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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Casey Anthony Trial by Loretto on 7 July 2011 3:05pm
We have been following the trial of a young mother accused of murdering her daughter.

Horrendous accusations in the courtroom from Casey suggesting that her father and brother were abusing her two year old daughter and that her mother knew the child drowned but did not report it to police.

The child was found buried in a swamp with duct tape around her mouth.

Casy Anthony was found not guilty of murder and her sentence was given today.


I really am shocked that she's getting only 4 years and was not found guilty.
Essentially she may have only weeks to serve as the court credited her with time served.
Re: Casey Anthony Trial by Loretto on 7 July 2011 3:06pm
In a 2010 jailhouse letter to a friend, Anthony said she would like to adopt a child from Ireland "accent and all."

Re: Casey Anthony Trial by sighthound on 7 July 2011 10:27pm
The jury did not hear a lot of what the public heard but I still cannot believe the verdicts. They did hear about the duct tape and tape over a mouth is NOT an "accident". I can understand reasonable doubt about premeditated murder but, at the very least, Anthony should have been convicted of child abuse. Not reporting a missing child for a month is definitely abuse. Well, I guess Anthony and O.J. Simpson could form a club....
Re: Casey Anthony Trial by Loretto on 8 July 2011 1:04am
Agreed Geraldine. The article also mentions that the family have to move due to death threats. You know she's going to have to change her name and her looks etc. Movie deals, book deals.....it seems that you don't have to have a REAL TALENT to be a star nowadays at all.

She's being released on July 13th I heard?
Re: Casey Anthony Trial by sighthound on 8 July 2011 8:24pm
There was a bit on the news this morning about the news media petitioning for the jurors names and addresses which the judge wants to be kept private but he may have to release them because FL has a "sunshine law" that requires information to be made public. If the media gets its way, those poor jurors will be hounded to death (and, you're right, Ms. Anthony will make a mint.) Apparently lots of restaurants and other businesses have already posted signs in their windows refusing service to anyone who served on that jury. I'm sure there are crazies that are plotting something worse. Sad situation.

They recalculated the "time served" and she will be released on the 17th.
Re: Casey Anthony Trial by tucsonmike on 9 July 2011 3:03am
I wasn't surprised she was acquitted. Read the book and see the 1950's movie Twelve Angry Men. The Casey Anthony jury was a bit like this. They were pretty sure she did it, but couldn't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I feel sorry for the jurors. The Florida sunshine law would just give crazies the right to harm the jury. I like Judge Perry though.

Casey and O.J. would form a club, except O.J. is in jail for robbery.

Not sure Casey will make a mint (Unlike Snooki from Jersey Shore). She may have been acquitted, but think about it. Where will she go? Even if she changes her name, how long will it be before someone says, "You're Casey Anthony!" Many of my women friends want a piece of her. (They also want a piece of Jared Lee Loughner for killing nine year old Christina Green). She may have stayed out of jail, but karma plays funny tricks.
Re: Casey Anthony Trial by sighthound on 9 July 2011 4:04pm
She's already been offered a fortune to star in a porn film. Sad to say, there definitely will be a book and a biopic; she'll take the money and run for those.
Re: Casey Anthony Trial by Loretto on 9 July 2011 5:15pm
NBC did a one hour special on the case last night. It seems the mother Cindy and her daughter Casey had a terrible relationship.

If the jurors' names are released they will also be in trouble with extremists I think.

The prosecutor said that the system works, I guess so. He said if they had found little Caylee's body earlier they could have determined the cause of death and that would have been instrumental in winning the case.

What I want to know is did anyone take into account that Casey's own dad was in Law Enforcement in Florida, the sheriff's office of Orange County I believe. Now if there was anyone who knows how to cover up a murder or accidental death that's the man. Also why didn't anyone report the child missing for 4 weeks!!!!!!

Sick to my stomach now.
Re: Casey Anthony Trial by tucsonmike on 9 July 2011 6:44pm
I agree Loretto. I may be stretching this (but I write and I troubleshoot problems), see what you folks think of this:

Casey kills Caylee. Casey goes to Dad. Dad with his years in Law Enforcement knows how to cover it up. Mom is told by Dad. Mom has always disliked Casey, and this is Mom's big chance to wreck her daughter.
Notice, rarely, did Casey show any sort of emotion. Only twice actually. When the pictures of the body were shown and her celebration at her acquittal. Otherwise, it was as though she was a spectator at her own trial.
I am a fan of Arts & Entertainment's The First 48. I can imagine my favorite Memphis homicide detectives, Caroline Mason and her boss Toney Armstrong, showing her the pictures and screaming "You did this!" I wonder how long she would have lasted.
Again, I am connecting dots. Could the Orange County Sheriff's Office been not as tough with Casey, out of deference to her father? Questions one can ask.

Re: Casey Anthony Trial by Sonny Syde on 10 July 2011 9:37pm
Sad, sad case.

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