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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Beijing Olympics by peripatetically on 13 August 2008 2:51pm
I love sports and have always enjoyed the Olympics. I can't resist. If my team is there, I'm watching, darn it!!!!!!!!! Give them support!!!!
Re: Beijing Olympics by Spursfan on 13 August 2008 4:28pm
Neither have I Kazzzz.

Not only was the singer fake, according to the papers the Chinese gymnasts alledgedly hold falsified papers making them the minimum 16 years old. They are really 14 or under.

Also, the chinese authorities have arrested a British journalist reporting on the Tibet protests. This is apparently against an agreement made so that they could hold the games at all, in which they stated that they would allow foreign journalists to report on the games. He is a reporter for ITV and was later released. Eight Free Tibet campaigners were arrested.

The whole thing is a farce and should be abandoned NOW.
Re: Beijing Olympics by Lounge Trekker on 13 August 2008 4:37pm
Boycotting the Olympics is an incorrect way to pursue the political correction of other nations. Who loses? The athletes. Our Western civilization has groomed these young people with the belief that Olympic Gold is the pinnacle of athletic success. Sully this ideal with political mud and take away a minimum of four years of their lives.

And rip China? Hey...two more generations and we'll all have black hair. We would do better to work with it, we won't even slow it down.

Lounge Sinologist
Re: Beijing Olympics by Spursfan on 13 August 2008 5:08pm
I agree with you Pete about the big losers being the athletes and HATE mixing politics with sport - BUT sometimes it is a necessary evil.

The games should NEVER have been given to China in the first place.
Re: Beijing Olympics by Lounge Trekker on 13 August 2008 5:52pm
Nor to the USA in '84, or the Russians in '80? But the IOC can't do that, those money motivated guys wouldn't pass up such a large market.

Oh well. RIP the Olympic Ideal.

Cynical Trekker
Re: Beijing Olympics by tucsonmike on 13 August 2008 9:38pm
LOL Pete. I support the athletes. Much of the Olympic ideal is a crock.
Whether China should have been awarded the games or not is academic. They are a power to be reckoned with.
Root for your team to beat China, if that is how you feel. Much more effective.
Re: Beijing Olympics by peripatetically on 13 August 2008 11:49pm
Mike, you and I are of the same opinion on many things here and this is one of them.

Also, a person, or even thousands, not watching the Olympics isn't going to make a dent in what happens in China or the world of Politics. You think the Chinese care? HA! No way.
Re: Beijing Olympics by kazzzz on 14 August 2008 1:49am
I never said I don't support the athleles, I do. I recognise their skill, dedication and hard work, also their achievements.
And Pats maybe my not watching won't do anything BUT it's got us lot talking about it.
Re: Beijing Olympics by Spursfan on 14 August 2008 8:39am
Exactly Kazzzz! And don't think for one moment we are the only ones not watching.

At the end of the day (or rather fortnight hahaha) TV ratings SHOULD hopefully be down worldwide.
Re: Beijing Olympics by tucsonmike on 14 August 2008 3:50pm
Actually, my friend Tiffany, who sits next to me @ work had an interesting take on the future of China.
The one child per family policy, mixed in with traditional desires for sons has created something China did not count on.
There are now 119 men for every 100 women.
(Leave it to Tiffany to come up with the following):
The women can afford to be VERY choosy. Her theory is women tend to dominate cultures. She thinks in a generation China will change because her women will change it.
All those millenia as a male dominated society, the government officials have unwittingly set something else in motion.
Think of the Georgian and Russian women on the medal platform. Comments?
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