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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Rewards cards by kazzzz on 30 June 2009 1:17am
You know the cards you get at the supermarkets and in return for youre business you get discounted fuel blah blah blah?
I just got an email from my reward card people with a special offer.
50% off tickets to see Dr Phil who is coming here to make some appearances.

What's the CRAPPEST rewards offer you'e ever had? Coz that is definately mine.
Re: Rewards cards by mrsthing on 1 July 2009 1:29am
I won ten cents in the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes.

One year I won a plastic comb, the kind you use to get nits out of your hair.

I gave up after that.
Re: Rewards cards by mrsteabag on 1 July 2009 3:05am
Our bank offered to upgrade our debit card to one that would give cashback rewards if we give them a $25 annual service fee. Oh, and gift cards for places where we never shop. I DON'T FRIGGIN' THINK SO!
Re: Rewards cards by Ken Dunn on 1 July 2009 4:23am
This isn't a reward card comment but is in the same vein. Advertisements that say you can save 50% of the price of a certain product if you buy it now. It always pleases me when I decide I don't need or want the product so have saved 100% of the cost. I'd love to go into one of these shops and buy the product for 50% of the price then ask for my money back so that I could put it into a savings account! Then I really would have saved some money.
Re: Rewards cards by Spursfan on 1 July 2009 7:39am
We have a Migros Card for Turkey - it is a supermarket - and often the savings are quite good. Ok it isnt strictly a reward card but nevertheless. They also sell white goods, TVS, etc and on everything the price tags say a price with and a price without the Migros card.

We usually do our food shopping at Kipa (which is Tesco) but of course if we want to buy a big item we shop around. I am going off the point but the other week we bought from Kipa a new flat screen 32" TV for the Turkish Lira equivalent of £280 which even for Turkey is a bargain!! HD ready etc etc. - we gave our old one (only 5 years old) to a Turkish friend.

Anyway - back to the card. The Migros card is also valid in Koc Tas (should have cidillas on the c and s and is pronounced Koch Tash) which is in fact B & Q, so it is very useful.


Re: Rewards cards by kazzzz on 1 July 2009 8:27am
Oh I LOVE this!
10c and a a NIT COMB (ahaahaaahaa!!)And to pay THEM to get your rewards?? That IS awful!!!
Re: Rewards cards by ev on 1 July 2009 1:11pm
My girlfriend's grandparents are so good at saving points and bonuses, that they got a free Turkey tour, but were too old by that stage to use it! (I think it was for subscribing to the same magazine for 20 years or something..)

So we got to go instead.. one week tour to Cappadocia and back, 4 and 5 star hotels.. :)
Re: Rewards cards by peripatetically on 1 July 2009 1:41pm
I won a cubic zirconia once from Publishers Clearing House. I have never had it set, but it's really lovely. I figure I'd rather wear my diamond ring rather than a man-made stone. And I already have a diamond necklace with 7 small stones in it. Even if I win another cubic zirconia, I wouldn't make earrings. I have diamonds ones already. lol
Re: Rewards cards by kazzzz on 1 July 2009 2:12pm
Noooooo, not nice things!! CRAPPY things!!!!

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