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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Hi Ladies by Holle on 23 November 2005 11:30am
There were some really sad news concerning women here the last days. So I thought it would be a good idea to add a good one. Have you heart what has happend in Germany yesterday?
Now we have a woman chancellor on top of our government for the very first time in history. Just imagine stiff old Germany ruled by old stupid farts for the last centuries choose Angela Merkel (with her 51 years still a teenager compared to the old men we had so far)for leadership.
Well of course for me personally its no difference, I'm ruled by a woman since 11 years ;-). Have a nice day, Holger
Re: Hi Ladies by suzulu on 23 November 2005 7:23pm
Yes, I had heard the news that Germany now has a woman chancellor, and great news it is!!
Re: Hi Ladies by tucsonmike on 24 November 2005 1:58am
LOL! I still like a woman with spirit. In 2008, if I have to be ruled by a woman, better Condi Rice than Hillary.
Re: Hi Ladies by bandgeek512 on 24 November 2005 3:15am
Oy, I'm downright terrified of the next election here in the US. I'd prefer her over Hillary, but I'm not too sure if that will work out or not.

Oh, wow! I hadn't heard about the chancellor. Amazing news!
Re: Hi Ladies by tucsonmike on 24 November 2005 7:24am
Hi Ladies. 'Cause of the title, I just thought I'd flirt with y'all.
Re: Hi Ladies by Ellerd on 24 November 2005 10:15am
Speaking of female leaders, Liberia also has a female President now - Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, I think her name is. First female leader in an African country.

Mike, Bandgeek - can someone please explain to me why people, even Democrats, have such negative opinions of Hilary Clinton?
Re: Hi Ladies by lindsey on 24 November 2005 5:03pm
Hilary Clinton is frigin' nuts that's why. Atleast Condi Rice has common sense, and everyone likes her. We don't have to worry about her doing something completely crazy. Hilary will go mad with the power.
Re: Hi Ladies by Helen on 24 November 2005 5:44pm

Condi's done crazy stuff. Did you not hear about the time she partied with Metallica?
(I'm joking)

or the time she casually went shopping for new Ferragamos (and had security promptly remove someone who told her she should be ashamed of herself) and yukked it up at a fabulous Broadway show the day after a national disaster?
(I'm not joking)

aw well. here's at least one person who doesn't like her all that much.
Re: Hi Ladies by Holle on 24 November 2005 5:51pm
May be a female president will think more carefully before start the next war for the next oil field.
Re: Hi Ladies by sighthound on 24 November 2005 6:52pm
Hilary, being an uppity woman married to a man from a red-neck background who infuriated the powers-that-be by actually managing to get elected, has always had vituperative, manipulative press coverage but, when you look at what she actually says without the right-wing media filter, she usually makes more sense than the average polititian. I am sure that, if she were male and not a presidential spouse, there would not be this hatred directed toward her.

Because of all this baggage which probably cannot be overcome, it would be very stupid for the Democrats to nominate her but the Democrats have been incredibly stupid for the last decade so I wouldn't be surprised if they do. (sigh)
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