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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Mr. Palin and Promoting Travel. by tucsonmike on 5 December 2010 2:31am
I only went to Paris, cause Mom paid. I fight wanting to be curious about traveling other places with hunkering down because of economics. Tucson has become my City State, and even with that, a limited part of Tucson. I go to the South Side to work and to go to the airport. (That is the killing ground of this city).

If I go the 115 miles to Phoenix once a year, I go a lot. Bisbee once a year.

Travel has become so difficult unless you have lots of money. As I stated, I might ride with Lounge Trekker when he crosses into Mexico, otherwise, we never go cause of the violence on the other side. If you are shot in the crossfire between two drug cartels, you are still shot.

I like my job and my colleagues, do my best to survive and there you go. I am writing most travel places off at least for now.

Thank you guys for letting me rant.
Re: Mr. Palin and Promoting Travel. by Lounge Trekker on 5 December 2010 6:10am
If the weather were always warm and dry here...I'd never leave. Really. In the simplest terms (money), the same expense of a week or two in Europe for example, would buy me a laden pantry and new freezer full of imported foods, a few cases of location-consistent wines and the cookbooks I'd need to get the expertise with which to prepare the food. I could have everyone I know over every week for a few months and still have money to pay a limo in which to drive all the drunken buddies home in.

Hey, I still want to see friends in Europe, people I know in South America and live a winter on a warm beach in the South Pacific.

No rant required, just a little dreamin'!

Sleepy Trekker
Re: Mr. Palin and Promoting Travel. by kazzzz on 5 December 2010 7:36am
I'd go anywhere if I had the money. I've done lots of travelling to lots of places, but can't afford it anymore. I'm lucky to have travelled where I have done. But really, there's LOT to see in my own country that I haven't yet seen. So that'll do for now.
Re: Mr. Palin and Promoting Travel. by Spursfan on 5 December 2010 10:45am
I still remember us getting stuck in Phoenix, Mike (I mean, not us but my family!!) - some sort of ring road? I remember it as a big wide loop. Trouble is, with respect, we found that on US roads, brilliant as they are, the signs for turn offs are so close to the actual turns that you often miss them and I think this is what happened.

We were driving from Palm Springs to Scottsdale, and it was getting late in the day (we'd been to the JOSHUA TREE national park too that day yayyyy!!) so I was dozing (Zak was driving, a friend of ours was navigating, I was in the middle row of seats and we had our 2 eldest grandkids in the back (3 rows of seats), arguing most of the way!)). It seemed everytime I woke up we were driving round the same bit of road, which was empty. We even pulled into a garage or something to ask directions, but even then we were there for ages!

Boy were we pleased to see our hotel in Scottsdale!!

Re: Mr. Palin and Promoting Travel. by Loretto on 5 December 2010 1:42pm
Yes, Palin has done a great job of being an promoter of travel.

We are lucky, I know it, we do get to travel, but the places that I want to see my husband has no interest in. India, Africa and China. So I'll volunteer to teach abroad for 3-4 weeks and that grants me the opportunity to see places too.

Our next destination is Vermont in December, Puerto Rico in Feb and then Turks and Caicos in April , I'm off to London for 5 days in January.

My favorite thing to do when traveling is to visit a school. That's on the cards for all destinations mentioned, except Vermont!
Re: Mr. Palin and Promoting Travel. by kisch on 5 December 2010 1:49pm
I'd go anywhere, too, if I had the money. I simply need regular breaks from this sodding country I live in. I'm trying to travel as much as I can, and always abroad, but I can only manage a couple of times a year.
Re: Mr. Palin and Promoting Travel. by Loretto on 5 December 2010 5:04pm
Hey kisch, I'd like to visit Russia too! Let's face it, with the way the world is right now, the only reason we go to the Caribbean is because it is reasonably priced, and not a huge journey. Even visiting Ireland and renting a car is twice the expense. Not to mention the exchange rate! I hope when you do get to travel abroad you have a fantastic vacation.
Re: Mr. Palin and Promoting Travel. by kisch on 5 December 2010 6:05pm
Loretto, Russia is very fascinating country when you visit it, but very depressing when you actually live here. So I don't discourage anyone to visit, of course. It's not like anywhere else.
And I have never been to the Caribbean, I prefer Finland, which is much closer LOL
Re: Mr. Palin and Promoting Travel. by Lounge Trekker on 5 December 2010 6:30pm
Please tell us more about life in Russia, Kisch. I just watched a travel show with two young (late 20'2) Canadian guys who have been travelling the globe. They went to Russia.

St. Petersburg, Moscow, the deserted city near Chernobyl, and a monk village in Siberia. Sorry I didn't write the names of these places down so forgot them. It was a look at a few locations giving the viewer a look at small segments of life in Russia.

Where do you live and what is good about living there? From a personal survival standpoint, if you can. And what is bad? Not compared to what we hear from financially successful people elsewhere, but what is life really like. Don't even compare it to the stuff we're fed on TV.

Thanks, Kisch. Sorry to be so forthright. E-mail me if you like @hotmail.com

Re: Mr. Palin and Promoting Travel. by Loretto on 5 December 2010 8:55pm
Me too kisch, you can message me on FB if you are willing! :-)
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