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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Favourite Palin character? by kristinekm on 11 May 2005 12:15am
I know of course that a real palinite love just to see Michael Palin appear but which of the characters MP has played do you like the most?

Personally I'm crazy about the ex-leppar. I laugh every time I hear Pontius Pilate (welease wodger). I find K-K-Ken quite attractive and funny. And I'm fascinated by his part in Brazil (must admit I almost died too - you cannot kill MP - never - not even think about it).
And of course the part in the parrot sketch.

By the way I think the tan he has in The Missionary suits him :)
Re: Favourite Palin character? by canaveralgumby on 11 May 2005 3:31am
My favorite is Dennis the peasant. In which I think MP is playing himself. The first time I ever saw MPHG, I missed a few minutes of the film after the peasant scene, laughing so hard.

Galahad's a favorite, obviously.

I like any of the sleazy comperes/night club hosts, because he grins so big and flashes the eyes!
Re: Favourite Palin character? by pollyanna199 on 11 May 2005 6:27am
I'm actually a fan of Michael as the American husband in Meaning of Life: "Would you like to talk about the meaning of life, darling?" and Michael is really cute as the head bishop (?) in the Spanish Inquisition. But of course Michael is brilliant no matter what he does.
Re: Favourite Palin character? by Spursfan on 11 May 2005 7:59am
I love the ex-lepper too. But I think my favourite is either Tomkinson in "Tomkinson's Schooldays" or that most boring man in Yorkshire, Eric Olthwaite in "The Testing of Eric Olthwaite" (both Ripping Yarns). Can't make up my mind which!


Re: Favourite Palin character? by ursi on 11 May 2005 11:57am
My three favorite charakters are:
1. "Bounder of Adventure" (Travel agency sketch)
2. Jeremy Toogood (who tries to read "Redgaunted" in A Book at Bedtime)
3. the Host of Blackmail

Can't really say why, but I just love these three.
But my very favorite Michael-apperance is from one of the live-shows. (Don't know where it was, I only know the scene from a documentary) It's John and Michael doing parrot-sketch, and then Michael completely breaks when John says "pining for the fjords?!?" and just can't stop laughing. It's great!
Re: Favourite Palin character? by Katie J on 11 May 2005 12:14pm
I've only seen the films...so I can't really tell yet (have to see Monty P's Flying Circus at some point!)...but..

I love the ex-leper...just the way he leaps about!

and Pontius Pilate..his indignant expression and way of speaking!

The boring accountant (Mr Anchovy) who wants to have another job...but he's told that he is essentially dull and born to be a chartered accountant! Fantastic!
Re: Favourite Palin character? by kazzzz on 11 May 2005 12:22pm
Eric Olthwaite...from Ripping Yarns...not strictly a Python character I know..but my fave all the same :)
Re: Favourite Palin character? by Wild in Africa on 11 May 2005 12:27pm
Apart from K-K-K Ken, I think the bloke he plays in P2P, RTWin8TD, Sahara etc is also quite good. Brilliant acting!!

Otherwise its the bloke who says"....It's...." at the beginning of every MPFC.
Re: Favourite Palin character? by JessPix on 11 May 2005 12:35pm
These are my top 5 (all subject to change within seconds of posting this):

1. Gumby
2. Pontius Pilate
3. Ken (A Fish Called Wanda)
4. Ben the ancient prisoner (Life of Brian)
5. Ken Shabby

Re: Favourite Palin character? by Spursfan on 11 May 2005 12:45pm
Kazzzz - it's ok to choose Eric Olthwaite (like me) because the thread is favourite Palin character not Python character!!!

Well yes, WIA, I do have to agree with you about the character in the travel series, lol!!!

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