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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Sarah (no relation) Palin resigns by mrsteabag on 4 July 2009 1:42am
Hmmm. This story broke late afterneoon my time. She gave no explaination as to why. Is she contemplating a run for the White House? Is she tired of the media scrutiny?
I never would have voted for her. Between charging for evidence kits used in sexual assault cases and shooting wolves from helicopters, I was not impressed.
Re: Sarah (no relation) Palin resigns by Ken Dunn on 4 July 2009 6:28am
People need a rest occasionally. Perhaps the two items you mention got too much media coverage. Forensics is expensive but necessary. Helicopters are expensive. Was she in the police reserve?
Re: Sarah (no relation) Palin resigns by bIG bLOGGER on 4 July 2009 3:23pm
Yes,Ken,she was Mayor of Wasilla and Republican Governor of Alaska,and in her spare time she was a fully-trained weapons-efficient police sergeant. In that role she was sometimes called out to investigate her own spurious activities and then file a report for the Governor (herself).


Fran: my guess is that she wants to have a shot (unfortunate choice of word) at President (she is very keen on running and is often snapped in her jogging shorts) and it would be difficult to do that while still sitting as Governor. However,I'm sure if we are patient there will be plenty of news stories forthwith on this subject.
Re: Sarah (no relation) Palin resigns by tucsonmike on 4 July 2009 4:45pm
I know, I saw it on BBC America news last night, and my reaction was "Whoa, rewind tape."

I think she did it so she can run for President. My next question would be, are her supporters planning to bolt from the Republican Party and start a new party.
Re: Sarah (no relation) Palin resigns by the-g-man on 4 July 2009 6:41pm
Alaskan bloggers Shannyn Moore and Alaska Mudflats believe she is in a world of hurt with the Feds. Seems the Feds have been investigating her for a couple of different things and they may be ready to indict. IF...she is indicted and convicted in Federal Court, the governor of Alaska won't be able to pardon her. I'm sure Obama will give be receptive to pardoning her after she said all those nice things about him during the election ;-) OK, I'm getting way ahead of things...must learn patience!!!
Re: Sarah (no relation) Palin resigns by mrsteabag on 4 July 2009 7:17pm
Hi g-man, and welcome. I didn't know about the fed stuff. Hmm.
Ken, yes, forensics are expensive and necessary. However, charging rape victims for the evidenc kits, especially when a disproportionate number are Native American, is a new spin on the blame the victim mentality.
I would never have voted for her.
Re: Sarah (no relation) Palin resigns by johnnythemonkey on 5 July 2009 7:49am
Maybe women who go out half naked and get blitzed out of their skulls should carry a rape kit in their handbags along with the condoms and spare knickers.
Don't all attack me at once....form an orderly queue ladies. :)
Re: Sarah (no relation) Palin resigns by canaveralgumby on 6 July 2009 4:22pm
Hi and welcome, g-man!

With regard to your comment about the things that get said during American presidential campaigns - at any other time, the filth and libel that gets casually tossed around, WOULD make for a legitimate civil lawsuit. I've always wondered why these people, candidates for office, get a free pass to be as publicly disgusting and hurtful as they can be.

For those who need a refresher, Sarah Palin repeatedly inferred that Obama is in league with terrorists. "But other than THAT, what did she do?!"

Well, I never thought I'd say this about someone named Palin, but she's an ass.
Re: Sarah (no relation) Palin resigns by mrsthing on 6 July 2009 7:27pm
If she were quitting to run for President, she'd have an awfully long wait. I don't think she's allowed to do any campaigning until at least 2011. She may have quit so she'd be in a position to be pardoned by the new governor? Is the new governor unable to issue a pardon because it's a federal and not a state issue?

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