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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Poor Pitiful Me by Lounge Trekker on 4 September 2006 10:30pm
So Pandab, be careful about what you pack for emergency provisions. I undertand security has lightened up on the carrying of liquids, but peanut butter could be construed as being a threat.

The highly allergenic nature of peanuts may be thought of as hazardous to the health of the flight crew!

Sorry, my black homour at it again.

Lounge Trekker
Re: Poor Pitiful Me by pandab on 5 September 2006 2:41am
Thank you, everyone! It cheers me up when I read these posts!

Yesterday was only so-so, but today was good day. I'm still on the restricted diet (and probably will be for the next week), but at least I didn't have to resort to medicine at all today.

Thanks for caution about Greek food. My tummy is rather touchy under the best of circumstances, so I always take a stash of Rolaids, Immodium and so on when I travel. Just in case.

One caution my doctor gave me was to avoid drinking anything but bottled water on the airplane, which I had heard before. Apparently, tap water on an airplane is some of the nastiest stuff around when it comes to bacteria and such.

Good warning about the peanut butter, Lounge! :+) I'll make sure to pack my cracker stash in my checked bag, except for a pack or two in my backpack.

Yeah ... I've not had the best summer. It could have been worse, of course, but it sure could've been better. I'm trying to be optimistic about my tummy being ready for travel. If I continue the diet and stay rested, I think I can be in decent shape in time. Maybe not in top form, but good enough to enjoy myself.

Still ... I'll be glad when I can eat "normal" food again. I like soup, but enough of anything is enough. :+)

Re: Poor Pitiful Me by arty_farty on 5 September 2006 9:43am
one of my mates thought it could be cured by eating prunes, fortunatly me and mum got him to stop cause we were gonna be on a boat for a week and gave him something else.
Re: Poor Pitiful Me by Spursfan on 5 September 2006 1:11pm
Can I have a moan too?!!

I have what the doctor thinks is a trapped nerve, causing excruciating pain in my neck, upper back and shoulder blade.

I have been prescribed a painkiller, and have visited an osteopath (going back tomorrow). I have also taken paracetamol and ibuprofen - I have an auto-immune disease so am on Methotrexate and need to be careful what I take, as it is already affecting my liver slightly.

I have a permanent aroma of 'Deep Heat' following me, plus I have used a pillow you put in the mocrowave.

I'm off to Turkey again next Monday for 3 weeks and don't want to be in agony on the flight or during the hols for that matter! A lot of our Turkish friends are handy with the old massage, but I can't bear the thought of sitting in a plane - even though we have exit seats and therefore more room - for 4 hours!!

I have also not had much sleep, as I have been waking in the night a few times in pain and having to get up to save disturbing my husband.

H E L P ! ! ! :-(

Anne (at the very end of her tether)

Re: Poor Pitiful Me by peripatetically on 5 September 2006 3:15pm
Oh, Anne, that's bad news. I know what you mean. Your situation is terrible. I have chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, take pain meds daily and can't sleep or be comfortable in many sitautions much of the time. I had surgery 5 yearts ago and no longer work. Let's just hope what you are experiencing is temporary. Have you had episodes like this in the past?

Also, be careful in whatever you do. You sure don't want to end up like me if you can help it.

Re: Poor Pitiful Me by Spursfan on 5 September 2006 3:41pm
Thanks for your concern, Patty. No, I haven'thad episodes like this before! I have had my illness (Dermatomyositis) diagnosed for 11 years, so I am used to muscle pain and have been (very early) retired on ill-health grounds for about 9 years.

But this is the first time I have had such pain that doesn't seem to go away!!

Sorry to be such a baby but I feel at the end of my tether over it.

I was saddened to hear of your problems too, Patty. Here's a hug (())! Oohh ouch, I shouldn't have done that !;-)
Re: Poor Pitiful Me by Lounge Trekker on 5 September 2006 4:49pm
Hugs all 'round!

I, too, have incessant discomfort and pain. I've gone with doctors in the past who are happy to sell me pills, but I've found an active treatment to be most effective. You need to find the right combination of use - rest - stretching.

I'm a walking rehab project. Ice - heat helps, or if I have time and want someone else to complain with...a steam bath with cold showers and stretching also helps. Whatever I do...I must keep active, immobility makes my discomforts feels worse.

If any medication gives you liver (or any internal) trouble...stop taking it immediately!

from the massage table, Lounge Trekker
Re: Poor Pitiful Me by sighthound on 5 September 2006 8:33pm
I've found that acupuncture works well on me for pain. Acupuncture doesn't help everything but seems to do best when it has something to do with nerves. Plus, you don't get any nasty drug inter-reactions. You've got to get a good practicioner, however. I've gone to a couple who didn't do a very good job but have found some very good ones too.
Re: Poor Pitiful Me by perfectbitch on 5 September 2006 11:47pm
Anne, what you describe sounds like something very similar that afflicted me a few years ago. My doctor referred me to the physiotherapists who explained that it was indeed a nerve problem. One of my neck vertebrae has a deformed process (apparently very common and inherited) and the nerve gets hooked onto it and it and gets caught. It was treated with gentle massage and some excersises for the neck. If I feel a twinge now, I repeat the exercises and ibuprofen was the best analgaesic. The pain affected my breastbone, shoulder and neck and I thought I was having a coronary. If this sounds like your symptoms, mail me and I'll send you the exercise methods.

Re: Poor Pitiful Me by tucsonmike on 6 September 2006 2:49am
I feel badly for all of you. I have been doing yardwork and lifting and moving things, so I am feeling rather fit. Then again, a certain person would make sure I were NOT feeling fit if I did not do these chores LOL!
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