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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Clangers. by Ken Dunn on 9 July 2015 6:44pm
Resting an Achilles tendon injury, I was going through the TV schedule to find something to watch, other than screaming women playing tennis, and I noticed the Clangers was on at 5.30pm. Knowing that Mr P is doing the narration for the programme I decided to watch it. While I was waiting for it to start I asked my wife if she had ever watched it. Se said she hadn't so I said that she could learn something about space exploration if she did. She said that she wasn't interested in space exploration. There was an introduction to the programme which included the soup dragon but s/he wasn't in today's programme. I'm so disappointed! The format was as good as I remember from 50? years ago and today's programme was about a friendly asteroid with a singing flower on it. As the credits rolled I noticed that Mr P was listed first and although not really paying attention to them I also noticed that Peter Firmin (from the original episodes) was also involved in making the programme. Mr P has a great voice for this children's programme and I enjoyed the storyline and props as well. After the programme finished it showed you how to make a Clanger. Great stuff Michael; keep up the good work.
Re: Clangers. by Ken Dunn on 9 July 2015 7:12pm
A totally different Clanger:

Being on holiday I decided to go to a stamp shop to buy some stamps today and rest my leg while choosing them. On the way to the shop I decided to stop at the bank and thought about taking out £100 while I checked how much I had in my wallet. I got some money and in a few minutes had settled down to pick a few very nice, and a bit expensive, stamps from a good book of them I had seen before. During the selection period I had to tell the shop owner to be quiet while decided which stamps to buy (he tends to talk a lot while I'm there) because making sure I buy the right stamp, especially if it is an expensive one, is tricky. At the end of the purchase the amount owed by me was £83 (my wife almost always says to me what she could do with the money other that buying stamps!). I went to my wallet and pulled out the bundle of notes I had put there after being at the bank and the banknotes that had already been in my wallet were still there and untouched. Expecting to have £100 in the bundle I was surprised to find only £80 - 3 x 20s and 2 x 10s, all fresh from the same bank. My first thought was that the cash machine had given me a £20 less than I had requested so I immediately asked the shop owner to check the amount I had in my hand and see that the notes towards the front of my wallet could not have belonged with the ones in my hand as there were receipts that had been separating them and the remaining bundle was older notes. I left my purchases at the shop and hobbled back to the bank to complain that I had been given £20 short when I had requested £100. This I did and while the teller was writing down instructions for me to complain (starting at my own bank) I thought that there was maybe a slim possibility that I had actually only requested £80 but with the other notes in my wallet felt that was unlikely.

So off I went to my own bank, about an hour's drive away to make investigations and get a complaint form if necessary. The teller there was free so I asked what the withdrawal was on the account about 2 hours previously. She said that it was £50! I couldn't believe it. So how if I had actually withdrawn £50 had there been £80 in the separate bundle in my wallet. The teller also told me I had withdrawn £100 from a cash machine 3 or so days ago. I knew absolutely that I hadn't spent £20 before going to the shop after the bank because they are only a few doors apart and the main thing I was out for was to develop my hobby while resting my leg. I thought the machine had perhaps given me an extra £10 and an extra £20, because these come from different stacks inside the machine and perhaps they were giving out an extra note each. This was an unlikely possibility as cash dispensers' note counting is always usually correct (except for the time when a machine somewhere in the UK was giving out double money to that requested!). Then the solution came to me.

What do you think it was?

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