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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Another Essay from My Friend. by tucsonmike on 15 December 2010 1:56am

On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 6:35 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:
Rick Scott spent seventy-three million dollars of his own money to run for and win the governorship of Florida by 1% of the electorate.

In spite of the fact that I don't like the guy, what blows me away is just how much seventy-three million dollars of "disposable income" really is! I don't have seventy-three dollars of disposable income. I haven't been able to get my hair done in over 4 years, I don't own underwear without holes in it, my dog is 4 months overdue for a yearly check-up, (my cats haven't seen a vet in years) and I lost my health insurance this summer because I couldn't come up with almost 27,000 dollars for a premium with a 1,500 dollar deductible. (My doctor's office called last week to tell me what tests etc I needed and I can't afford any of them in spite of the fact that my health is very poor.) I don't have money to go to the movies, buy a pair of shoes or get anything at the grocery store that isn't on special. (Luckily I like hot dogs because even if they aren't good for you they're cheap and cost effective.) My eleven year old car with well over a 100,000 miles doesn't work. I can't do anything that isn't free but my new governor had no problem throwing seventy-three million dollars at winning the race.

Okay, some of you are old enough to remember the "Millionaire". God, just believing that you had life by the tail by being a millionaire was part of our upbringing. It isn't anymore. You have to be so rich that millions are what fifties used to be. Those of us who dropped from the middle to the bottom would be grateful if there was a way to earn one hundred a month. I've never sought financial aid but as I find my life swirling around the drain it might be all I have to save me but our new governor made it clear while he was running that he would stop and control those he calls those who fed from the system.

Seventy-three million dollars. It's what he spent out of his own pocket to win. I'm guessing because he has a family and a lifestyle he's become used to he had some money kept in his back pocket, just in case. So, seventy-three million dollars was what Rick Scott had to risk. He risked it and he won. Fair enough.

What I'm asking is how can a man with that kind of money and the cushion it gave him to challenge anyone else not as affluent as he; who might well have had to depend on something Rick Scott could override because he was rich? Maybe that wasn't all it was. Maybe his money gave him the ability to chip away at the opposition or maybe a lot of the voters out there just liked the fact that their candidate was rich.

Seventy-three million dollars. No matter how you shake it that's a lot of money and it paid for a victory of one percent. There are a lot of things, causes etc that I could think of that could use that kind of money. Haiti comes to mind. God bless them and let Tomas pass them by.

I don't have anything personal against Rick Scott, (except that as I pointed out last night he has spooky eyes). What bothers me most about him is that he sees those who weren't as lucky and rich as he as those to punish and blame. I guess when it comes down to it if I should try for federal aid I'll become the enemy Rick Scott has ridden to the top blaming.

Seventy-three million dollars. I don't think anyone with a right mind would argue that that is a hell of a lot of money. He had it to spend. He spent it and he's reaping the benefits. Good for him but what about those of us who don't even have seventy two dollars? I guess we're just toast. I wonder if mister multi-million dollar man cares and if he does I'd sure as hell like to hear from him.

Probably won't happen. Rick Scott is on a roll...................

Re: Another Essay from My Friend. by Loretto on 15 December 2010 1:52pm
This really highlights the great divide in the US. There should be a law in this country that demands either a cap on election advertising/spending or, match the amount spent and donate it to a charity.

I watched a segment on the news this morning about a gun man taking over a school board meeting in Panama City Florida. His wife had lost her job and he was irate. The students rioting in London, the treatment of the Roma in France, the Greek riots, tent cities and on and on. This recession is deadly. I hear the words of that journalist, Herbert Morrison, describing the disintegrating Hindenburg,

"Oh the humanity."


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