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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Queens Diamond Jubilee by Wheelrim on 2 June 2012 6:38am
Monarchist or not? whatever the answer its an achievement in any field to complete 60 years service would you not agree? Yes, Her Majesty and her family are indeed privilaged in many respects, would I want to be part of the business they are in? certainly not. But credit where credit is due, The Queen has been there longer than I have been around. As an outsider who has financially contributed to her well-being and privaleged continuance I feel I have got my monies worth and wish her well. She seems a good hardworking mum when all is said and done. Hats off to her.
As an aside, my late Grandmother was born in 1897, Queen Victoria`s celebrated year, my Nan was Christened `Alice Diamond Jubilee Winton`. Looks neat on her birth certificate.
Re: Queens Diamond Jubilee by Spursfan2 on 2 June 2012 2:15pm
Yes it does - but would YOU have liked it (if you'd been a girl I mean, of course!!). There was a girl on TV the other day who had the middle name Jubilee because she was born in 1977.

I was born in 1953 and was named Elizabeth Anne. Not strictly after the queen (who was of course crowned that year, a month and a bit after I was born) but after the baby of a customer of my parents!!

Mom and Dad had a greengrocers shop until I was 7 months old and one of their customers had had a baby just before THE GREAT DAY (no - not the coronation, my birth!!). Mom had probs having me (she was an older Mom) and was delirious. When the doctor said she'd had a little girl, she thought they were talking about the other baby and said 'Oh! Elizabeth Anne!!'. The doctor then rang Dad and said 'Elizabeth Anne's arrived'. Of course, they COULD have decided to change it when they realised what had happened, but they obviously must have like it so they kept the name.

As with my sister, I have always from birth been called by my middle name (or Hyacinth, John? hahaha!).

No, neither my husband nor I are royalists. He has met Princess Anne (during Internsational Youth Year) and the queen (who said 'Good Morning' to him, on a visit to Stafford for her 80th and our 800th) but we ARE patriotic about our country, England.

Lots of bunting and flags around our property!!

Re: Queens Diamond Jubilee by Loretto on 2 June 2012 5:16pm
Now this I find interesting Anne. Can I ask, why are you not monarchists? I had a view until recently that all those who hung Union Jacks and sang God Save the Queen were monarchists and lined up on the side of the streets to wave and clap as royalty passed by. Then I met a girl from Chester in Cheshire and she told neither her parents or herself are monarchists. I'd love to know why?
Re: Queens Diamond Jubilee by Spursfan2 on 2 June 2012 7:58pm
Wow - big question there, Loretto!

Well (and I am only answering for me, obviously), fundamentally deep down there is still the amarchist in me.

Also, whilst I have nothing against any of that family personally, I really do not think that we should be bowing/curtseying to anyone. We are ALL members of the human race - NO-ONE is better than anyone else (well - the exception is that we are ALL better than Arsenal supporters but that's another story!!). They should only be treated with the respect that we ALL deserve - no more and no less.

I am not dim enough to not realise that the family bring in a lot of revenue from tourism BUT on the other hand the money that is spent in keeping them going (security, etc for just one exsample) could be better spent on the health service.

My husband saw firsthand the fuss made when the monarch visits somewhere. He was in charge of security and caretaking for the County Council when she visited Stafford and had to liaise with Scotland Yard (I think it was without looking in files) over the security. He was the last person out of County Buildings and the first one in on the day of the visit. The security checks were unbelievable - how much did all that cost?

My family were not anti-royalist by any means - they were not over the top either, but they 'taught' me to stand for the national anthem (soon stopped THAT!!) alays listened to the queen's christmas speech. I THINK my sister went to London for the coronation (she would have been 14).

I reiterate I have nothing against them personally, the queen seems nice enough and I am very impressed with both William and Harry.

We put bunting/flags up because we believbe in our country.

I haven't made my 'argument' very well because I haven't researched it enough; this was just an 'off the top of my head', heartfelt response.
Re: Queens Diamond Jubilee by TERRY S on 2 June 2012 8:14pm
I have no problem with the Royals at all. And I am very proud of the queen, been on the throne for so long. It's brilliant. Having said that, I do think all the media coverage is way over-the-top!
Re: Queens Diamond Jubilee by Loretto on 2 June 2012 8:17pm
Thank you so much for responding Anne. I would like to write a blog post about this because I do find it interesting.

May I take a moment to tell you why? OK, here goes.

As you probably know already, I studied English, Sociology and Political Science at University College Galway. I received my degree in all three subjects.

For my English degree, I had to do a few courses on Elizabethan literature. One of my professors way back in 1989-1991 was Hubert McDermot. Very funny man from County Mayo.

When we were studying the Elizabethan authors, playwrights poets etc, McDermot always referred to the Great Chain of Being. In fact, to be fair, it was my English teacher in High School, Roisin O'Brien who first taught us about the Great Chain of Being.

I was always fascinated that the reason many of Shakespeare's Tragic Characters suffered was supposedly because they challanged the Great Chain of Being.

A King/Queen was just below God on this pyramid of authority, this Great Chain of Being, other titled men and women beneath, peasants even lower down, and so on and so forth until at the very end were pebbles and rocks, you catch my drift.

The fact that the Kings and Queens were designated to their office by God meant no one could challenge them. To kill a King challenged the Great Chain of Being, hence MacBeth's death.

I always thought, how stupid! The reason Kings and Queens are who they are is because they are in the "Lucky Sperm Club." Sorry for the crudeness, but that's how I see it.

I think the infalability of the Pope is a direct response to this Great Chain of Being....Who would have been closer to God then, Henry the 8th or his Pope?

OK, I am rambling. I just find that stuff very interesting, and it does cost a lot of money to have a Royal family. The royals do generate revenue too, but does that make more money than the cost of having a Royal family I wonder?

It is interesting to think that someone can seperate patriotism from being a monacharist in the UK, I guess that is what I am getting at. I am making no sense, am I?
Re: Queens Diamond Jubilee by Loretto on 2 June 2012 8:25pm
Terry you posted as I was writing my own post!!!
Re: Queens Diamond Jubilee by tucsonmike on 2 June 2012 10:47pm
Piers Morgan wasn't doing his show on CNN this week, because he is covering the Jubilee. Well congrats to my British friends.
Re: Queens Diamond Jubilee by Spursfan2 on 3 June 2012 9:53am
I agree Loretto!

It has always slightly surprised me when reading historical accounts that despite the monarch (usually king) being in the majority of cases, to put it bluntly, a sadistic, selfish, thug - his subjects adore him! Fear him also, yes, but adore him nevertheless.

My degree is in history - apart from one part whih I did in Shakespeare.

Thankfully, in my view, the monarch in the UK is now a figurehead rather than an actual political 'divine right of kings' figure.

Strangely, though I am anti-royalist, I have always 'supported' the King's side when reading about the English Civil War !! I think it is probably that the Cavaliers are so much more romantic than the austere, puritanical parliamentarians. It was one of the periods I studied closely for my degree, and yet I still have that romantic notion!!


Re: Queens Diamond Jubilee by johnnyBgood! on 3 June 2012 10:45am
I'm not a royalist ( to put it mildly) but I don't begrudge old Lizzy being celebrated for doing a job that noone in their right mind would want, for 60 years.
Anne, you referred to security etc. Princess Anne visited the Heritage Museum adjacent to my house a couple of years ago. I went to see the 'big occassion' ( Meg had a few digs at me for that) and I was amazed at how low profile the security was. I was within touching distance of her several times and I have to admit that I was quite impressed by her informality and apparent friendliness to the museum staff and the kids who were present.

I remember posting a few pics here at that time, where I inserted speech bubbles to Princess Anne, one of which said " Wow ! I've just met JTM ! " :)
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