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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
A Very Exotic Young Lady. by tucsonmike on 22 December 2005 10:18pm
In Toastmasters last night, we had a guest. I had to look carefully. At first I thought she was Chinese and had dyed her hair blond. Then I looked carefully. She has blue eyes.
Her name is Irina and she is from Kazakstan. She's a student in International Relations at the U of A. I asked her at the break if she would go back to Kazakstan and did she speak Kazak. (I realized immediately she is ethnic Russian). She nervously answered me no).
It was an interesting night. Apparently she needs to do presentations and is very shy.
And I have no idea why I put this post up.
Re: A Very Exotic Young Lady. by Ellerd on 23 December 2005 4:58am
Mike, you have to tell me what Toastmasters is. I've suddenly got this image of upper-class Tucsonites meeting at one another's homes and spending the night toasting their successes. ;)
Re: A Very Exotic Young Lady. by edmo1960 on 23 December 2005 6:00am
My young daughter was in a school play put on by a travelling duo from Idaho. I sat through 4 days of rehersals and got to know the two ladies a little bit. One of these young ladies... well, let me say that I could not keep my eyes off of her. Yes she was attractive, but it was her sparkling, outgoing personality that made her stand out.
As they left for their next stop I shook her hand and told her it was nice to meet her and as I walked away I thought, with people like her out there, the world is a better place. Just as I was smitten with "Sonya", tusconmike is smitten with this Irina.

And I have no idea why I told this to all of you.
Re: A Very Exotic Young Lady. by jaime on 23 December 2005 8:11am
Re: A Very Exotic Young Lady. by jaime on 23 December 2005 8:16am
Re: A Very Exotic Young Lady. by tucsonmike on 24 December 2005 3:07am
I need to answer several questions. Ellerd, Toastmasters is a public speaking and leadership organization in many countries. (The previous International President Gavin Blakely is Australian). the website is http://www.toastmasters.org

From there you can find a club.

Jaime, so you popped your head up. What's so funny, sweetheart?:-)

Edmo, thanks a lot pal!:-) I'm pleading the Fifth. Anyway I answer this, I'm in the doghouse. I can only lose!:-) (I'm used to that). See the next post, how women run my life...
Re: A Very Exotic Young Lady. by George on 25 December 2005 4:48am
Mike, this meeting may not have had anything to do with chance, but an encounter with destiny.

Why would she deny her native country? Obviously, you need to get to know her better.
Re: A Very Exotic Young Lady. by tucsonmike on 26 December 2005 12:01am
George, I can only guess what sort of destiny it could possibly be. I suspect she denies her "home" country, because post Communism as an ethnic Russian in Kazakstan, it may not have been easy. Sadly, she has probably been placed in a situation of, she has never lived in Russia and she may not be welcome in the only country she does know. I am only surmising because of the history of the area. I am reluctant to ask her any further because she is so shy and nervous. (If she comes back to our club and joins).
Stay tuned...
George This May Answer Your QuestionRe: A Very Exotic Young Lady. by tucsonmike on 26 December 2005 11:43pm
From Wikipedia

Kazakhs and Kazakhstanis (terminology)

For many years, Russians often outnumbered the Kazakhs in many parts of the area known today as Kazakhstan. Even now, Russians and people of other ethnic origins play an important role in the economy, government, etc. At the same time, many non-Kazakhs still commonly refer to Kazakhstan as the homeland of the Kazakhs, and consider countries such as Russia or Germany their true "homeland" (interestingly, many Russians and other ethnic groups have been living in the region for several generations). Many non-Kazakhs, however, consider the country their home, and some resent their role as "outsiders" since the fall of the Soviet Union. A term was coined in Russian to describe any citizens of Kazakhstan including non-Kazakhs (казахстанец), which in English is usually rendered "Kazakhstani". In its correct usage, the word "Kazakh" should only refer to people of actual Kazakh descent (including those living in China, Afghanistan, and other Central Asian countries). A term that better grasps the people in the country as a whole, as well as their collective culture and land is "Kazakhstani".

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