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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Political correctness - the end is nigh! by Ken Dunn on 14 June 2010 8:41am
I was reading an item in the Daily Mail this morning about a review of Health and Safety regulations and it said (in summary) that steps are to be taken to stop stupid rules being introduced which prevent common sense working.
Examples of things being banned in certain places are goggles in swimming pools and conkers on playgrounds. Common sense says these are silly rules.
Re: Political correctness - the end is nigh! by perfectbitch on 14 June 2010 11:47am
I agree Ken. Apparently, some schools do not allow it's pupils who eat a packed lunch to bring fruit which has a stone inside because they might choke!!!

But it isn't just Health and Safety pc either. A friend who, funnily enough, worked for H @ S was hauled over the coals for using the term "manning the position" instead of "staffing".

And I can't remember how many times the pc terms for dark skinned people has changed. It used to be "black", then it was "Afro-Caribbean" and recently I heard another term used - sorry can't remember the term now. I just can't keep up! I have no wish to cause any people offence by how I refer to them but it is so difficult to know which term they currently accept.

Perhaps we should be trying to teach schoolchildren something about common sense.

Re: Political correctness - the end is nigh! by Loretto on 14 June 2010 12:44pm
I worked as an administrator at a school where they wanted to ban peanuts throughout the school! All because of 1 child who had peanut allergies. Crazy stuff.
Re: Political correctness - the end is nigh! by kazzzz on 14 June 2010 1:02pm
We actually have that rule throughout the whole of our playgroup, over several sessions.
Re: Political correctness - the end is nigh! by johnnythemonkey on 14 June 2010 4:14pm
Peanut allergy can be so severe, so I think that rule is understandable.

I've always worked in industry. I had one quite serious accident when I worked in the steel works which was down to equipment failure ( JTM was nearly wiped out) but I know how to work safely for myself and others around me.
In my youth, we had to fight through our trades unions for safe working practices but now it has gone crazy and I sympathise with employers.
One idiot in my work had an accident where his hand was badly cut. The process had ran for over 40 years without anyone having a similar accident, yet the factory almost came to a halt till we came up with idiot-proof methods to prevent it happening again.
The measures we had to put in place are a total nuisance to competant workers and are very costly to the company.
Re: Political correctness - the end is nigh! by Loretto on 14 June 2010 4:27pm
I know that the allergy can be severe, but if you are talking about older kids who hopefully wash their hands and clean their space, it get's a little crazy. I know it causes parents of the allergic children a lot of worry but you can't control everything in the environment, so carry your epi-pen, I have one, am allergic to bees, and be responsible.
Re: Political correctness - the end is nigh! by peripatetically on 15 June 2010 12:34am
I think the peanut rule is valid too. Airlines don't serve them anymore either.
Re: Political correctness - the end is nigh! by Loretto on 15 June 2010 12:50am
That's right, I hadn't connected that with a peanut allergy. I guess some of the allergies can be set off by even the smell, not just ingesting. Oddest allergy ever among kids I taught, air sealed in a bag....I kid you not.
Re: Political correctness - the end is nigh! by Spursfan on 20 June 2010 8:58am
Being 'cushioned' (!!) by health & safety rules in the UK makes it strange to be in a country that has no such rules (it seems).

The husband and I comment on things in Turkey that in the UK wouldn't be allowed or at least would be modified because of rules.

Having trouble thinking of examples (I'm tired!!) but here goes:

1. About 5 years ago we had some ironwork fitted where the two balcony doors are for security reasons. The chap fitting them welded them WITH NO GOGGLES. We were shocked.

2. A long-term Turkish friend (20 years) has a small family hotel with a small pool. In the winter months he drains it but does not cover it or anything so you've got a gaping hole basically with a 6' plus drop onto concrete or whatever. We have sat by this 'hole'with our hearts in our nouths, while very young Turkish relatives of his have run round and round it, jumping on and off the step bordering it. An accident waiitng to be happen - but if you say anything shoulders are shrugged (and they love their children dearly so it is soooo odd).

3. A street in the town/city we go to has a row of beautiful trees, each tree set into the concrete pavement. BUT. At the base of each tree is a circular hole, maybe 2" deep and at least a foot in diameter I would say so there is a gaping hole each side of the tree with no barriers. Just right for twisting an ankle or worse. And some of the holes are empty (i.e. no tree) I noticed this time so (especially in the dark) they are such a hazard.
Re: Political correctness - the end is nigh! by kazzzz on 20 June 2010 9:45am
My friend's son was sitting at home last weekend, he shares a house with 4 other guys. They had a big bowl of jelly beans on the table, Lucas grabbed a handful and mixed in that handful was half a peanut. Within seconds his throat began to close and he started to swell up, luckily the ambulance station is quite literally two minutes from the house and they were there right away.
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