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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Noise problem. by Ken Dunn on 16 February 2010 5:13pm
I sort of touched on this in the 'Bananas in pyjamas' thread but have now decided it needs its own topic.

I do microelectronic component inspection and as such I work best with quiet. Radio noise is piped into the factory where I work and personal radios are allowed which make for excessive distraction from my work.

I have tried negotiations to have something done about the problem for the past 3 years at least without success.

I have a list of about 9 options for dealing with the problem and so far about 4 of them have fallen on deaf ears.

What should I do without resigning from my job?
Re: Noise problem. by bIG bLOGGER on 16 February 2010 5:20pm
Ken Dunn: I sympathise with your problem here. I too am very sensitive to excessive or ugly noise,and there is so much of it about it can get you mad.

What are your nine options? And which are the 4 you have tried unsuccessfully?
Re: Noise problem. by Ken Dunn on 16 February 2010 5:33pm
One of the options is to resign but that's a last resort.

I have asked for it to be turned off or down a bit many times.
Today ! started making more noise than the radio about the problem.
I spoke to the health and safety rep. but got interrupted and sent back to my workplace.
Spoke to the doc. about it.
Pointed out that the argument that it is turned off when we have visitors is a nonsense as BSI were in last week and it was kept on.
I am declining 'overtime' to reduce my exposure to the noise.
Re: Noise problem. by Spursfan on 16 February 2010 7:55pm
Would it be possible to have 'music-free' times? Or, better than that, to move your office into a soundproof zone?

I am not taking the wet here, honestly Ken - just don't know how practical it would be for you (and your company).

My hearing is very sensitive - the husband seems to like the TV etc on twice if not 3 times as loud as I like it (HE says he has it on normal but I say it is L O U D!!).

In fact when we went to the Vue cinema last week to see Avatar 3D I nearly had to ask the management to turn the sound down when they were showing the trailers before the main film!! (It was ok in the film though - you WANT it to be loud!!).

Re: Noise problem. by Ken Dunn on 16 February 2010 9:37pm
Thanks Spursfan. That's a suggestion I hadn't thought of and I'll add it to my list of possibilities for negotiation. In the time since Christmas there was an hour when the racket was off and it was such a relief to have a break from it.
Your experience at the Avatar movie - I experienced the same at a James Bond movie I went to see a few years ago. I left before the film started and got my money back!
Re: Noise problem. by johnnythemonkey on 16 February 2010 9:44pm
There are a number off issues here Ken.
I will assume that the company is complying with H&S regulations regarding the noise level.
Has there always been piped music there during your employment?
These things are usually provided at the request of the workforce, or at least with their agreement.
Are you in a Trades Union ? ( you should be ! ) If so, have you talked to your shop steward ?
If other people are doing the same job quite happily, you might find yourself in a minority of one.
Finally. Do you wear ear protection ? It does help !
Re: Noise problem. by kazzzz on 16 February 2010 10:50pm
We live next to a building development. They are building 4 storeys, one car park and three floors of council flats which will completely obliterate all light from our garden. The noise is horrendous, from 7 till 7 , 6 days a week. The house shakes, the walls are cracking and Ray sleeps in the day (he works nights) and barely gets any. We found out about the development 15 minutes after we signed a year's lease. I have asked for a rent reduction, the landlord is considering $10 a week. Nice. It won't matter for long though, Ray's about to be sacked (the company's going under) and we will lose the truck and won't be able to stay on here anyway. Ain't life grand?
I sympathise Ken. endless noise does your head in.
Re: Noise problem. by artofcp on 16 February 2010 11:13pm
Noise canceling headphones are great, especially the ones that cover your entire ear. I used the Bose QuietComfort at work in the open office environment, but they only block "white noise". It still calmed me down. I understand Bose makes a pair that completely block out noise. Would your employer go for that?
Re: Noise problem. by Ken Dunn on 17 February 2010 12:16am
JTM, I think your first assumption may be incorrect as when I spoke to the H & S rep he quoted 1st & 2nd trigger levels of noise but we got interrupted before I could get details of what was acceptable in certain types of job.
The answer to your first question is no.
There are no trades unions in the factory that I am aware of.
I wore ear plugs and ear defenders today and ended up with tinnitus tonight.
The employer provided the ear defenders some time ago but the radio noise gets through them.
Re: Noise problem. by ev on 17 February 2010 6:13am
Bose noise-cancelling headphones seem to be the best, but not cheap:


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