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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Palin Pains & Progress by aramiles on 26 December 2005 6:59pm
Dear Michael Palin,

You really are a twit. You know? A most goofy and innocent and annoying twit.

I recently saw you again on late night TV on Saturday Night Live in the Sixties. Ha, ha, ha, ha. That show explained everything.

Sometimes lately, watching you on Canada’s BC Knowledge Network, I have wanted so much just to sneak up behind you, while you’re on tour, and bop you on the bean.

You are like a kid in a bank on Halloween, when the bank (a very big one; head branch) has laid out tables full of candy. You don’t even see the bank.

I tell ya sometimes I’d like to shake the sand out of your brain cells… and get you to show me all the stuff you didn’t notice!

But then again,

I try going on the internet. I try reading a ton of books. I get videos. I make every endeavour.

I try to follow in your tracks and get the rest of the story.

And in the end, I gotta tell ya, you always give me one hell of a GOOD tour. The images last forever. (I do thank your photographers and do follow their careers, thanks to you.) I thank your silly heart that decided to go do such dumb, grand things, and truck around the world asking silly questions. Your discoveries emblazon departure points in my soul.

Thank you very much you funny, determined, visionary of Possible Good Worlds…
Thank you for many, many hours and hours and weeks and months of hard reading, detailed surfing, ponderous listening, time worried wondering, tremendous effort in trying to find out…
And for the inspiration in my own life for some kind of bigger, better picture of the real world today.

Why the .... go to Europe? Are you sure you can handle this? Are you sure you can actually ask the right questions, look in the right directions, for all of us, including you, so we can really SEE how silly and sadistic the European culture is?

I’d recommend going in another direction. I’m begging you actually to go in another direction. You’re a very damn good tour guide. You make me crazy for more. Please go somewhere that has something to do with the World as it Will Become in our future; yours and mine and all the others of us who still have a few years left to live as survivors of the Sixties. As I see it, this is what you have done before; you have gone where we will all go, World without End. Or simply put, you HAVE seen the future. So why go to Europe? There are plenty of other historians on TV.

Go to southern Argentina. Look up the Mapuche tribes. And then trail out into Chile, and north to the sources of the Amazon. (and maybe you should take a doctor and a massage therapist…)

See, I’ve noticed something about you. You ARE a visionary. A goof. Yes. For sure. An innocent. Even now with your craggy knees and long awaited ability to take the easy way out… you are Seeing Something and you do point the way most well.

I am not a world tourist, though for sure I’d love to be. I am a Global Voyeur, and I use every kind of media at my disposal to look at, and get off on this planet and all her creatures. (I’m an innocent too, but hey, don’t tell anybody.)

I live in a tiny little town with a population of 44 in the southern Chilcotin Mountains of British Columbia in Canada. See the weblinks below for more information.

I am one of how many million viewers?

Imagine what you are doing for this planet, Michael Palin! Try to just imagine!

Thank you for being alive,

aRA Miles

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