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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Alternatives to flying by theoverlandcruiser on 13 November 2003 11:10am
Can anyone recommend any trips that do not rely on flying. I am so bored of the whole airport thing that I am beginning to lose my passion for travel. I would really like to recapture that feeling of arriving that flying used to give me. Maybe a long train journey or trip by sea that does not take 80 days but gets me a little further than Blackpool. Has anyone taken such a journey or can anyone point me in the right direction. Does anyone else feel the same? Or is flying the only way to travel.
Re: Alternatives to flying by MykReeve on 14 November 2003 1:31am
You could always consider doing an overland trip with a company like Dragoman (http://www.dragoman.com/) which has 12-15 week tours leaving from Dover, and ending up in Kathmandu or Delhi. That sort of thing appeals vastly... if only I could get the time off work!

On my last trip, I met someone who'd done a three month overland trip through the Near East from India to Turkey, throught the -stans and Jordan. He was overwhelmingly enthusiastic about it.

I must confess, I don't mind flying... so long as it's confined to the two ends of my time off. It's a means to an end, and nothing more than that. I know what you mean about the feeling of arriving though, travelling by boat into Hong Kong from Guangzhou feels so much more exciting than just flying into Chek Lap Kok.
Re: Alternatives to flying by Overland482 on 14 November 2003 1:10pm
Many years ago I used to fly regularly for both business and pleasure. At first it was exciting, then slowly but surely it became more of a chore until I began to dread the whole experience.

I no longer have a job that involves travelling and I choose not to fly for pleasure. Most of the airlines treat their customers like freight. If you are looking to recapture that travel bug then I would recommend travelling by cargo ship to New York. Arriving in one of the world's great cities after 10 days crossing the Atlantic is a feeling that will stay with me forever. And the fellow passengers and crew were great company.

Happy Trails Magazine (http://www.happytrailsonline.co.uk/) is great for overland travel ideas or Strand Travel (http://www.strandtravel.co.uk) is the company I used to book the voyage to NY.

Re: Alternatives to flying by theoverlandcruiser on 19 November 2003 8:58pm

Nice to see that there is other people out there who feel the same. Overland to India sounds fantastic, as does the cargo ship to New York. The websites are all right up my street - thanks guys!
Re: Alternatives to flying by gwen on 25 November 2003 1:40pm
I have just seen a copy of Happy Trails magazine, and it does look pretty good. You can only get it by subscription, at the website mentioned by Overland482, and each issue costs £4.50. In the first issue there are articles and information on mainly European destinations, but there is also information on ways of getting to the States on boats, either working your way or paying - cargo boats are cheaper. And it gives contact details.
Re: Alternatives to flying by Godfather on 30 November 2003 10:19pm

Flying bores the arse off me unless it's in a mini plane,or has to land on some bizzare runway. The tiny planes that fly you over the nasca lines in Peru for example. And one small plane flew me from Costa Rica to Honduras over wonderful jungle terrain. A recent flight on a small plane flew inbetween mountains on the way to Chitral from Peshawar in Pakistan. That kind of flying i love. On one flight in Colombia, the pilot had to borrow a passengers mobile phone to call the airport to see if it was alright to land there. We then had to land on a runway a bit like Lands End in England. Approaching at a steep angle towards a cliff edge and land on a angle which was sloping upwards. All very exciting. But as far as long haul flight are concerned over sea, i simply hate them. Boring boring boring in the extreme and i dont like it. Boat would be my choice of travelling, although for long journeys they are often more expensive than a proper airline (even on cargo ships). The days of that kind of travel are long gone.
Re: Alternatives to flying by theoverlandcruiser on 2 December 2003 2:38pm
"The days of that kind of travel are long gone."

I am not sure that you are right about that Godfather. With more and more people seeking excitement and adventure from travel surely a long journey overland or sea (or both) is hard to beat. Look how popular this site is!

We will eventually run out of weird and exotic places to visit, all that is left is strange ways of getting there.
Re: Alternatives to flying by Godfather on 2 December 2003 8:50pm

Hi theoverlandcruiser,

I was referring to long haul boat trips being a budget option. Nowadays companies who know you want to do it for the novelty side of it, will make sure you pay out the cash for the privelege. I agree overland and short term boat travel is an option as that's all i ever do once i've got to a country or region. But the days of cheap boat trips are something quite rare thesedays.
Re: Alternatives to flying by Katin on 3 December 2003 2:22am
try working the passage by sea I arranged for my buddy at the cost of him paying insurance cover and assisting
onboard,left Felixstowe Uk to Rotterdam
to Lisbon Antigua Trinidad Guyana Suriname Curacao and return three months in total
Re: Alternatives to flying by jennywood on 3 December 2003 5:20pm
I hate flying, for many reasons, but if you go on the thread about Europe by train everyone gave me loads of websites that will help you decide on locations, period price etc...some really useful sites and I can't wait to be able to use them. I don't understand why people would want to sit at a airport and fly to get to somewhere like italy, when you can get on a train, go through switzerland, and see beutiful countries on the way
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