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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Calling All Penguin Fans by Cockney Nomad on 20 October 2015 5:10pm
New thread, new idea (I think)! As a penguin aficionado, I am wondering if any of you would like to chat about these fascinating birds. While I have never seen any in their natural habitat, I have had the delight of seeing them in zoos and frequently log into the Edinburgh Zoo website to look at both their penguincams. They have mainly gentoos, plus a few kings and rockhoppers - and all as cute as each other - and, by the way, have not noticed any evidence of "they stamp them when they're young" but all have flipper bands! I have mixed feelings about zoos and captivity but approve of conservation work, which Edinburgh is undertaking. I won't take up any more of your time, for now - I am making this a short(ish) introductory Penguin Chat and hope you will join in. As for a link to Palin's Travels, I imagine Michael must have seen some penguins in the Southern Hemisphere and, therefore, hope this is considered a valid topic.
Re: Calling All Penguin Fans by suzulu on 22 October 2015 1:29am
Did you see the BBC programme called "Spy in the Huddle" where they used webcams to watch the penguins? Fascinating. I think that is where I first saw the Rockhopper penguins. I am not too fond of zoos as I believe that the animals should be where they belong - in the wild.

Have you also seen the film "March of the Penguins"?
Re: Calling All Penguin Fans by Ken Dunn on 23 October 2015 7:01am
I had a friend working in the Falkland Islands for a while many years ago and his stories about the penguins made me realise how many different types there were. Gentoo, Macaroni, Emperor (or is it King?) and Rockhopper are a few I can remember. The Frozen Planet by the BBC had some good penguin sequences, especially the stone robbing neighbour!
Re: Calling All Penguin Fans by Cockney Nomad on 23 October 2015 7:40pm
Hi Suzulu

Yes, I have seen "Spy in the Huddle", in fact we have the DVD and often watch it. It is such an interesting documentary and gives an insight into the lives of the Emperors, Humboldts and Rockhoppers - they all endure so much for their chicks. We were all particularly amused at the male Rockhopper who took an amorous liking to Rockhoppercam, then his other half turned up and was jealous and knocked it over. You would think they both could have told the difference between a real penguin and the artificial variety! I have also seen "March of the Penguins"; our daughter has that DVD too and we went to see it in the cinema which is a rarity for me as I'm not much of a film fan. However, glad we have got this thread going - will post again soon.
Re: Calling All Penguin Fans by Cockney Nomad on 23 October 2015 7:48pm
Hi Ken,

It must have been quite an experience for your friend to work on the Falklands - I would have loved to have seen the penguins there. Yes, there are many species - 17 in all, I believe. Emperors and Kings are different species, though bear a resemblance to each other but their chicks are vastly different in appearance. Stone robbing seems to be prevalent among some species - I call them the pebble dashers as they pick up pebbles and rush off with them to their nests! The BBC wildlife programmes are excellent and we try to watch as many as we can.
Re: Calling All Penguin Fans by tucsonmike on 24 October 2015 4:32am
Cockney, thank you for posting this. The only penguin story I know is funny, but not funny.
Re: Calling All Penguin Fans by Cockney Nomad on 24 October 2015 11:13am
Hi Tucsonmike - I'd love to read the penguin story, and hope it's not too long for you to type out here, or too sad. Years go I read a factual book on penguins and in the foreword the author (name forgotten, unfortunately)mentioned that he had been in a queue in the library and in front of him was a little girl returning a book on penguins, and he overheard her telling the librarian, "This book tells me more about penguins than I really want to know" and this put him off writing his book for 10 years!
Re: Calling All Penguin Fans by tucsonmike on 25 October 2015 1:59am
This goes back thirty years. An acquaintance was married to a man in the U.S. Navy. The ship was at one of the International bases on the shore of Antarctica. One of the seaman, a large brawny man wanted to be filmed next to an Emperor Penguin. The male penguin stood next to this man quietly, but then swung its wing out and snapped the man's leg.

He had enough Adrenalin to pull himself up the short gangplank, pull himself up to the gun cabinet, broke into said gun cabinet, grabbed a 50 caliber machine gun, and held it up like Rambo screaming, "I'm gonna kill that f**c**g penguin! I'm gonna kill all the f**c**g penguins in the f**c*ing world! The big man had more broken when the rest of the crew tackled him and the medic shot him full of Thorazine, and they threw him in the brig. An International incident was prevented, which would have occurred if he fired the gun. Turns out by standing near the penguins, they were too near a resting area.
Re: Calling All Penguin Fans by Ken Dunn on 25 October 2015 6:08am
p.s. I'm also a fan of some Penguin paperback books but there is a separate topic for books we are reading. p.p.s. tmike, your P joke/no joke is best on this topic and with hindsight I find it funny. I wonder if the Argentinians, when they invaded the Falklands many years ago, created the war under the same scenario?!
Re: Calling All Penguin Fans by Spursfan2 on 26 October 2015 7:28pm
I haven't been on the site for a while, and when I saw the heading of this thread I thought it was about chocolate biscuits!

Having sorted that out, yes they are cute.

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