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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Staffies by Spursfan on 31 March 2007 12:22pm
Don't know if this will work (!) but I saw this this morning, and as it is a subject close to my heart (we have a beloved 2 year old Staffie called Tosun) I thought I'd share it.

Re: Staffies by canaveralgumby on 31 March 2007 4:29pm
Thanks for sharing that video. We have 2 adults and 1 puppy in my neighborhood. They're all love puppies.

If owners create a killer, the owners should be "put down." Or at least convicted. I feel the same about parents of human serial killers and child molesters. It's almost always the case that the parents created them.

Re: Staffies by Spursfan on 31 March 2007 4:57pm
Yes, I have to agree with you on that.

Tosun wouldn't hurt a fly - well, yes, he'd probably eat it! - but you know what I mean. There are certain breeds of dogs he doesn't get on with, others (beagles, springer spaniels, and westies among others!) that he will play and romp happily with.

But people? He loves everyone (and assumes everyone loves him).

I mean, even Pit Bulls can be babies - apparently.

They are illegal here and yes they can be savage dogs BUT:

Re: Staffies by tucsonmike on 1 April 2007 4:10am
That's correct, if you brutalize the dog, you will make him mean. It is also the situation of those who are mean to animals are not going to spare people.
Re: Staffies by sighthound on 1 April 2007 4:58am
Some good news this week. The law in Ontario that banned "pit bulls" was declared unconstitutional (in part.) Now they will have to rewrite it to enforce it and maybe new protests can get it totally overturned. The Ontario law, like the one in Denver, gave Animal Control the mandate to confiscate and euthanize any dog they saw who "looked like" a pit bull (and that has included Staffies, boxers, rotties, lab crosses, etc.) even if the dog didn't live there. (I've known of people who have had to make huge detours to avoid the Province when they were travelling with their dog.)

More good news that was too long in coming. Dog and cat people are FINALLY getting organized to combat all these laws. Lawsuits have been filed against the laws in Louisville and Albuquerque. We're now in the midst of a huge fight to defeat a mandatory neutering law for every pet over four months of age (REALLY cruel to do it that young!) here in California. I think we might win the state battle but we lost the one in my town. As I'm not going to abandon the breeding program I've worked so hard on for 37 years, I may have to send my dogs out of state to live until I can figure out a way to move to be with them. I have never hated any group before but I have come to hate the "animal rights" fanatics who are behind these draconian laws.
Re: Staffies by Lounge Trekker on 1 April 2007 5:03am
Thanks Anne. A great collection of pictures and an eloguent statement. Dogs just want to be loved.

Thanks for that info Geraldine.

Lounge Trekker
Re: Staffies by Spursfan on 1 April 2007 10:14am
You may be interested to know that a new Animal Wefare Act comes into force in England on April 6th 2007(earlier in Wales).

This is from the RSPCA (Royal Soc for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) website:

"As well as increasing the penalties for those who inflict the most serious offences, the Animal Welfare Act makes it a legal requirement for pet owners to do what is reasonable to provide for their animal's needs. These are:

a proper diet (food and water)

somewhere suitable to live

any need to be housed with or apart from other animals

allowing them to express normal behaviour

protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease.
The majority of pet owners will not need to change the way they care for their animals to comply with the new law when it comes into force in 2007 - most people already provide for their pet's needs. But the new law will help to tackle cases of ongoing neglect."

I somehow think that SOME people will still find a way to bring cruelty into their animal's life!

Re: Staffies by sighthound on 1 April 2007 7:40pm
You can't quibble with any of those aims; they're the bare minimum. (And I'd definitely add "proper training" to that list!) Did you not have anti-cruelty laws in effect before that would have covered those things? (And what kind of things are covered under "express normal behavior"? Interesting and controversial topic....)

Problems arise, however, with defining what is "suitable" and "proper". Some of the things being proposed here are absolutely ridiculous. In PA right now they've got a proposed list of regulations which, among many other ludicrous things, says dogs have to be "exercised 20 minutes a day and cannot be allowed to get wet or dirty" while doing that - tell that to a lab who quivers with anticipation whenever it sees water or my dogs who LOVE digging in the dirt! (And just 20 minutes of exercise would be cruel for canine athletes like mine.)

I've made my own dog food for over a dozen years now and I have the healthiest animals I've ever had in my life but, on my dog lists, I've heard many tales of people who are very knowledgeable about canine nutrition being severely harassed by Animal Control officers (who never get any training in nutrition) because they don't feed a commercial food. I'm hoping this will change in light of the current pet food scandal here.

Don't know if the news has made it to the UK but, in the last week, we've had dozens and dozens of brands of dog and cat food (including premium brands and some prescription diets) pulled off the market because they're poisoning and killing pets. At first it was thought the problem was from rat poison contaminated wheat gluten from China used by a Canadian manufacturer who supplies to many other companies but the problem appears to be much more complicated than that. I'm getting dozens of updates every day. It's a true medical mystery. (And I'm SO GLAD I don't feed commercial!)
Re: Staffies by Lounge Trekker on 1 April 2007 10:05pm
First I did was check Bruno's commercial food for wheat gluten. It's a dried food so no thickeners are required. Now I see Purina (brand name, manufacturer) claiming their products (cat foods) are safe to use. Menu Foods has recalled some of their products.

I will NEVER buy anything from Menu Foods, Purina or any of these brand names (given by Purina and claimed to be 'safe':

Pro Plan.
Purina ONE.
Fancy Feast.
Dog Chow.
Purina Veterinarian Diets.
Cat Chow.
All Purina Branded Treats.

Call me an unforgiving consumer and maybe it was situations beyond their control. Too bad.

Lounge Trekker
Re: Staffies by sighthound on 2 April 2007 2:39am
As of yesterday evening, more dry foods and dog treats were added to the list including some that have nothing to do with Menu Foods. Until now I've been referring people to www.menufoods.com/recall/ for a list of products but now there are additional products that aren't there. I'm hoping that the FDA website will compile a list of all the affected products. ( http://www.fda.gov/oc/opacom/hottopics/petfood.html ). This is a nightmare.
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