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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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OMG What a nightmare!! by Spursfan2 on 11 June 2015 8:54am
We're off on hols on Saturday, and our daughter Genevieve and son-in-law Stuart are coming with us for the first week. I am, and have been, mega-excited about this partly because they live in Kent which is an awfully long way from us in the North Midlands.

We will be meeting them at the airport, Stansted, and, as Gen hasn't been to Turkey (or abroad at all) since 1989 we have dealt with all the bookings etc.

Zak booked the tickets last October, when they first came on sale and therefore were cheapest. We printed our tickets, and Gen printed theirs in case we were delayed or something, earlier this week (the times invariably change from going on sale to a week or two beforehand so no point printing them any earlier).

Fine so far.

Yesterday, we checked in online, again fine. We told Gen how to do it, and then Zak said he would also print out their boarding cards just in case she got it wrong. Thank goodness he did !!!

When he looked at it, he had put her name as her maiden name !! Now she has been married to Stu for nearly 12 years, and had another marriage prior to that so it was a real lapse of memory or something! Easily done though when you love your children.

Zak rang the company, and spoke to a right jobsworth (it's a Turkish company) who said there was nothing he could do except for us to buy a new ticket (at near enough twice what Gen had paid (of course we would have coughed up as it was our fault not hers)). Eventually Zak asked to speak to his superior, but as it was late at night he was alone. He told Zak to ring back at 9 a.m. Turkish time (7 a.m. here).

Needless to say we had a very bad night; I was going over it time and again - would Gen and Stu have to cancel their hols, that they'd been looking forward to, just a couple of days beforehand? I even thought of saying I wouldn't go - I would rather miss my holiday than have them disappointed - but of course that would not help either because MY ticket is obviously in MY name!!

It was an absolute nightmare.

At just after 7 a.m. Zak rang them - I couldn't bring myself to listen !!

Luckily the supervisor seemed a reasonable person and it has all been sorted without us having to pay an extra penny.

All Gen has to do is to take her marriage certificate showing her change of name and show it at check-in. We have phoned her and she is going to do that - we did have a moment of panic when we realised she'd been married before, but she changed back to our name in the middle of the two marriages.

PHEW !!!!!

We're not sure why on earth neither Gen or ourselves picked up on the fact that the tickets had her maiden name on, either when we booked it or when they were printed out last week! Maybe because it seemed normal for her to be called that, no idea. And why Zak put that name in the first place.....!

Hopefully we will now be able to enjoy the hols (though I admit I am expecting to have to do some explaining at the airport!!)

Re: OMG What a nightmare!! by suzulu on 11 June 2015 1:32pm
Good grief! Indeed a nightmare! Glad it is all sorted out now and hope you don't much trouble at the airport.

I had a frustrating time at Heathrow airport two weeks ago. I don't like putting homoeopathic remedies through the X-ray machine because this can destroy them. I had two bottles which of course had to go in the small plastic bag with other creams and liquids. I explained to the member of staff on duty there about the remedies and that I do not want the bottles to go through the machine. He said he would have to call his supervisor. I waited ages for the supervisor to arrive and had to go through the whole explanation again. She gave the bottles to another man to check (for drugs, I presume) and he gave them back to me. Then I had to through that metal detector thingy and I had put the other remedies (which are in pill form) in my pocket which I have done on numerous occasions. The machine bleeped so I had to take my shoes off and go in the scanner. Of course the remedies in my pocket showed up on the scanner and the woman on duty there was so rude and obnoxious and why were they in my pocket. BECAUSE I DON'T WANT THEM TO GO THROUGH THE XRAY MACHINE!! So the supervisor was called again and the pills were given to the man to check again. Now, if I had put the bottles and the pills through the xray machine no-one would have bothered which doesn't make sense at all. The pills could have been cocaine or something. I was being honest about the bottles. I told this obnoxious woman that it was crazy and didn't make sense and she was again very rude.

It's a wonder I didn't miss the flight to Budapest.
Re: OMG What a nightmare!! by suzulu on 11 June 2015 1:34pm
Sorry, I have missed a few words out but you get the gist.
Re: OMG What a nightmare!! by suzulu on 11 June 2015 1:42pm
Another thing this obnoxious woman said why did I walk through the metal detector as it is an x-ray as well. I know for a fact it is not.
Re: OMG What a nightmare!! by Spursfan2 on 11 June 2015 1:58pm
Oh Sue what a hassle for you!!

Being diabetic Zak carries insulin pens (as well as other meds) in his hand luggage and invariably gets his bag searched (despite saying he has sharps at the check-in desk - not as if he's hiding it). Last year they went the whole hog and wiped over the inside of his bag with one of those wands you see on the TV customs shows!! Good job we had plenty of time!

I did accidentally have a pair of scissors in my bag a year or two ago; they were in a little travel set I had - and I hadn't give them a thought! The customs officer asked me about them and it must have been obvious from the shock (panic? :D ) on my face that I genuinely hadn't known there were there because she gave them me back!! They were only tiny btw. All around were cases of little knives, scissors etc., that had been taken away from people, and there was me getting mine back!!
Re: OMG What a nightmare!! by suzulu on 13 June 2015 12:37am
Have a lovely holiday, Anne, and I hope you don't have trouble at the airport!!
Re: OMG What a nightmare!! by Spursfan2 on 28 June 2015 7:53pm
Well we got home yesterday after a wonderful holiday.
At Stansted, on the way out, we didn't have too much trouble checking Genevieve in - a telephone call to a superior and a written note on her boarding card and she was fine!! I set the scanner off with the zips on my trousers and an attached necklace on my top and had to go through the new x-ray-type scanner, be patted down and also have a wand over me before carrying on. When we came to boarding, I was told "Elizabeth Ali has already boarded" (Elizabeth being my first name and therefore on my ticket etc.) to which I said "No she hasn't!!". Luckily they let me through, but I found myself wondering if the other Elizabeth Ali was actually up to no good - NOT a good thing to be thinking just before take-off!! But anyway all was well. Our daughter and son-in-law really enjoyed their week with us.
When we came to board the plane yesterday morning for our flight back to the UK, we found that the seats we had pre-booked, extra-legroom, just didn't exist! We had booked 1D and 1F (We usually book the aisle and window and then 99% of the time the middle seat is left free!) but here was 1ABC one side and then 2DEF on the other!! Zak sat in row 6 and I sat in 1A, needless to say we are sending in a complaint.

Other than that we had a great time.
Re: OMG What a nightmare!! by sighthound on 28 June 2015 8:25pm
Glad you're home, Anne, and had a good holiday.

I used to fly a lot in my last industry job - 2 or 3 times a month between L.A. and NYC and Vancouver - but that was back in the good old days when it was easy. I wouldn't want to fly anymore if I could figure out a way around it.
Re: OMG What a nightmare!! by suzulu on 30 June 2015 12:51am
Glad you had a good time, Anne, despite the hassle at the airport and the non-existence of your seats on the flight back! I hope you get some compensation. I bet Tosun is pleased to see you back :)
Re: OMG What a nightmare!! by tucsonmike on 30 June 2015 3:06am
Glad the trip was fun, despite the foolishness you put up with.
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