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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Israel/Gaza by Wheelrim on 15 November 2012 10:57am
Ok, its sad and moreover mad. And, as usual the innocents get caught up in the middle but, am I the only one that thinks that enough is enough? it seems to me that Israel is always offering peace and trying to come to the table with a deal but the Palestinians keep up the hatred name calling and firing rockets over the border at Israel. SOMEONE has to stop but it appears to me, as an outsider that The Palastinian terrorists (lets wipe Israel off the map) seem to be intent in keeping it going. I am not stupid, I KNOW that its goes back a long way but really, it seems that one side is willing to come to talk but there are elements in Palestine that want to keep the hatred going, yesterday a spokesman said that it was not Hammas firing the rockets....SOMEONE is, and, as a ruling party surely THEY should be sorting it out internally? I for one cannot blame Israel, at this point, in retaliating to an aggressor. Any thoughts?
Re: Israel/Gaza by Loretto on 15 November 2012 12:40pm
I am not condoning the violence but I do know that Israel has been building huge apartment complexes on Palestinian land, blocking Palestinian farmers access to their own land. So although it would seem that Israel wants to come to the peace talks table, they have been aggressive too.

What about the Gaza floatilla? I mean if you as a country have nothing to hide, why are you arresting jounalists and keeping them imprisioned for days?


I think Palestine has been goaded into this and very few news organisations, America and the BBC included are willing to go against Israel and report the story accurately. I get news alerts fro Media Lens, and those guys give a very cutting account of what is being left out of the news.

They say in a letter to BBC that there is a dominance of the Israeli perspective when covering the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

Re: Israel/Gaza by johnnyBgood! on 15 November 2012 6:51pm
The creation of Israel was a monumental mistake.
Re: Israel/Gaza by tucsonmike on 16 November 2012 1:10am
Johnny, those are fighting words, you've just crossed the bloody Rubicon!

I'm going to recommend a book. Jews and Power by Ruth Wisse.

The Arab world keeps the conflict going. Palestinian victimhood is kept going. The Arab world sees Israel as the modern version of the Crusader Kingdom nine centuries ago. I will have to repost my Us Jewish Folks Can't Seem to Get it Right.
Re: Israel/Gaza by Wheelrim on 17 November 2012 5:36pm
My father was in the Haganah 1948, he must have been doing something right.!
Re: Israel/Gaza by tucsonmike on 17 November 2012 10:39pm
Well Israeli troops are massing. I think Israel (sadly) will have to invade Gaza on the ground. Of course, the cowards in Hamas will use the civilians as human shields. Could this become a wider war? No doubt.
Re: Israel/Gaza by tucsonmike on 18 November 2012 3:03am
Re: Israel/Gaza by kazzzz on 18 November 2012 10:42am
Just so frightening. I fear so much for the world my children live in.
Re: Israel/Gaza by Lounge Trekker on 18 November 2012 11:08am
If your children aren't Jewish or enemies of the USA or Israel, you have nothing to fear.
Re: Israel/Gaza by johnnyBgood! on 18 November 2012 4:48pm
If your children are Palestinian, the world doesn't largely give a fcuk and will let the fascist Israelis bomb and burn them.

It's like a Monty Python sketch. The Israeli's excuse for genocide is to 'defend' the land that doesn't belong to them and is largely populated with zealous Zionists who couldn't claim to even have had a great-great-grandparent who was born there. But of course, God said it was their land.
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