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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Who's been to China by Blairhoyle on 6 January 2007 2:58am
I went this year - what an experience, ate snake, climed the Great Wall (pity about the hawkers), X'ian (44oC) I had to buy an umbrella, Shaghai very nice the New york of the East - the cruise down the Yellow River then into Hong Kong
Re: Who's been to China by JF on 9 January 2007 9:44pm
I spent a month in China in 2003. Much of what I saw will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Did you visit the Humble Administrator´s Garden? Offhand, I can´t remember where it is, but then I´m travelling again at the moment (La Serena in Chile, but I´ll be back in dear old Blighty in a week) so I don´t have the referebces to hand. It´s one of the greatest places on the planet, IMHO.
Re: Who's been to China by tim96 on 10 January 2007 2:03pm
i first went to china last year for a couple of weeks travel around beijing and shandong. had an amazing time. i now live in south china, close to hong kong and macau, been here for 4 months. the reality of china is far removed from what we experience as 'tourists' and i have mixed views about the place these days, a real love hate thing. i am both amazed and horrified by the things i see here everyday. china is changing quickly, perhaps too quickly for its own good. i reccomend getting here as soon as possible before it changes too much, just dont stay for too long!
Re: Who's been to China by Blairhoyle on 11 January 2007 2:21pm
I remember when i was on the cruise the staff were always friendly but were never allowed to have a drink with you and there was always an internal police officer on duty to make sure that they didnt get to mingle..

Bags and rooms were also checked when we went off the boat to go places in Chongqing and the Ghost City.
Weather in Beijing November by anneharris on 2 April 2007 1:07am
I've had conflicting reports about what type of weather to expect in Beijing and Xian in November I'd appreciate hearing from someone who has been to these places at that time. Thanks.
Re: Who's been to China by Blairhoyle on 12 April 2007 2:04pm
think it is rather cold in Beijing that time of year, don't know about Xian
Re: Who's been to China by christophertravels on 13 April 2007 7:33am
I just returned from 1 1/2 weeks. A whirlwind tour with 50 teenage musicians - we all had a great time. Shanghai, Beijing, Shijiazhuang and Xian. I wasn't surprised by the pollution, the skies were always clear, but never blue. The food was good. The guides were thorough. The hotels very comfortable.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere (not the air), and I would return on my own without the confines and constrictions of a guided tour.

We were welcomed at every place we went, including three schools.

The weather was very confortable, mid March. Only rained the first day in Shanghai, the temperature never exceeded about 20 degree Celcius. We wore our school jacket most of the time.
Re: Who's been to China by tim96 on 13 April 2007 3:58pm
ive been to beijing in november, it can be a bit chilly at night but the days are pretty clear and crisp, blue skies etc. I think its the best time of the year to go, far less busy too.

ive been to xian too, but not in november but i think its pretty similar to beijing.

Re: Who's been to China by wang on 16 April 2007 9:31am
welcom to China
Xi an NASHA massage school recruit foreign students and give many preferences
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The tuition criterion is same to everyone, but the student can enjoy some preferences in broad and lodging
Are there any preferences for group enrollment?
Of course, we give 20% discount for 5 or more than 5 persons as a group to register at the same time.
If student fail in the first term, can they pay the tuition for the second term learning?
No, they can learn for free until they master it ,but to support living fare by student.
Will students have the salary during their practice?
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Will the school arrange fee-free traveling for student during leaning ?
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