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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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HELP!! by Spursfan on 9 June 2009 10:04pm
Can one of you film buffs help me please!

I have been trying to think of the name of an actor and I just can't get it!! I'm not even sure of what films he's been in!

He's usually in cowboys I think, looks a BIT like Charles Bronson, possibly a bit 'foreign-looking'.

Could have been in films like Wild Bunch, Mag 7 - that sort.

Not Ernest Borgnine and not Charles Bronson - but same era.

This is just because I reckoned one of the people on American I'm a Celeb looked like him!!

Anyone help?

Re: HELP!! by kazzzz on 10 June 2009 12:16am
Yes you're thinking of this man, I do believe Anne..

Re: HELP!! by johnnythemonkey on 10 June 2009 8:05am
No doubt bIG bLOGGER the Google/Wiki queen will come up with an answer.
Re: HELP!! by Spursfan on 10 June 2009 8:23am
HAHAHAHA Kazzzzz! No I'm not!! (though I AM thinking of him but not in this instance!). Nice piccy.

It has driven me mad (no comments please!!) because I can see this guy as plain as can be but can't even think what he's been in!! Maybe he's one of those guys who are very famous but their name isn't if oyu know what I mean.

I think Pats will come up with the answer - I am all wiki'd, googled and IMdB'd out!!


Re: HELP!! by kazzzz on 10 June 2009 8:45am
But Anne he's got a cowboy hat on...
Re: HELP!! by Spursfan on 10 June 2009 8:49am
Very sexy it is too.

But this is a guy from the 60's or whatever.

Stop making me think of JD when I'm trying to remember this other guy (who aint sexy by the way) - not that I MIND thinking of JD......

Re: HELP!! by bIG bLOGGER on 10 June 2009 12:18pm
spursfan:I symathise with your dilemma,but you're giving us hardly any clues or pointers as to who you mean here....(BTW,it's not Johnny Depp,is it??!!)--and I cannot see the image in your head driving you mad because you cannot put a name to him.

The Wild Bunch is considered one of Sam Peckinpah's greatest oeuvres and principally starred William Holden (as Pike Bishop),Ernest Borgnine,Robert Ryan,Warren Oates,Edmond O'Brien,and Ben Johnson.

Charles Bronson did not star in The Wild Bunch,but of course he had similar roles in critically-acclaimed westerns of that era,such as "Mag 7"--The Magnificent Seven,in which he played Bernardo O'Reilly.

The Magnificent Seven,directed by John Sturges,starred Charles Bronson,Robert Vaughn,Horst Buchholz,Yul Brynner,Steve McQueen,Brad Dexter,James Coburn (Britt),and that great Mexican actor Eli Wallach,who played Calvera.

Therefore,by a process of sheer guesswork,I guess the handsome actor you are thinking of must be James Coburn. But if you want an actor of "foreign" extraction in a western,who could out-act Johnny Depp anyday-of-the-week,then you would have to plump for Eli Wallach.
(Hope this helps).
Re: HELP!! by kazzzz on 10 June 2009 12:24pm
Was it James Bronson, Charle's Bronson's long lost and mostly unknown brother?
Re: HELP!! by Wild in Africa on 10 June 2009 12:29pm
Is it Lee Van Cleef who starred with Clint Eastwood in 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?
Re: HELP!! by bIG bLOGGER on 10 June 2009 12:30pm
It could be,kazzzz! ..Might even be Richard Bronson,a distant cousin and founder of the Virgin empire. He would pass for a Mexican gunslinger if you weren't too discerning.
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