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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Pythons by Helen on 10 March 2003 7:43pm
I love them all, but I have been observing the antics of Graham Chapman recently. I have concluded that the man was a genius.
Cleese has always been a close second for me. I love it when he screams, or does his talking a mile a minute announcer-- as in Ethel the Frog.
Gilliam is insane. I have a close friend who reminds me of him. He makes weird noises, and is always jumping around. Even looks like him. Love Gilliam's work...
Ewic is a real darlin', Jonesy does the best striptease ever, gosh I just love them all... so hard to pick...
but Michael is numero uno because of his eyebrows.
Re: Pythons by Katie on 10 March 2003 8:41pm
Hmmm. This is tough. I knew of Eric Idle and John Cleese before I started watching Python, and I always liked them. But much like Helen, I have also been observing Graham. I think he was so cool, beating alcoholism, being in the Dangerous Sports Club or whatever it was called, etc.

I dunno, I like them all. I'd have to say Eric Idle second because I really enjoy his type of humor.

Re: Pythons by Rusted on 11 March 2003 8:23am
Interesting, Katie, Eric and John were the first Pythons I could pick out/identify for similar reasons.

But then I watched HG a few more times and just thought Michael was one of the cutest dearest sweetest coolest guys ever... :O)

As far as who makes me laugh the most (after Michael), it would undoubtedly be John. He's just a comic genius (actually, they ALL are/were, but he's always impressed me)...the way he uses his voice and facial expressions! "Fawlty Towers", man. ROFL. I'll say it again and again - absolutely hilarious.

But Terry J will always be my second fave. We've had this discussion before on this board, so most of you've already heard this, but I really identify with his historical interests as well as other stuff. I just love the way he's so passionate about everything - that's the way to be. Plus he makes the cutest woman. LOL. Terry J's the best old mum in drag, EVER. ;O)

But I love Eric, Graham and Terry G to bits, too. I see it's already been mentioned, but I love Graham's portrayal of Brian. He was just SO good in that movie. And he did a brilliant Arthur, too. Surprisingly, I believed him - and that's hard to do with this Arthurian buff. ;O)

Speaking of Eric, has anyone heard about his new CD that's come out? I've already forgotten what it's called...but it's about exploring some weird, made-up isles. Supposedly, there are some references in there that most definitely poke some good-fun at Michael. Anyone have this? I know I've got an article around her somewhere...


Re: Pythons by ellenpc on 11 March 2003 1:16pm
The Rutland Isles, I think Mary.

Pythonline have a good covering article and a link to Eric's own site about it.

Ellen x

spam lover
Re: Pythons by Mac on 11 March 2003 2:28pm
I,ve been reading all the stuff that has been put in about those python fella,s well I mean what else is there to say ? I mean it seems to me it has already been said, so long live Michael, John, Eric, Terry and Terry and of course Graham will never be forgotten as long as Video recorders, DVD,s Television and the Internet and anything else that i may have forgotten stay in existence on this planet and may we forever more be graateful that these bunch of young men had the foresite ?, to come up with such a hilarous, crack up of programs/movies. So there you go I did have something to say after all !

LOL MAC xxxx
Re: Pythons by IdleRutland on 11 March 2003 4:48pm
Guess. It's Mr. Idle if you're daft and can't guess my answer from my username. But Mr. Palin is magnificently wonderful as well. Besides, he must be quite talented if he can drive a Jaguar while dressed as the front half of a pantomime horse...But I would wonder if maybe a query about Python is not the best thing on Mr. Palin's own site. Maybe he gets tired of these Pythonities. Mr. Idle does...so does Mr. Cleese...
POST-SCRIPT: Umm..."And it's sneer sneer sneer. You show-biz scientists with your show-biz attitudes! It's all a big variety show for you, isn't it? I should've known when that Attenborough man was here. AT LEAST PALIN KISSED ME." -Eric Idle on "The Rutland Isles"
Re: Pythons by Rusted on 12 March 2003 8:30am
Yes, "Rutland Isles", that's it, thank you. :O)

As far as Michael getting tired of talk of Python, I think we're pretty well balanced on the Blacthering board - we talk about Michael's travels, Michael's films, Michael's other projects, Python Michael the man, Spam, wingtips, the Beatles, things that have absolutely nothing to do with Michael whatsoever... I think any Python talk is all a part of building this community and the friendship ties within it, so I can't imagine he'd be upset about it. :O)

Re: Pythons by Miss-M on 12 March 2003 8:52am
Terry Jones is my second favourite Python. He and Michael have the most gorgeous smiles! *Hehe*

Michelle :)
Re: Pythons by Dianne on 12 March 2003 9:18am
Michael getting tired of Python . . . I do wonder as well, but he brings it up himself many a time, so does that sound like a man tired of it? Of course, only he can answer that question.

However, I do know he is tired of being called 'nice'.
Re: Pythons by Kristine on 15 March 2003 12:33am
Graham Chapman and Terry Jones are tied for 1st with Michael in my books. They are just brill!

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