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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Pythons by Nyagtha on 9 March 2003 2:40am
Hello, I am relatively new to this site and was just wondering, after Michael (of course) who is everyone's favourite Python?
I'll get things going and say Terry Gilliam, purely because I think every film of his I see is utterly fantastic. He seems to have a truly original perspective on things, also Don Quixote is my favourite book and I am really glad he is trying to bring it to film (and not some money monger from a huge Hollywood studio sticking people like Tom Hanks in it). Anyway. Hope someone out there is interested enough to reply.
Re: Pythons by Dreamchild on 9 March 2003 2:48am
This is a really hard one for me but I will say it is a toss up between Erica Idle and Terry Jones..I can't decide which I love Idles Music, his singing,the cheek little way he looks but Terry Jones is Hilarious and was one of Michael cloests friends in Python they always wrote together so there you have my indecive self(and I can't seem to spell today AGAIN)
Re: Pythons by pandk2 on 9 March 2003 3:29am
I love John Cleese, his sense of humour is great!
Its hard to choose really, they are all teriffic in different ways...I love Terry when hes dressed as a woman..priceless!
:) Karen
Re: Pythons by caitanja on 9 March 2003 5:46pm
WEll, it was actually Eric who was my favourite the first few weeks of my Pythonmania (which started in November last year), then I changed to Michael, but I still love Eric, mostly in Flying Circus and with LONG hair :-P. And his voice...oooh!!! And Graham really kinda fascinates me, I even don't really know why! It's hard to describe, but I'm interested if anyone else thinks same about it: I think that in Life Of Brian Graham is so different than in ANY other role, he seems so innocent and pure and young - amazing. And I thought maybe this is because he gave up drinking before the filming. He's kinda "newborn" in Brian.
But, enough of that now. Anyway, I run out of words... *lol*
But I couldn't decide which Python I think is actually the FUNNIEST, because in my opinion it depends on the role they're playing and the sketch. Oh, and I also love them all as pepperpots. (Few of my favourites: Graham as this woman who shouts "BURMA!"/ Michael as a groupie!!! --> they are all dressed as groupies for politicians or something like that/ Eric as Rita Fairbanks - he looks PERFECT/ Terry J. as any elderly woman! and John as this woman who talks about Dinsdale who feels threatened by a giant hedgehog called Spiny Norman, hahaha!)
Re: Pythons by MissTrixiB on 9 March 2003 6:41pm
My second favorite Python is Ericjohnterrygrahamterry ;-)
Actually, I'm a great fan of Terry G's films (and he grew up near Minneapolis, so there's that 'home-town-boy-pride-thing' too).
Re: Pythons by nottlob on 10 March 2003 1:11am
My favorite is obviously Michael :) I can't ever get the image of Michael dressed up in a pink cardinal suit lyp-syncing to Petulia Clark's "Don't sleep in the subway darling, don't stand in the pouring raAaAaAin..." I cannot pick a second favorite at all! Terry Jones is my favorite man in drag, and Eric sings beautifully, I most probably have to say Terry Jones is my second favorite :)
Re: Pythons by Tracy on 10 March 2003 1:50am
eeerm....terry jones, and graham chapman...and all of them! i cant decide!
Re: Pythons by argh-my-leg on 10 March 2003 11:11am
Eric Idle! No, wait, the Terrys... or perhaps John Cleese or Graham... Oh I can't decide... let's just say Michael :)
Re: Pythons by ellenpc on 10 March 2003 2:44pm
Mr T.Jones.

In drag, not in drag, naked(!?) organisting or just sort of standing there in a 'bowler hatted' kind of way......

Eric Idle, musical genius! Does a good women too and a scary(!?) marriage guidance councellor.....

Graham Chapman, loved and never forgotten x

Terry Gilliam, visual genius and all round 'good sport!'

John Cleese's knees whilst 'funny walking!

and umm an M. Palin.

I wonder what ever happened to him? Hope he's still getting work, poor bugger!

Re: Pythons by Ann Pan on 10 March 2003 5:21pm
tis Eric for me. i love his mincy legs and his crazy ways.
as i have said many times- eric is the best looking woman I've ever seen. Esp. in the battle of pearl harbour re-inactment thingy.
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