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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 9 June 2012 8:29pm
Ok, wierd bit of Blathering, but, I like a drink, so does the missus, now and again we imbibe too much, as we all tend to once or twice I am sure. But, we are getting bored with it now and last night we imbibed again, too much and had a barny (all made up now) and have decided, even though we are in Spain, to go TeeTotal. Yes, no more alcohol. As said, we like a drink and there will be occasions when we will miss it, but we are determined. All our crap nights and most of our crap moments have been because someone has had too much to drink, fed up of falling asleep at the bar, talking bollocks, and having a hangover after a crap nights sleep, looking forward to it to tell you the truth.
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 9 June 2012 8:39pm
Thanks for your honesty John and I wish you well. My relationship with alcohol is well known to the regulars here. Almost every negative thing that's happened in my life has been due to alcohol. My wife is a very moderate drinker but says that I've taken the pleasure from her of enjoying the odd glass of wine.

Although I've attended AA on and off for years, your few words have made me think Wheelnut. ( I thought you were back in the the UK, John. )
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 9 June 2012 8:45pm
I just mentioned you to Margaret, John, as I'd showed her some of your pics from FB when you were on your travels in Australia.
Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 10 June 2012 7:27am
Best place in the world, grab the bull by the horns and take her there, she deserves it, 6 month trip, less dosh than you think when you do it as we did... if you dont do it now, when WILL you do it? No regrets. I will point you in the general direction, its far easier than you think mate.
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 10 June 2012 8:08am
I visited Australia way back in 1980 John, as my two brothers have lived there since the 70's. kazzzz lived not far from my brother in Melbourne and I'm sure I seen her in pigtails chasing boys when I drove through her area. ;)

Ooh MATRON, I drove through Karen's area !
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 10 June 2012 10:02pm
You really have made me think John. There's a saying that if alcohol is costing you more than the money you pay for it, then you may have a problem.
Re: Drinking ! by ev on 11 June 2012 2:42pm
As I teenager I once did some social work picking up terminal alcoholics from the streets and parks and taking them to overnight centres where they could be fed and have a shower.

In the heat of the Sydney summer it was awful - many had plssed and/or shlt themselves and the van had a vinyl mattress in the back which had to be hosed down afterwards. As soon as they were in the van we had to wind the windows down because of the stench.

The next day they went straight back to the bottle shop and the cycle was repeated day in, day out, until their livers collapsed and they'd be found dead in a park or a doorway.

Not very pleasant.
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 11 June 2012 5:01pm
Ev, there are often many underlying reasons why the people you described end up that way and alcohol can be a symptom rather than the cause.

Same goes for drug abuse. Drugs have never been part of my experience but I don't look down my nose at the skeletal young people I see in my town centre that you know are on heroin or methadone. This community used to have plenty of jobs, strong family units and social cohesion.
Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 11 June 2012 7:35pm
I think I see both viewpoints, as an ex-cop I saw my fair share of druggies, winos, social misfits and Scotsmen (Joke JBG). in my experience MOST of them were/are weak people and in the main weak-willed and sheeplike in their daily goings-on. MOST of them COULD do something for themselves, but find it easier to just carry on as the Drink/Drugs cloud their ability to look ahead at what should/could be available to them should they choose it.
But we are not all the same.
Myself (and `er indoors) are (were) normal, average drinkers who, over the past 6 months have lived in Spain where the ex-pat culture encourages the social, drinking side of things on the whole. You can see where it might lead as no-way would one drink like this at `home`. And so, as said, the decision was easy, and the points valid, lack of sleep (I LOVE sleep), arguments over nothing, talking bollocks and listening to same! and, no more hangovers thinking `what a waste of a day`. Gonna do it anyway, been there, done that when I was a younger man. Might take up Macrame.........
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 11 June 2012 8:57pm
I think your judgements are rather harsh John. Many of these people have lived in care through no fault of their own and then been thrown into the world at aged 16. Many are also people with untreated mental illness or have been subjected to various sorts of abuse. Some have just fallen on hard times through being thrown on the scrapheap and felt they'd lost all hope. Some are also just lazy bastards that have never done a day's work in their lives etc.

I fall into none of the above categories, yet still became addicted.
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