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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Safety paranoia by ev on 5 November 2014 6:06am
Student Suspended After…Slicing an Apple at School.

Re: Safety paranoia by Ken Dunn on 5 November 2014 7:16pm
I haven't looked at your link but it reminds me of the time the schools banned conkers. Perhaps the student actually sliced someone's finger (perhaps their own!) at the same time.
Re: Safety paranoia by suzulu on 5 November 2014 9:09pm
Sign of the times.
Re: Safety paranoia by Ken Dunn on 6 November 2014 12:52am
It might even have been in an area where knife crime is a problem or after slicing the apple he/she threatened someone with it (the knife). If it was an ordinary dinner knife then that would be very ridiculous. Have I seen a comedy sketch (Monty Python?) where someone threatens someone else with an apple? Yes it's there in the dark recesses of my memory.
Re: Safety paranoia by Spursfan2 on 6 November 2014 10:28am
I remember in the late 1960s they banned the game 'Splits' at our Girls High School! Can't think why!! [If you are not familiar with this game, which we adored, it involved pen-knives and was played in twos. You would stand across from the person you were playing with on grass and take it in turns to literally throw your knife at them! Well not at THEM, at the floor. You would first throw your knife to the side of them, then they would have to put their foot on that side, on the point where the knife had gone in. You would retrieve the knife and then they would do the same to you. You would then throw you knife to stick in the ground exactly in the middle of the gap between their legs, which meant you could close yours. If not, they then threw their knife so you would have to open your even wider. And so on. I THINK the one who fell over lost??? And I forget what happened if your knife didn't stick in the ground.] Oh I can remember many a happy lunchtime playing that, with loads of others around doing the same.

Here is someone else's view of the game:

Re: Safety paranoia by suzulu on 7 November 2014 12:38am
No wonder it was banned. LOL!
Re: Safety paranoia by Ken Dunn on 7 November 2014 6:16am
I think there is nothing wrong in learning how to handle a knife. It has a multitude of uses including being a close combat weapon and an excellent kitchen utensil. In fact for all the uses it can be put to I think they should be running courses on it.
Re: Safety paranoia by Spursfan2 on 7 November 2014 4:33pm
I know Sue!! of course, we carried on with it secretly for a few days after the ban but we were forced to stop.

Sounds like an inner-city hell hole of a school doesn't it, but no; this was a girl's high school where we were expected to act like young ladies!! In fact I remember, when I was in the first year (now year 7?) when, in assembly, the headmistress tore a strip off some older girls who (horror of horrors!!) had been seen by local people with (eeeek!!) boys!!! She added 'At least one good thing - they were Grammar School boys.' !!

And there you have it.

Re: Safety paranoia by Lounge Trekker on 7 November 2014 7:40pm
Yeah, it's ridiculous the things that are banned. Yet, the last time I flew out of a Canadian airport, the agent found a full size pair of scissors (moustache and hair trim, you see)in my carry-on. I was shocked that I had put in the wrong bag and expressed my dismay to the agent. She says, "Oh, don't worry about it!" and puts it back in the bag.

I guess scissors could be used as a weapon,but, sometimes, common sense does prevail.
Re: Safety paranoia by Spursfan2 on 23 November 2014 11:02am
We flew back from Turkey yesterday, and had flown internally during our stay.

For all 4 flights, [London Stansted - Izmir, Izmir - Kayseri, Kayseri- Izmir and Izmir - London Stansted], Zak carried a couple of penknives in his hand-luggage and they went through the scanners without being picked up. Ok they were fairly small but could still have done damage (NOT what he had them for of course!!). He also had (and forgive me as I have forgotten the proper term) a convertible set which is a pair of pliers amongst other things - this was taken off him in Kayseri and he was surprised as he'd forgotten it was there!! He has another so no probs.

Yesterday I carried through two small bottles of water in my hand luggage and so did Zak. Our friends also took water and coke and the only thing we had taken off us was the coke. (Tis was through 2 separate scanners at Izmir airport).

Personally I don't think to myself "oh great we got the water through!"! (or whatever) - I think "sh**, who ELSE is getting away with things" !!

Airports really need to tighten up - no good having these scanners and things if they aren't going to check more closely !!
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