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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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YAAAY! by bandgeek512 on 13 November 2005 12:11am
Okay, ignore the sudden outburst of joy. I do that sometimes...

I just wanted to post and say that I have a date to my Senior prom! Ah! Yay! I'm going with a friend of mine whom I have known his entire life. Clarence, my date, said he'd love to go with me. It's a big relief because I'd end up going alone otherwise.

It's an equivalent of a Senior prom. The Junior and Senior class is going to downtown Atlanta to see A Christmas Carol, and then we're going to eat at some restaurant around the theatre. I already bought a dress; the last thing I needed was a date. Considering the fact that I proclaim that dating in high school is generally unnecessary and asinine, I don't have a boyfriend in which to bring. Luckily, my old friend came to my rescue.

So, I'm sure you all are terribly interested in my trivial goings-on in high school life. :-P lol, I just had to talk about it somewhere.
Re: YAAAY! by suzulu on 13 November 2005 12:28am
That's great, Layne! I am sure you will enjoy yourself. When does this take place?
Re: YAAAY! by bandgeek512 on 13 November 2005 1:06am
December 15th. I'll take some pictures and put them in an online photo album so you guys can see them. :-)
Re: YAAAY! by tucsonmike on 13 November 2005 3:35am
LOL! Layne, well I am glad you have a date. I think it's funny. This would make a good story. I have the clothes, we have the day of the year, the venue, but where is the date?!
I don't know, I have had the same date for almost 23 years. Most importantly she has not exterminated me (will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64). I am told the only reason I haven't been mashed to a pulp is that I came to her half trained. My mother is tough as nails.
I'll race ya to write the story Nah nah!
(Oh am I silly tonight)...
Re: YAAAY! by tucsonmike on 13 November 2005 4:15am
Awww shucks Layne. You write the story. This should be entertaining.:-)
Re: YAAAY! by bandgeek512 on 13 November 2005 4:16am
lol! You certainly are silly.

I think my dad would say the same thing about wondering why my mom hasn't hit him over the head with a large hammer. I think my mom says that it'd be a shame to waste twenty years of work on him by nailing his head to the floor.

Don't you think I should get the rights to the story since it *is* my life? ;-) My friend said something along the lines of what you pointed out. She said to me, "You know, you've paid for the two tickets, the two meals, and the limo; you've bought a dress and know what you want your date to wear...Now all you need is a person to fill the tux!"

That's my friend, mocking me. :-P

I initially planned on bringing somebody at my school, but we've got only ten guys in the eleventh and twelfth grades...And we've got twenty-two girls. It's safe to say that it was a mad rush to the few guys there were. I thought it silly to fight over them.
Re: YAAAY! by bandgeek512 on 13 November 2005 4:18am
Ha! That was weird. You posted a minute before I did.

Can you read minds?

...What am I thinking right now?...

Woooo, scaaaary.
Re: YAAAY! by Ahren on 13 November 2005 2:12pm
lol, bet they were loving it!!

How come there are so few people?
Re: YAAAY! by canaveralgumby on 13 November 2005 7:13pm
My first love, whose name is Mike (as is my biggest celebrity crush and also my husband - I must have a vitamin deficiency) happened as the result of looking for a date for the senior prom. And then we were together for over 3 wonderful yrs. At least they were wonderful for me - I think I might have been a kind of neurotic psycho-female teen!

Anyway, we had known each other since 3rd grade. We belonged to some of the same clubs in HS. There was never a romantic thought between us, just friends, 2 quasi-bohemian Monty Python-watching geeks (read: 2 not-most-popular kids). Then one day in the spring of our senior year, I met up with him in the hall while he was bringing some equipment back to the AV Dept. (I did mention geeks, right?!). Neither one of us had a date or a significant other or anything.

I, almost jokingly, said, "Hey Mike, why don't we go to the prom togther? We could wear our Star Trek uniforms?" And he, almost jokingly, said, "Yeah, all right!" Then his mother - God bless his mother! - told him he ought to ask me out to a movie or something sometime before the prom.

The rest was history. We didn't wear our Star Trek uniforms...

So, I don't mean to encourage you to project too much into your date, but I'm glad for you! I'm glad you're going with a friend/commrade whom you know.

YAY! is right.
Re: YAAAY! by bandgeek512 on 13 November 2005 9:01pm
lol he and I have known each other for about 16 years (his entire life). We used to spend every moment we could together. Wouldn't it be the silliest romance story if it ended in something? :-P

I'm just glad I've got someone to get pictures done with ;-) Plus, it's easier than taking my younger brother.
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