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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Letter :: Sent by bandgeek512 on 9 November 2005 9:58pm
Okay, because I am a totally insane person, I not only filmed a couple tiny sketches for Mr. Palin, I took pictures of *sending* the letter to him. I wanted to let you all here see what I've sent:

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v25/cinnastix/mp2.jpg <<< That's me with my letter and the dvd we made for him. I don't know what it is, but I always have a vacant expression about my face in pictures. I put my letter in a separate envelope because I wanted the dvd told apart from the letter itself. They're both in the same big envelope, but I put the letter in a smaller one because I'm...neurotic, I guess. :-P I meant to get a picture off all seven pages spread out on the floor, but I forgot...I only just remembered after sending it.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v25/cinnastix/mp1.jpg <<< That's me with the big envelope. My dad addressed the big one; I got upset because he didn't put Mr. Palin's name on it, so I put it on it myself. That's why there are two different handwritings. Again, I've got a vacant expression. It's like the lights are on, but nobody's home...

The dvd's only about six minutes long. We taped it on a regular video camera, and then transferred the video to a dvd. The dvd content is pretty well crazy, but I wanted to give him something that was not in the ordinary.

Yep. So, that was my project. I don't really expect a reply; I didn't do it for one. It's just to show him how much he's appreciated. He deserves all the accolades I can give.
Re: Letter :: Sent by suzulu on 9 November 2005 10:25pm
Well, after all your efforts you deserve a reply! Good luck! Sue
Re: Letter :: Sent by Blasi on 9 November 2005 10:40pm
After the veritable boatload of short, sharp, prosaic requests for an autograph he must have weekly, I'm quite sure that he'll be positively bowled-over by the lengths you've gone to. Jolly well done that lady!

By the by, what incredibly striking eyes you have!
Re: Letter :: Sent by bandgeek512 on 10 November 2005 1:25am
Aw, it really wasn't anything writing the letter or making the silly video. It was all fun, to be honest. At no point did I really consider any of it work. No, I think it more a small expression of how much Mr. Palin influences me day-to-day. I suppose he can be to blame for my strange sense of humor, as well.

Only joking, Mr. Palin! ;-) You're only partially responsible.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I wrote the whole script in a study hall period that I had at school. I hadn't anything else to do, so I thought that I might as well do something productive with my time!

I'm pleased with the outcome. Even if there's no response, just making it was satisfying. Furthermore, whomever watches it will get a good laugh--whether it be out of light "mockery" of mine and my brother's silliness or the jokes we made throughout. All I really want is for him to know how appreciated he is.

Oh, and thanks for the compliment! :-D
Re: Letter :: Sent by tucsonmike on 10 November 2005 1:35am
And a budding writing and film career was born LOL! I am suitably impressed. My, my my...
Blasi is right. You do have striking eyes.

The good thing is that you DONT expect a response. This way, you aren't just one more "fan" looking for something. I admire your creativity...
I'd love to see the letter. (If you don't mind).
Re: Letter :: Sent by purple on 10 November 2005 3:48pm
Oooh, that sounds so cool! I hope you get a reply. Michael is bound to love the video and admire your effort to show him how much you care.
I never expected a reply when I sent my letter either, I just hoped Michael would enjoy it, which is definately the most important thing when you're writing to a person you love. Michael has that kind of effect on us though, he can influence us in so many ways because he makes us happy.
I'm so impressed with you... and you look so pretty in those photos!
Good luck :)
Re: Letter :: Sent by bandgeek512 on 12 November 2005 9:24pm
I didn't realize how nervous I'd be after sending the letter. All these silly little questions come to mind...

"Did it make it?"

"Is the video still in tact?"

"Will the video even work?"

"Will he like it?"

I really do think my head is going to explode sooner or later.

I've got a "basic" typed out letter that I did before I hand-wrote it. I wanted to be certain of what I was going to say. I'll post it as soon as I get time to. That will probably be this evening.
Re: Letter :: Sent by tucsonmike on 13 November 2005 3:11am
Well Layne, it is a little late in the ballgame to worry about whether it got through? I mean did you put a tracer on it, etc.?
There is no point in worrying about it. Think about the Speedy Gonzalez cartoon. He sleeps in the Plaza, sombrero over his head. Then he responds when the shadow of the cat is over him.

I can tell I am dealing with a teenager. Patience.:-) (I know, easy for ME to say).:-)
Re: Letter :: Sent by bandgeek512 on 13 November 2005 4:21am
Ha, do I look smart enough to have put a tracer on it?

**hint** The answer is no. ;-)


Patience is my middle name!

...Well, no...

It's "neurotically sitting at my desk wondering how my letter is because I really hope Mr. Palin is able to read it".

It's very hard to write my entire name on applications and such. :-P
Re: Letter :: Sent by CElizabeth on 13 November 2005 4:34am
Ahh. I have all those little things to look forward to when I send mine.

-twitches and worries-

But I hope you get a very positive response!!

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