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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by Spursfan on 23 March 2009 9:56am
Thank you Kazzzz! I am sooo glad we didn't take Tosun because not only were the cannon and muskets VERY loud, there were quite a few other dogs there and he would've been trying to get to them all the time!!

Sadly he doesn't get on with other dogs - people yes, dogs NO!

Anyway, back to the photos - when I put them on last night there was obviously something up with FB as it was not letting me put any details on. Everytime I tried it said something like 'You are trying to delete this - is that right?' or something similar so I gave up!! Will try again later on.

Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by Spursfan on 23 March 2009 10:40am
For those interested, I have more info on the Duke of Northampton at the battle.

During the battle he was unhorsed and separated from his troops. Surrounded by enemies, Northampton refused to surrender to "base rogues and rebels" and was killed by a halberd blow to the head. His body was removed from the field by the retreating Parliamentarians. Sir John Gell refused to return it unless the Royalists surrendered the artillery captured during the battle. When Northampton's son refused to return the artillery or to refund the money Gell had paid to embalm the body, the corpse was paraded through the streets of Derby before being buried at All Hallows Church. It was subsequently reburied at Northampton's ancestral home at Compton Wynyates in Warwickshire.

The Marquess in his speech told us that, with members of the Sealed Knot Society, he had opened the tomb (first time in over 300 years) and was pleased to find the heart, in a lead casket.
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by Holle on 23 March 2009 11:25am
Got the pictures, Anne.

I like those historical re-enactments, where enthusiastic people come up with authentic costumes and equipment. It gives me a chance to get a feeling of how life may have been there and then. Otherwise I'm completely lost with history, I can never remember dates, names and faces and that is more or less all what history is about ;-).
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by suzulu on 23 March 2009 12:37pm
What an interesting day! Good photos, Anne. Makes history more interesting with the historical re-enactments than reading about it in books.

Has anyone been to Warwick Castle? Great place - went there a couple of years ago. They have a giant trebuchet which is fired twice a day in the summer months.
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by peripatetically on 23 March 2009 12:46pm
The USA has reenactments all the time too, especially of our Civil War. In fact, I thought at one time I wanted to become actively involved and so signed up for the Signal Corps. I went to Signal Corps school and enjoyed it. (They said I was a antural! HAHAHAHA) I discovered actually living the life like that in miserable heat in heavy, itchy, woolen clothing was not for me though.Plus, I really didn't have the time needed to dedicate so much of my leisure to this demanding hobby. However, I did carry flags and march in a commemorative parade to raise awareness for saving the train station where the first shots of the war rang out in Baltimore. The station was tiny, but it was in total disrepair and developers wanted to raze it and use the land for their own purposes. After many years of fighting for this, it came to be restored and eventually opened as a small museum in the city. Promotion for it was small so it closed, but the building is there for many many years to come and I imagine it will open again in the future.

As for the reenactments, Larry and I have been to probably a good 40 of them, maybe more. We had a passion for learning ACW history for several years. On our trip to New Orleans, we decided to drive rather than fly, and in doing so, visited as many war-related sites as possible. Not all were battlefields, but we did see them as well. When we weren't traveling, we took dozens and dozens of day trips all through Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, learning and seeing hospitals, battlegrounds, cemeteries, museums, homes and birthplaces, schools and so forth. Not only the war strategies, but the human element of the war interested us. In addition, my maternal gr. gr. grandfather and Gen. Robert E. Lee were first cousins. Thus, my interests lay mostly with The South.

And I might say, due to my interest and mentioning it here long ago, one of our fellow Palinites and I are still good friends. It is none other than "Uncle Tony"! hehehehehe. He's a huge follower of ACW history as well.
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by peripatetically on 23 March 2009 12:47pm
Oh, yes, Anne, lovely photos. All of mine were taken with a SLR , no digital. To post them I would have to scan. I think I'll pass. I'm a bit burnt out on the subject. lol.
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by Spursfan on 23 March 2009 2:38pm
The Sealed Knot Society do re-enactments all the time of the Civil war. The Society was started in 1968 and derives its name from a group which, during the Protectorate [i.e.16531659], plotted for the restoration of the Monarchy.

Oh - I ought to add that as we are such a tiny village (no street lights, no pub, shop or school), having this event in our village is extremely exciting!!!

Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by peripatetically on 24 March 2009 12:27am
That is exciting. We don't have far to go from home to find these events, But we can. The events take place at the site where they happened, so naturally, there is traveling involved for us sometimes. IN the USA, traveling is very common becasue we are so big. its nothing to drive for several hours to do soemthing you really want to do. Doing that in Europe takes you to another country! lol. But , yes, having it in your village is special, Anne.
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by kazzzz on 24 March 2009 7:36am
No shop??
Where do you get your chocolate from, woman?????
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by Spursfan on 24 March 2009 8:41am
My home town is just 4 miles away Kazzzz.

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