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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Unrest in Sydney by Ellerd on 12 December 2005 1:35am
I have to say this: The news images yesterday of racist mobs attacking people of Middle Eastern appearance in Cronulla whilst chanting racist rhetoric was one of the most disgusting and shameful things in the recent history of Australia. I now fear we are going to witness an endless cycle of attacks and reprisals.

Any other thoughts?
Re: Unrest in Sydney by Ellerd on 12 December 2005 1:37am
25 hurt in race-fuelled attacks
From: AAP
December 12, 2005

MORE than 20 people have been injured and 16 arrested as race-fuelled violence spread through Sydney's beachside suburbs overnight.

A series of apparent revenge attacks - including two stabbings - happened after yesterday's unrest at Cronulla where more than 5000 people had massed.

New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma today said police were in control of the situation, after officers and an ambulance crew were earlier assaulted during the peak of racial tension.

The violence has drawn condemnation from Mr Iemma, police and community groups.

Some involved in the trouble have been identified as being associated with neo-Nazi groups and seen distributing extremist literature (full story).

Drunken mobs within the crowd at Cronulla yelled racist chants, chased down and bashed people of Middle Eastern appearance in an extended show of violence.

As the unrest spread overnight, a total of 25 people - including two ambulance officers - had been injured, about 40 cars vandalised and an Australian flag burned.
Police said 16 people were arrested across Sydney and charged with 42 offences.

Mr Iemma today described the behaviour as "stomach turning" and said it would not be tolerated.

"I saw yesterday people trying to hide behind the Australian flag, well they are cowards whose behaviour will not be tolerated," Mr Iemma said.

"That was the most disgraceful, disgusting behaviour that I've ever seen."

Mr Iemma said he planned to bring together community leaders for discussions about how to prevent further violence.

Police had the resources and the equipment to deal with the violent scenes, he said.

Police were forced to use capsicum spray and batons in their battle to subdue the Cronulla rioters, who pelted officers with bottles and stomped on patrol cars.

Later, a 23-year-old man was injured and more than 40 cars smashed with baseball bats in an apparent revenge attack at Maroubra, in Sydney's east.

A group of about 60 men of Middle Eastern appearance and armed with baseball bats smashed the windows of parked cars about 9pm (AEDT).

The group then clashed with local gang, the Bra Boys, outside the Maroubra Bay Hotel.

A 23-year-old Maroubra man was taken to Prince of Wales hospital after he was stabbed with a sharp implement, believed to be a stick or nail, in the hip.

Later, a second 23-year-old man was stabbed in the back by a group of males, described as being of Middle Eastern appearance, at a golf club at Woolooware, in Sydney's south.

He was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

Riot police were also called to Brighton-le-Sands, in Sydney's south, overnight to control a group of about 200 brawling youths who had reportedly thrown projectiles at police.

Twelve people were arrested at Cronulla. They will face Sutherland Local Court at a date to be fixed.

Re: Unrest in Sydney by Em on 12 December 2005 2:22am
It's dreadful, isn't it, Ellerd? I'm so disappointed that this is happening. It's very un-Australian.
Re: Unrest in Sydney by tucsonmike on 12 December 2005 3:36am
I feel bad for you folks in Oz that this has happened...
Re: Unrest in Sydney by perfectbitch on 12 December 2005 11:01am
This is just awful for you all. I hope the Season of Goodwill will take over. Linz
Re: Unrest in Sydney by Ellerd on 12 December 2005 1:10pm
Indeed, Linz. We should all be exchanging presents not fisticuffs, regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Such a sickening thing.
Re: Unrest in Sydney by Ellerd on 12 December 2005 1:12pm
Monday December 12, 10:00 PM
Police block potential riots in Sydney

Cricket bats, rocks and lengths of steel have been confiscated by police amid threats of further race violence in Sydney's east.

About 30 police seized the potential weapons from a park area in Maroubra, the scene of retaliation attacks that followed a day of violence in the southern Sydney beach area of Cronulla on Sunday.

A crowd of up to 100 people had gathered near Maroubra beach earlier on Monday but had largely dispersed by nightfall.

Superintendent Phil Rogerson from Maroubra police said so far it had been "very quiet".

"But we're prepared," he told AAP.

"We took possession of a number of cricket bats, rocks and bits of steel secreted around the park since about 3pm this afternoon."

He also said police would be taking possession of a stockpile of bricks left near a shop.

Supt Rogerson said there were "sufficient" police patrolling the streets opposite Maroubra beach and more in Broadarrow Reserve and adjoining parks if needed.

He said police also were worried about violence flaring up in Coogee and Bondi, and were keeping a close eye on the situation.

At Lakemba in Sydney's south-west, a crowd of about 500 mostly Muslim men gathered outside the Lakemba Mosque after rumours of an attack on the building.

One man said the crowd had gathered as a show of force.

Police blocked off the street 200 metres either side of the building and a police helicopter hovered overhead.

There were reports a camera crew had been set upon while covering the gathering outside the mosque but police said no one was injured in the incident.

The crowd began to disperse without incident about 9.30pm.

Police said as the crowd left the mosque, rocks were thrown at officers standing nearby on the corner of Lakemba Street and Wangee Road.

No one was reported to be injured in the incident and more police rushed to the scene.
Re: Unrest in Sydney by Blasi on 13 December 2005 4:24pm
Such are the consequences when the police choose to turn a blind-eye, as they have done over the last decade.
Re: Unrest in Sydney by kazzzz on 13 December 2005 8:32pm
Em it's interesting to see you use the term "un Australian".
Many Australians are extremely racist and do not accept other cultures and religions.
I'm suprised it hasn't happened before.
Sorry to seem to be down on my own counrtymen but that's how I see Australians. The happy-go-lucky image is unfortunately a bit of a myth.
Re: Unrest in Sydney by Godfather on 13 December 2005 9:08pm
Although there are people who are Racist by nature without any reason for being so, there are also many many cases where Racism grows as a reaction to things. Sorry to say, but sometimes Racism occurs for reasons. Especially when immigrants may be involved in Crime. Some immigrants do unfortunately carry all there shitty crime lives over into our countries and carry it on. Nobody is claiming our countries are pure and perfect. Far from it. We have our own crime.

What we don't need though, is more crime (especially if rooted in different cultures such as honor killings and the like) making things much worse. I hope my post won't be read wrongly. Thesedays, to suggest there could well be some justification in some people's anger about immigrants, is seen as being medieval and perhaps being a thug. Unfortunately, such problems DO exist. Nobody wants anyone to be beaten up and thugs to go rampaging the streets over this.

Still, there ARE problems that have come into our countries due to mass immigration. Some people think they can come to our countries and live out a life of organized crime, such as Ukranian mafia style gangs in my area, or Nigerians in the cities involved in Drugs and Cash machine fraud. Feuds and the like. This goes on, and in relatively quite towns where i live, this is a new and unwelcome addition. People can deny these problem all they like. People can react and scream "Racist" for pointing them out. Political correctness shuts people up and makes them fume inside. Then what happens, is that such anger is pushed under the surface and people explode like they did in Australia the other day. For somebody to be that angry, there must be a reason for it. Such displays of rage don't just come out of thin air unfortunately.

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