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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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What did Santa bring this Christmas? by ev on 28 December 2010 12:39pm
So, what did find under the tree/at the bottom of your stocking this Christmas?

My discoveries included: a t-shirt that was way too small, a nice dessert wine made from berries, bath soaps and a variety of chocolates including rum-flavoured 'Baumkuchen'..
Re: What did Santa bring this Christmas? by Ken Dunn on 28 December 2010 7:59pm
An eleven months supply of sweets! Just what I wanted as we've no room in our cupboards for anything. Although when my wife buys something new she always says she'll find somewhere for it!
Re: What did Santa bring this Christmas? by TERRY S on 28 December 2010 9:18pm
A five pound gift voucher, a tens machine, and Super Mario Galaxy (my favourite!)
Re: What did Santa bring this Christmas? by suzulu on 2 January 2011 7:48pm
A camera. Unfortunately, my sister put the battery in the wrong way round (we think!) and it has got stuck!
Re: What did Santa bring this Christmas? by Spursfan on 3 January 2011 8:30am
Highlights were a lovely pen with a picture of me and Tosun in it (oh that sounds bad. I don't mean it was nice BECAUSE it had a pic of me on it!! Oh well...); many toblerones (I love 'em) and also those thin triangles of toblerone; kitkats (my fave!) with Santas on them and also in sweetie form; a year's subscription to the BBC History magazine (which I'd also had last year and almost BEGGED our son to give me again!!); an electronic Sudoku game (with 1 million games on and the capacity to be programmed with more - YES!!); and several books (which had been on Santa's list). Oh and a lovely calendar from Si and Kat which has a different picture of Alfie on each month.

Thing was, Zak bought me 2 copies of Moab is my Wsshpot (Dtephen Fry) as he had forgotten he had bought it !! I am going to take one to leave in the apartment in Turkey. I also had 2 copies of the Fry Chronicles, one from Zak and one from our son - I am hoping Si will change the one he got me.

I am also awaiting a present from Zak that he said mysteriously before Xmas would make my Christmas. Sadly when it arrived there was something wrong with it and it had to be returned and we are awaiting another (whatever it is). I certainly didn't feel hard done by on Xmas Day by not having this present, as I had plenty of gifts but I can't wait for IT to arrive!!

Funny you should say about the battery, Sue, because I couldn't get the Sudoku game to work and I was dreading telling our friend that unfortunately it had to be taken back. Then I thought I wouuld check the batteries, as put in by Zak. One was the wrong way round!! Now it works perfectly. (I hasten to add he normally has no probs, but with it being Xmas morning...!!).

Re: What did Santa bring this Christmas? by Sonny Syde on 3 January 2011 9:00am
My brother bought me a nice shirt and a selection of cheeses. Our mum bought me shoes.
Re: What did Santa bring this Christmas? by perfectbitch on 3 January 2011 10:23am
A web cam, M & S vouchers, 2 books, a Buddah head (the one with big ears, closed eyes and a knobbly hat) which guards some houseplants. Looks quite at home there.),smellies and chocolate.

Re: What did Santa bring this Christmas? by Lounge Trekker on 4 January 2011 7:52am
I got a trip to Mexico complete with passport, hepatitis shots, Spanish lessons and a litre of sunscreen. I had to pay extra for the fondling by strangers and the cavity search.

Sunburned Trekker
Re: What did Santa bring this Christmas? by Loretto on 4 January 2011 12:01pm
Safe travels! I got an iPhone, fantastic tiny computers! Video, camera, skype, text, phone, Internet and newspaper applications. 15 years ago who would have thought we would go from "you've got mail" to speaking and seeing the person you are speaking to in a hand held device! Unbelievable!

What changes will the next 15 years bring I wonder?
Re: What did Santa bring this Christmas? by Spursfan on 4 January 2011 12:28pm
Over the Xmas period we were watching an old comedy show - it might've been Some Mothers Do Have 'Em or maybe Terry & June, I forget, or Fawlty Towers? - and we were commenting on how the whole episode would be different now purely because of mobile phones (which they didn't have in the 70s)!!

Thinking back it is hard to think of life without even a bog standard mobile, never mind laptops and how did we navigate without SatNavs?!

Video taping was absolutely brilliant when it came out (we went for Betamax originally!) - I remember going to a friend's to see Alien when he had one of the first players. A huge bulky monster of a VHS machine!

Of course, things like this have happened all through our history. Just in my lifetime:

My parents had loads of 78 records which I would invariably sit on and break as a toddler - by the time I bought records at 9 or 10 we had vinyl 45s.

My sister (14 years my senior) had a reel to reel tape recorder; I had a cassette recorder.

Etc etc.

What will happen in the next 15 years? It's hard to say (obviously) Perhaps things will advance as fast or faster as they have over the last 15 years or maybe things will slow down. If you look back at the 1960s or even the 1980s and early 1990s people thought that by 2000 and CERTAINLY by now we'd be driving hover cars and wearing tinfoil clothes and holidaying on the moon or further!! Ok, THOSE things didn't happen YET but other things have perhaps gone further than we thought (such as phones). Maybe in 15 years phones of any kind will be obsolete and we will be implanted with a chip behind the ear that enables us to contact people directly? More thought needs to go into it of course, because how would you be able to ignore a call, and what happens about businesses? But the basic idea I think will happen.
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