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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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back from nowhereland by foreignrabbit on 3 April 2007 10:17pm
i've been scarce and i know it.

should be punished really. Am gonna try to read as many of the posts posted in the last month as possible.

i really missed you guys, nobody in the real world could possibly be as friendly as you guys. are you all my imagination?

maybe people could use this thread to tell everyone what they've been up too or what life's throwing at them.

this probably won't get off the ground.

was thinking of a sort of current affairs encyclopaedea/reference book.

the fact that this mostly benifits those who've been mysteriously absent (stop raising your eyebrows at me please) should not be mentioned


from the only foreignrabbit to miss people on 4 continents!!!

Good to see you by Lounge Trekker on 3 April 2007 10:39pm
Glad you're still with us, Martin.

What has Lounge Trekker been up to? Getting ready for spring. Woo hoo!

Where have you been? I hope all the young ladies you've met are still your freinds!

Re: Good to see you by tucsonmike on 4 April 2007 6:51am
Hey Martin, good to see you.
Re: Good to see you by foreignrabbit on 4 April 2007 7:57am
good to see the both of you.

pete, i really can't say where i've been. i wasn't anywhere really. i think i just switched off for a month or so. been sitting around, watching tv, reading and for the first time in my life, sleeping late.

just sorta woke up from my social slumber a couple of days ago. called up some friends, they thought i'd gone somewhere far, like surinam, for school holidays. realised soon after how long ago i'd posted anything here.

i wish i knew what happened.

mike how is the toastmasters thing going? interested to know how things panned out after the last setback.

and pete, what do people in canada do to prepare for spring?
Re: Good to see you by johnnythemonkey on 4 April 2007 2:16pm
I thought you were trapped in an oven!
Good to see you back.
Re: Good to see you by foreignrabbit on 4 April 2007 3:36pm
hello johnny. oven joke?????

there are two muffins in an oven, the one looks at the other and says, "it sure is hot in here!" the other muffin looks at him in shock and screams "holy shite a talking muffin!!!"

i didn't laugh either.

i'm so sorry about your national team. when we were trouncing you guys i was thinking about you. :)

eh man, jus da carribean spirit floowin trough me veins. me luv cricket.

so how are things on your side of the oven door???
Spring in Canada by Lounge Trekker on 4 April 2007 5:22pm
Hey Martin!

Forgive me if I describe mundane chores but this is what spring is like for me.

Spring cleaning aound my house involves raking up the tree branches that have blown off the trees. Maybe patch holes in my roof caused by these plummeting villains. We are still allowed an open fire to burn yard waste in April so it becomes a merry bonfire. A lot of vegetation grows well in the winter in this area and is either added to the fire or hauled to the compost.

The earlier a guy gets his firewood split, the better, so it has time to dry in the sun.

I pollinate all my fruit tree blossoms with a brush as there aren't many insects close to the ocean. My peach tree is the first to bloom.

Some hardier indiginous plants (weeds) still grow over winter so need to be removed before they get too strong and over grow my vegetable garden. I gradually clean the garden beds so they'll be ready for planting. I pick up some seaweed for fertilizer and mix it into the soil.

I tuned my lawnmower and plan to start it this morning (I hope!).

Soon, my ice hockey equipment will be washed and put in storage and the golf clubs will be brought out. The ski hill is still open for a few weeks so if I'm energetic and feel the need for speed...

If I had a boat, I would put it in the water and do everything to make sure it is reliable enough to get home again. These days, not having my own boat, I save thousands of dollars by helping freinds with their boats. Maybe plan a few trips for when the weather is more predictable. Good time of year to get a sportsfishing licence and get a few oysters and if I can, pull some prawns.

Lounge Trekker
Re: Spring in Canada by johnnythemonkey on 5 April 2007 10:01am
Hey Martin,things are o.k this side of the oven door,thank you.
Similar to Loungetrekker,I'm starting to do some work about the house and garden, though my gardening skills are limited to cutting the grass and doing a few hanging baskets.
If you were referring to S.A beating Scotland at cricket.....well it's hardly our national sport! We'll stick to being shit at football [like England] instead of being really shit at cricket!
Re: back from nowhereland by kazzzz on 5 April 2007 1:44pm
Back too after my computer majorly died a thousand deaths after a power cut aargh why didn't I back anything up including photos? aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!
Re: back from nowhereland by foreignrabbit on 5 April 2007 3:06pm
kazzzz what about data recovery?????

its all stored magnetically, can be saved. just costs a shitload. especially here in south africa.

johnny at least you guys have billy connelly
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