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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Two Months Already? by bandgeek512 on 21 December 2005 6:19am
I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to post this. I know that I tend to make threads, ramble on for pages, and then cause all the visitors and members here to fall asleep from sheer ennui. However, I am writing this at 11:45 pm EST for two reasons:

1. I cannot sleep.

2. I would feel terribly guilty if I were to go on without thanking everybody here at Palin’s Travels for a wonderful welcome.

I am not sure which day, but either the 21st or the 22nd of this month marks the two month “anniversary” of my joining the site. I found it a bit before that, but I had not built up the courage to sign up until after being completely inspired by Mr. Palin’s travels. I posted my introduction on the 22nd of October with strong pangs of doubt and utter fright. It was not until I came back the next day that I realized what a warm, welcoming place I had stumbled into.

It seemed very unusual that such conviviality should be spilled upon me, with only my name and location as knowledge of who I was. Yet, with that little bit of information, everybody here opened their virtual “arms” out to me, and welcomed who I was, no matter what may have happened in my life or what kind of person I was. Mere typed words on a screen became a veritable pick-me-up after school each day. I found myself feeling so very excited and thrilled that I was able to speak with everybody here. I awaited the moment in which I could finally type to my friends here.

The people that know so little about me turn into the people I find the greatest deal of comfort in. Silly, perhaps, but I am so grateful to have friends such as these only a typed-message away. Mike, my dear friend, has even posted on my behalf a few times! I’ve gotten valuable advice from amazing people here; I have never been welcomed so warmly and so quickly in my life as I have here. I may only know you all by your typing, yet I cannot imagine my day without you.

The past two months have been so uplifting and so unforgettable. I have you all to thank for that!

Did you think I’d go through an appreciation post without mentioning Mr. Palin?

I’m sure you didn’t.

I must keep my words succinct, lest I put readers to sleep…

I have not remembered a time in which I felt so inspired, so uplifted, so adventurous, so infatuated, and so curious than in the most recent months. Life has brought on completely new meaning! Watching Mr. Palin travel, explore, and learn has taught me so much that I do not even think I could begin describing it!

Life, before, seemed to be my getting on from day to day. My schedules and organizers and bells and classes all seemed to be means of getting me by—means of, someday, growing up and getting into what society called “life”. I thought that this span of time now was only meant for getting me to the next part. How wrong I was! Mr. Palin has taught me that life, as it is now, is not mere modes of transporting me to what lies ahead. What lies ahead may not be *ahead*. I might not even have an “ahead”.

I went through my trivial life, bored and apathetic about my surroundings. I breathed without gasping, smelled without taking it all in, touched without feeling anything, saw without seeing anything, lived without really living any sort of life whatsoever. The seventeen years I have gone through were weathered, yet not soaked in. I endured without ever really noticing I was alive.

I know how silly I sound: “A seventeen year old?! What has *she* got to see?!”

Plenty. Yet, there I was, not seeing any of it. It passed by me without any sort of acknowledgement on my behalf. That which is to see can only be seen by those willing to see it. I, of course, was unwilling to see it—that is, until I began to read about Mr. Palin. I realized that, even in my suburb home near Atlanta, there was so much to explore, so much for my senses to take in. Sense then, I’ve filled a couple of notebooks with basic daily observations, taken hundreds and hundreds of pictures, and even eaten some things I’d never thought I would eat---ever! I walk outside and notice small, seemingly insignificant things—things such as the leaves crunching beneath my feet or the sunrise reflecting off the clouds in the morning. I take in a breath and feel it expand in my lungs. I touch something, taking careful note of its texture.

I take life as a method of learning new and exciting things! No more shall it be a way of getting to adulthood—where I would then really “live”. Why wait? I want to live now! I want to taste, feel, smell, hear, experience everything! Why waste my current surroundings? It’s there! I must go experience it!

So, in closing, I must thank Mr. Palin and (of course) my friends here at Palin’s Travels for an amazing first two months of membership! Many more to come! :-)
Re: Two Months Already? by bruey on 21 December 2005 12:09pm
Layne, you're very welcome. I've been a member here for over 18 months and I love it here, have made some friends not just here but on some of the Python related boards. Hope you a lovely Christmas.
Re: Two Months Already? by Tauriel on 21 December 2005 12:26pm
Layne, that was very nice. :-) You're absolutely right, this site has a VERY friendly atmosphere. And what you wrote about living without actually noticing things around one self, that's very true. The real beauty of everything lies in details, and there's plenty of beauty even in common things people tend to overlook.

My window looks over the Magistrala - the highway that goes right across the centre of Prague. Not something you'd call nice or romantic, eh? ;-) Well, sometimes, when there's a misty morning, I see this huge deep orange sun rise above the hazy panorama of Prague, glittering on the Vltava river - and THAT is really beautiful, even though I don't live in the prettiest part of Prague.

Too bad this chatter box doesn't have smileys. At least I can send you this:

*sends a virtual hug to Layne*

Re: Two Months Already? by LynneD on 21 December 2005 12:50pm
Layne - thank you for such an uplifting post and for expressing my feelings too.

Yes, this is such a friendly forum, and I am fascinated reading accounts from people all over the world. I think our Michael would be proud of us all!

Layne, I hope you post regularly and keep us informed of what is happening in your daily life. Speaking for myself, it is pretty routine, so yours, and everyone's accounts, really sustain me!

Love & hugs are sent your way. Take care hun. xxx :-)

Oh yes, agree with you about the lack of smileys Tauriel!
Re: Two Months Already? by Tauriel on 21 December 2005 11:56pm
LynneD: Perhaps we could make a petition and send it to the Webmasters to give us a PROPER discussion forum? ;-) With avatars, smileys, etc. etc.
Re: Two Months Already? by Holle on 21 December 2005 11:58pm
How about an anniversary party? You could invite all people from this forum. That would be funny meeting (hope your garden is big enough for a barbecue).
Re: Two Months Already? by LynneD on 22 December 2005 12:18pm
I agree Tauriel - off you go then! Some smileys and avators are pretty amazing on other forums! Mind you, Michael wants his Palinites to lead with dignity and decorum - ha ha!

Anniversary party? Count me in Holle! It would be a hoot! We could hold it in a park somewhere - our own private marquee! Off you go then ..... !!
Re: Two Months Already? by sighthound on 22 December 2005 4:21pm
I'd like to, respectfully, cast a vote AGAINST smileys...
Re: Two Months Already? by bandgeek512 on 22 December 2005 9:14pm
lol anniversary party. Yay!

My backyard's not big enough. Um...nor is my front yard. ;-) Whatever the place, it'd be a good time!

I appreciate everybody's comments! Today is the 22nd of December, two months after I introduced myself to the forum. There is no place I'd rather spend my free time than here! I can't wait to see what more I have to learn and experience! Of course, I shall share it all on here. ;-)

I feel inspired. I think I'll go write in my diary.
Re: Two Months Already? by tucsonmike on 22 December 2005 10:07pm
Two months! My goodness time flies when you're having fun. I know, I've been here since July 29th and it is a case of "where has the time gone?"

A party? Hey y'all, I'm up for a party anytime. I enjoy plotting things. It would be interesting to figure out where in the world such a party would be held. It would have to be a place people could travel to easily and have things to do. (Not sure the U.K. gov't wants us holding hands and standing around Stonehenge). We have folks in Australia, the UK and Eastern Europe as well as the United States. Hmmmmm
Layne thank you for this posting. You've been here two months?! We've been putting up with you that long? Just kidding, your turn to get a free shot at me...

Layne, what you described isn't silly. It is the markings of an outstanding writer!
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