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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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AF 447: why it's personal by mrsteabag on 2 June 2009 2:37am
My first international flight was on Air France. I returned the weekend of the terrorist scare at Heathrow where they nabbed 10 suspects. I can't say enough good things about the flight crew and the agents on the ground who went the extra kilometers to make the experience as pleasant as possible. May The One Who Is be with all impacted families and loved ones tonight and in the days to come.
Re: AF 447: why it's personal by kazzzz on 2 June 2009 5:43am
Have they located the plane yet? I haven't heard if they have or not this afternoon :( Horrible.
Oh how scarey,your first flight too. I was involved in an incident years ago in Bahrain, a bomb threat on the plane, it was just terrifying, especially when they made us all get back on the SAME plane. All was well though, but not nice.
Re: AF 447: why it's personal by Spursfan on 2 June 2009 8:06am
Not half as bad as your experiences, but on my first flight a passenger collapsed!

She was sitting just behind us and was on the floor so that one limb blocked one loo and another blocked the opposite loo! A poor bloke was trapped in one of the loos.

So there they were, working on her in the aisle. Thank goodness she was ok and when I got up (I didn't nosy round until we got up to get off - she didn't need people's stares) she was sitting back in her seat looking drained.

She was taken off and taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital (we were in Tunisia) for a check up.

Strange thing was, I suppose because it was my first flight, I assumed it was normal!

About the Air France flight, haven't heard yet if they have found it but I note it COULD have been caused by extreme turbulence! If there is one thing that scares me on a flight it is turbulence, but I have read that no matter how bad the turbulence, it is quite safe - now this!!!

I have been in planes that have dropped quite a few feet during turbulence (to the accompaniment of many screams from the passengers!!) but so far have been ok. We usually get it when we are flying over the alps, but in bad weather it can be anywhere!

Re: AF 447: why it's personal by kazzzz on 2 June 2009 9:18am
Oh Anne I experienced that over the Alps, the plane was hit by lightening and it shut down a couple of the engines. There was a huge stom that the polit tried to climb over but he couldn't get high enough and we flew through the top of it, and were hit, the plane just started dropping, we dropped about 3000 feet and the crew got the engines restarted. It was absolutely terrifying, I was only about 10. Mum was praying!
Re: AF 447: why it's personal by Spursfan on 2 June 2009 10:44am
Oh how awful Kazzzz!! I don't have a god but I can see myslef praying to SOMETHING in that situation!!

I can remember us going through what the pilot called 'extreme lightening' - they eventually managed to climb above it but there were some terrified faces in the cabin!!

You don't seem to have much luck when flying! Remind me never to book a seat on a plane you are on, in the nicest possible way of course!!

Re: AF 447: why it's personal by Wild in Africa on 2 June 2009 12:23pm
In line with the principle epitomised by the 'Six Degress of Kevin Bacon' all of us are only 6 handshakes away from everyone else so as a result intimately connected to every disaster in the world. These poor people were really not strangers to us.
I will never feel quite as confident again when I am on a plane in a thunder storm.
Re: AF 447: why it's personal by peripatetically on 2 June 2009 12:34pm
The missing plane might possibly have been the firey sights seen by pilots taking the same route later in the day. I heard it on the radio this morning.
Re: AF 447: why it's personal by tucsonmike on 2 June 2009 12:56pm
Ah yes, the "joys" of flying. Turbulence and all that.

My thoughts go out for family and friends who had people on the Air France flight.
Re: AF 447: why it's personal by mrsthing on 2 June 2009 2:03pm
After a 7 hour delay, my plane to the Dominican Republic took off in a thunderstorm and it followed us most of the way there. It was so bumpy, and there was lightning all around us. I was already strung out on Dramamine, and the woman sitting next to me kept saying to her son, "DIDJA FEEL THAT ONE, KRIS? DIDJA? OOO! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE! DIDJA FEEL IT THAT TIME, KRIS? THAT WAS A BIG ONE! DIDJA FEEL IT?" I finally told her to shut up, because even with the Dramamine, I was queasy.
Re: AF 447: why it's personal by kazzzz on 2 June 2009 2:03pm
Just read that some debris has been found by a French fishing crew:(
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