things ought to see. If you donít have time for it all  just take a pick, everything is worthwhile visiting.

- Musée du Louvre/ The Louvre Museum (Archaeology, Decorative Arts, History, Jewellery, Furniture, Painting, Sculpture, Textile) Including the Mona Lisa, the statue of Venus from Milo, Nike and the Egyptian Scribe. (Entrance with Paris Museum Pass (special door))
- Centre Georges Pompidou ((modern art) History, Industry, Literature, Furniture, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Architecture, Music)) (Entrance with Paris Museum Pass)
- Basilique du Sacré Couer (the sacred heart) (church overlooking Paris)
- Montmatre (real Paris)
- La Sainte Chapelle (a church in gothic style, containing world-famous beautiful stained-glass windows) (Entrance with Paris Museum Pass (remember just to walk up in front they will let you in with the card))
- Musée D'orsay (Decorative Arts, History, Literature, Furniture, Painting, Photography, Sculpture) including the very famous pictures by the impressionists. (Entrance with Paris Museum Pass)
- Le Notre Dame de Paris
- The city part called La Defence with skyscrapers and Von Sprechelsen's (Dane by the way) Great Arch
- Place d'Etoile and climb the Arc de Triomphe (Arch of Triumph) while you're the view is AMAZING, you can see down the Camps Elyses (which you later simply have to stroll). (Entrance with Paris Museum Pass)
- The Eiffel tower
- The Chateaux Versailles and the garden (Entrance with Paris Museum Pass but not to the garden (special door))
- Musée Carnavalet (Archeology, Decorative Arts, Medals, Furniture, Painting, Photography, Drawings, Scale Models)
- Basilique du Saint Denis (the fist gothic church) the kings including Louis XIV and XVI are buried here

Bon Voyage,
Re: Paris by missfrog on 27 May 2005 6:20pm
Well, Mr Anchovy, ich bin Franzosich (Umlaut doesn't work) und ich bin zu Berlin gegangen. Mein Deutsch ist sehr sehr schlecht und ich kann es nicht gut schrieben.
It's about all I know I'm afraid! It's only my second foreign language and I am supposed to have a bit more vocabulary for my Baccalaureat, which is the equivalent of Abitur. But I managed to have a pretty good mark this trimestre!!! (I'm fiercely proud of it!)
Last time I had to write in German (auf Deutsch!) I had to imagine what would happen in a big city without electric power. I thought of Berlin being left without any electric power and it was pretty good... until I realised that I had elaborated it in English but hadn't quite the required German vocabulary!
I'm working on it, though! ;)
Re: Paris by Mr. Anchovy on 27 May 2005 7:47pm

si tu es à Paris on pourrait organiser une petite rencontre des Palinites franco-allemands (meme s'il y aura seulement deux personnes ;) ). Qu'est ce que tu penses?

Bon weekend
Re: Paris by missfrog on 28 May 2005 12:51pm
Ach! Das Problem ist I'm not currently living in Paris, I was there about a month ago when visiting my brother! I actually live in Toulouse, south of France. But maybe I'll go to Paris next summer for a couple of days... I'll let you know if I do!
You said you were in an internship, what sort of studies are you in France for?
Tschuss! (hey! what an improvement!)
ps: btw, impressed by your French, I could never do anything like that in German! ;))
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