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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
4 weddings and a funeral part 3 by arty_farty on 22 January 2007 12:49am
Heather and Michael's wedding

Arty stood behind Heather at the church doors, it was really cold and her bridesmaid dress wasn't very warm. As they walked down the aisle she saw Hugh Grant in one of the pews, he gave her a small nod and mouthed 'you look very pretty'. Heather of course looked stunning.
Now Arty could see why the dress's back lacing hadn't needed to be skin-tight...Heather was taking deep, shaky breaths as she repeated the vows. Her eyes were wide and a little scared. After all, she was marrying the only boyfriend she'd had in twenty-five years. Arty was equally nervous for her, but relaxed when she spotted Michael taking her friend's hands in his before he was supposed to.

"you may now kiss the bride" Arty nearly cheered as Heather and Michael kissed. seeing them walking down the aisle together made her feel an odd mixture of happiness and slight envy. everyone began filtering into the hall where the reception was, until it was just her and john.

"Lovely girl. She married a good man," John mused. "Thank God it wasn't just for his money."
Arty's mouth fell open "now don't say anything, i wasn't going to say anything bad about your friend. you know her better than me" " well it just sounded like it!" arty stormed out of the church in a huff. Hugh Grant was standing outside having a sneaky fag before the food was served, he lit one and gave it to her "you look like you need it"
Tears stung Arty's eyes and she gratefully accepted the fag. "Do I ever." "What happened?" "John's being an arse. He thinks Heather only married Michael for money. I know her! She loves him dearly. Wrote the poems to prove it." "Tosser. Probably jealous that it wasn't his wedding."

"thatís probably it, why are guys so weird?" " well miss Arty, its because men have two brains, and the one with less intelligence is used most. except with me of course" Arty gave a small giggle "thanks" " don't mention it. but would you like a dance later? just one of course, don't want your boyfriend thinking Iím after you" Hugh gave her a wink "now lets go get something to eat and let that barstard cool down"
They ate, drank far too much champagne for their own good during the toasts, and sat together watching the first dance. "Heather would shoot me if everybody found out, but she practiced and so did Michael," Arty whispered to Hugh. "Neither of them think they can dance, so they were waltzing around his flat long before this."

some of her hair had come loose and Hugh gently tucked it behind her ear "what are you doing with john?" he slurred "you're to good for him"
Arty straightened her back and lifted her chin. "Who's good enough, then?" she teased. He clumsily leaned over and kissed her cheek. "I am."
Arty felt her face go red, well redder " oh really?" she kissed him back and saw John bearing down on them "get your lips off my girlfriend!" he shouted

Heather came over then, her bare feet slapping the wood floor. "What's up?" "John thinks you married Michael for money," said Arty. Heather drew herself up to her full height of five-feet six, stood on her tiptoes, and looked him in the eye. "You insolent prig!" she spat at him.

John's face went the colour of lard "get out" Michael said in an angry voice " and don't come near us again. how dare you" John stormed out of the hall and something fell out of his pocket. Arty picked it up and opened it. inside was a diamond ring "oh my god"
Heather put her hand over her mouth. "Christ. If I'd known I wouldn't have said it."

"it doesn't matter, he was being a git" Arty gave Heather a small smile "I wouldn't marry someone who was mean to my friends"

"Thanks." "I can't believe he's been my friend after all these years," said Michael. "Are you all right?" He put his arm around Heather. "He didn't say anything to you, did he?" Heather shook her head. "Good. Arty? Are you all right yourself?" Arty nodded numbly.

"what should i do with this though?" Arty pointed to the ring "should I keep it or what?" they all went silent, all thinking slightly mean thoughts. Mike came over " i just heard what happened, Iím sorry you guys. I only came over to tell you i was going, Pete and i are going on holiday to Las Vegas tomorrow" " Pete? who's Pete" asked Arty " the vicar silly, we go way back"

Heather whispered something to her husband, who whispered it to Arty. Arty nodded to them both and handed the ring to Mike. "You might need this. Find a nice woman in Vegas." Mike laughed. "Are you kidding? It's your ring, you keep it."

"nah, Iíd rather not. go on take it" Arty put it in his jacket pocket "if you want you can pay for it with your casino winnings" "why thank you" Arty gave him a smile " now go enjoy your holiday missus"

"I will. You have a good time on yours too, Heather. Wait a sec...I thought your dress was ivory. You're wearing white?" Arty shot him a dirty look and saw Michael blush out of the corner of her eye. "Contrary to popular belief, I waited. So there," said Heather. Mike held up his hands. "Just kidding. Don't hurt me."

Arty gave the other three a silly look "I hope you're not expecting me to keep your places tidy while your away, some of us have work to do you know" "hmmm now you mentioned it Arty" Arty put her hands over her ears and mad danced her way to the dance floor " I guess that was a no then"

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