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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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English girls by Mr. Anchovy on 29 July 2005 4:45pm
Hello there,
the thread "the French" inspired to start one on "the English" or better "English girls". I have just spend six months in Worcester and I'm still wondering about something which seems to be a special cultural phenomenon in Britain:
Why do British girls when going out wear tiny skirts (that show rather more than they are hiding) in winter at -5°C? Have you got a special gene that makes you immune or are you actually feeling the cold and are just ignoring it somehow?
Re: English girls by missfrog on 29 July 2005 4:58pm
My sister has been living in Birmingham for 6 months now and she told me that she has seen a girl with skirt that hid half her buttocks and that she was wearing a thong. I wonder if it would't be less horrible if she just didn't wear a skirt at all, actually. No?
Happily,I've seen them lately and even their skirts are shorter past 8pm, they're not all like that!

Re: English girls by pollyanna199 on 31 July 2005 1:38am
It's not just in England though, I see the same thing in the states. I am amazed and embarrassed by some of the very young girls (about 11 or 12) and the outfits they wear.
Re: English girls by Sky on 31 July 2005 3:57pm
I'm the little English girl who started the French thread, and can safely say I have NEVER worn a short skirt in winter! I see them all the time at the bus stop and wonder how the heck they can do it. The funny thing is it's so obvious they're freezing their asses off. Personally I like jeans and big underwear.
Ok, so big undies aint sexy but as far as I know I am one of only two people who thinks thongs are uncomfortable and icky!

Believe me Mr. Anchovy, I'm no wiser than you are when it comes to this strange 'cultural phenomenon in Britain'...

Sky x
Re: English girls by purple on 31 July 2005 8:15pm
I really hate mini skirts - but then I am a lover of "hobo colture" (long black coats, jeans, collared shirts and finger-cut gloves). I honestly cannot understand what makes them so sexy. Sure they show off your legs, but this isn't the 60s any more where it was some kind of protest for feminism. I am probably the third person Sky who also thinks that wearing a g-string is like an eternal wedgie!
Even though it's winter here, I still see the odd teenage girl who has the mini with ugg boots and crop top, who is freezing in the 15C sun and have their skirt blow up in the cool breeze. Some people really know how to suffer for their fashion!
Re: English girls by kristinekm on 31 July 2005 8:42pm
It's precisely the same situation in Denmark.

It rather amuses me when these girls continue to dress this way in winter - even with a cold - coughing sneezing and extremely "sexy"

Little girls often dress a lot sexier than women in their "prime", guess it's because the girls want to look like their idols and can't quite understand the signals they are sending.
The thing that worries me the most is not the girls, though. It’s the parents who let them…

Re: English girls by Dr. Piglet on 2 August 2005 5:32pm
i blame christina aguilera and britney spears.

thank god my daughter is into avril lavigne.

Re: English girls by bruey on 2 August 2005 8:26pm
I must say it gives me cause for concern especially in winter, I don't like thongs either!!
Re: English girls by George Dubya on 3 August 2005 2:44pm
>>I don't like thongs either!!

Stop wearing them then!
Re: English girls by sarahs on 5 August 2005 12:27am
In winter, i still wear short skirts but i wear it with tights and so i don't get cold. when i do dress up for a night out and wear something that should be worn when its warmer, i wear a big coat to keep me warm. one night i lent my coat to a mate who wasn't feeling too well, and i have never been so cold.

I don't have a problem with thongs though. They are not uncomfortable, unless you get the wrong size, which is like any piece of clothing. They are useful if you don't want your underwear line to be seen on skirts, etc. i do hate it though when thongs are seen. its disgusting and in my opinion, gives the person a slutty image.

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