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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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favorite film by fattcslim on 7 April 2003 1:09am
i thought i might as well do the films as well, i love ride with the devil by ang lee ,its set in the american civil war and about the south
Re: favorite film by KevM on 7 April 2003 1:45am
got to be 'Life of Brian'...so many classic one liners that we all know.."what have the romans ever done for us?"...."welease woger"...."spare a sheckal for an old ex leper"..."Brian you've been a very naughty boy"..and don't forget about Biggus Dickus and Incontenantia Buttucks scetch!! I laugh so much I cry every time I watch it. CLASSIC.
Re: favorite film by risible-phyll on 7 April 2003 3:43am
I really can't decide on this one Tony so heres my list

BIG.......Tom Hanks suberb its got everything!!!(favourite)!

Life of Brian.........need I say more?

Castaway...........Mr Hanks again!!Willson makes me cry everytime!

Mrs Doubtfire.....Mr Williams at his best!

Oh and any old film with Cary Grant..

oh and I can go on all day on this, but i have listed my fav ones

Phyll and Films x
Re: favorite film by MissTrixiB on 7 April 2003 5:18am
I was a film student...this is difficult for me as well....I'll give it a shot.
'Funny Face' (there's something about that young girl and the older man.....don't know what it is ;-) )
'Gone With The Wind' (I was raised on it and no Irish girl would deny it! The book is 10 times the film though)
'Say Anything' (if not just for that scene where John Cusak stands outside of her house playing 'In Your Eyes'....Most romantic movie moment EVER!).
'Life Of Brian' (flickering thoughts of a lad clad in a loin clothe jumps to mind.....eeek!)
'How to Steel a Million' (Peter O'Toole at his best non-Lawrence role).
'Dancer In The Dark'
I better stop now.

Re: favorite film by Officer 412-L on 7 April 2003 5:33am
I am a film freak. My all time favorite film being 'Brazil'. That movie blows my mind every time I see it.

Being a HUGE Terry Gilliam fan all of his films make it to my 'favorite films' list.

Other than Gilliam films, my favorites include (in no particular order): Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children, Velvet Goldmine, Life of Brian, Dark City, Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Donnie Darko, and The Ogre. The list goes on but those are the ones that come to me off the top of my head.
Re: favorite film by JK on 7 April 2003 5:41am
Has to be `Withnail & I`, followed by `Fandango`.
Re: favorite film by notquitenglish on 7 April 2003 5:44am
Okay, a lot....
#1 is the Irish movie, Waking Ned Devine
and also Some Like It Hot, Duck Soup, M.P. and the Holy Grail (duh), the Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring, Time Bandits, Labyrinth, The Goonies, Jabberwocky, Dick Tracy, Beetlejuice, Batman Returns, The Closer You Get.... and more I can't think of right now.
Re: favorite film by MissTrixiB on 7 April 2003 5:44am
Ooohh....I forgot about that JK! Richard E. Grant! How could I forget?!?
(oh, and the list of Terry G. and Hitch films.....Eeeek!)
Re: favorite film by xine on 7 April 2003 6:22am
I do not know about ride with the devil by Lee Ang. He directed the other 'classic' - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which I do like very much, but a tad too poetic at times and some of the actors' Chinese did not sound pleasant/accurate. Did anyone catch 'Hero'? starring Jet Li; it's a good movie; you'd appreciate it more if you know that part of Chinese history - about Emperor Qin.
I am in awe of LOTR. especially Twin Towers - that was almost inspiring. Dead Poets Society, and that Tom Hanks movie that won him an Oscar, playing a person with subnormal IQ! Dang! I CAN'T remember the movie title! HELP!
I love Shrek! Who doesn't love Shrek the movie?
Re: favorite film by Tracy on 7 April 2003 8:06am
A BEAUTIFUL MIND! possibly the best film ever made...
it's a given that i love ever Python movie...
Also the swedish movie, Show Me Love (also called Fcuking Amal) it is so real and amazing
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